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October 02, 2008


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Archie Bunker

At the new law firm defending Rubashkin is this woman. Any relation to Mordechai Tendler's mechutan Dr. Shoff? Tendler's son in law Elchanan Shoff has been accused of authoring a blog that attacks Tendler critics. There is after all an Orthodox synagogue in Des Moines.


Patricia Shoff is a shareholder of the firm who primarily practices in the areas of family law, alternative dispute resolution, employment law and health care law.

Ms. Shoff also practices in the area of employment discrimination defense. In addition to her employment litigation practice, she advises clients in what she refers to as "preventive employment law" through counseling employers regarding employee forms, handbooks, review and evaluations of employees, and the proper ways to handle discipline and termination matters. Her areas of practice include defense of age, race, sex, and physical discrimination cases; wrongful discharge; and sexual harassment.

The Other DK

Archie Bunker:

The last name is probably a coincidence. Toward the bottom of that page (thanks for the link):

St. Augustin's Church (Public Relations Committee, 1986-1987)



Please e-mail me at steve61361@yahoo.com.


They don't need lawyers, the court will side with agriprocessors.

Yochanan Lavie

Maybe the law firm was hired by One Force, who docked their pay for office rent, transportation, etc. So their check came out to zero.

state of the Jews

They will try to delay the matter until all of the workers have been deported, then go for a mis-trial since they will not have an opportunity to cross-examine the claimants.

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