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November 02, 2008


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The bank is in Missouri. Agri is in New York and Postville.



Since both bank and Agriprocessors are Iowa corporations, the rightful place for this action would be... IOWA!

The bank is arguing that the federal courts have jurisdiction because Agriprocessors' officers are New York and Iowa citizens?

Seems a bit of a stretch.

A. E. Anderson
Miami, Fla.


Maybe, just maybe, we'll be lucky.

If the presiding Judge is anything like Judge Judy, she might rule the "Rabble Rousers" in contempt of Court, and send them away, too.

hancock park

Instead of paying the bills, the Rubashkins are looting the corporation of its assets, such as secretly and illegally diverting money to offshore or Swiss bank accounts. At some point they will file bankruptcy and run off to Israel and live on their ill begotten gains.


Steve: surprisingly, the commenters on that VIN thread realized it would be a disaster if charedim 'took over' Israel.
No more army. Taliban-style religious enforcement. Alienating the USA. No more tourism.


Stupid comment that foments more hatred between chilonim and charedim in Israel:

Meir Porush: In 10 Years Israel Will Be Controlled By Haredim



The bus trip is sponsored by the CHJCC.
Guess who's the chairman of that group- Moshe Rubashkin!

And so, money donated to CHJCC, and money from government grants to the CHJCC, is being spent on a bus trip for rabble rousers for the purpose of disrupting the sentencing.

Who are these people with nothing better to do that day? Let me guess- 'students' from the Kollel, on permanent vacation.


Where's the YWN appeal to help free Jonathan Pollard, a legitimate pidyon shvuyim case? Where's their appeal for Gilad Shalit and other Israeli POW's?


Another perversion of the laws of pidyon shvuyim. Sure, help spring Moishe Rubashkin so that he can continue pepetrating more crimes and more chillul hashem. If the Yeshiva World posted every sentencing of every "haredi" Jew, they would run out of space on their site and they would bankrupt the entire Jewish community. Why do the Rubashkins get special treatment?

a reader

are you going?


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