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September 05, 2008

Archaeologists Find Remains Of Khazar Caplital

Yidden, they've found the motherland!

[Hat Tip: Dr. Gershon Mendel.]


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comon grow up dude!!!!! what??? r u jelous of his money??? i myself arent so pro the kashrus industry but comon enough is enough i suspect that u wish u had that kind of money and power that he has and thats why u keep laying it on so thick

So. You're out of jail, eh?

Now we may know eventually if Shlomo Zand's forefathers are there?

Re: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/959229.html

Is this the same Yona Loriner from Lakewood, NJ?

Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli announced the arrest of Yona Loriner, D.O.B. 06/24/1982, of 307 Squankum Road, Lakewood NJ. Loriner was arrested on May 9, 2007 at 5:30 p.m., on charges of Attempted Sexual Contact (2C:5-1/2C:14-3b), Attempted Luring (2C:5-1/2C:13-6), Attempted Endangering the Welfare of a Child (2C:5-1/2C:24-4b).

The arrest came about as a result of an investigation conducted by members of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, Computer Crimes Unit, under the direction of Chief Michael Mordaga.

The arrest stemmed from an investigation concerning the following: Mr. Loriner engaged in conversations via the Internet, specifically chat and instant messaging, with what he believed was a 14-year-old girl. During the course of those conversations, Mr. Loriner initiated sexually explicit dialog. Additionally, Mr. Loriner requested to meet the presumed 14-year-old-girl for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity. He was arrested without incident at the prearranged meeting location.

Prosecutor Molinelli urges anyone whose child spoke with online screen name “yonalr23” to contact the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Computer Crimes Unit. Prosecutor Molinelli states that the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecutor Molinelli would like to thank the Lakewood Police Department for their cooperation and assistance with this investigation.

and what is the status of the charges?

1)NJS 2C:5-1, 2C:14-3b Attempted Sexual Criminal Sexual Contact 3rd Degree
2) NJS 2C:5-1, 2C:24-4b Attempted Endangering Welfare of a Child 3rd Degree
3) NJS 2C:5-1, 2C:13-6 Attempted Luring 2nd Degree

Seems to be.

The Case # is
in Bergen County.

Anyone have further information as to the status of this case?


sez u

post-exilic Diaspora from Eretz Yisrael is an undisputed historical fact

Am I the only person bothered by how the Khazars were a major world empire... until they become Jewish?

If it's the same perv, he should not be around a computer.

I thought Yona was around 14 himself, by the way he writes.

Khazaria is interesting, but it is not Eretz Yisrael. Instead of dealing with the phallustineans, we would have to go war with Putin if it was. The idea that all Ashkenazim are Khazars has been refuted, although I'm sure they contributed to my gene pool.

Although for sure, in many places and many times Jews were pariahs or next-to, and marriage into the community restricted you'd have to think that intermarriage has occurred "under the radar" along the way throughout the Diaspora, "replenishing" the genes as folks migrated westwards and then back again.

but then I ain't got no yichus--past my great grandfather it's all "nacht und nebel"


Two centuries ain't bad. How many kingdoms from those days still exist? Run into any folks from Jorvik lately, or how about the Vikings in Greenland? (Though the "Varyag" branch of vikings are the ones who conquered the Khazars, I believe, or at least most of that area, and they're gone as well).

Even though there is strong evidence that today's Ashkenazik Jews are descended from the Khazars there is, as of yet, not conclusive evidence.
Currently archeologists are investigating this major historical find, for evidence that the Khazars underpaid and mistreated their workers, coddled child molesters in their schools and overpaid their religous leaders for bogus certifications.
This would be definitive proof that Ashkenazic Jews, (I can criticize cause I am one,) are descended from the Khazars.

Another piece of evidence that might prove a link between today's Ashkenazim and the historic Khazars would be a beating stick similar to ones the fanatic Gerrer Chasidim use to beat women who have the nerve to go out wearing denim skirts.

Critical: Do you mean Khazars or "chazars" (disclosure: I am a renegade Ashkenazi, too).

There is very little genetic, historical or lingusitic evidence of any turkic khazaric ancestry to modern ashkenazim.
There is a significant but minor(10%) genetic and linguistic (yiddish) connection to germanic peoples of dark age europe.
When the khazar empire disentigrated, only a few of their nobility may have stayed jewish (probably mostly karaite). The rest disappeared back into the islamic and christian, tribal culture of the caucus and ukrainia.

havent they done dna testing with kohanim showing that all, both ashkenazi and sephardi, have a common ancestor, and at least for this tribe, the myth that all ashkenazim come from the khazars does not hold water?

and dont jew haters like to use this to prove that we are just european usurpers and have no right to reside in eretz yisrael?

It does not matter one bit if Ashkenazim are 0% Khazar or 100% Khazar. They have taken on Jewish nationality, and have been Jews for about 1000 years. That's far longer than Palestineans have been Palestineans. The homeland is Eretz Yisrael, not cursed Russia, drenched in blood. My grandfather spit on the ground as he left Czarist Russia. I suspect it would have made no difference if he converted (look at the conversionary Subotnik Jews, who are now indistinguishable in all but "race" to Semitic Jews and have mostly had Ortho conversions in past generations and have mostly made aliya, despite Slavic blood).

Right on Yochanan.

Yochanan: I need to be careful here not to have anyone mis-interpret what I am saying... sadly, we jews treat each other in a maaner that is not far off from how other nationalities have treated those of us who chose to convert and become one of them. To be clear.. I am a free thinker, but proud tribal and cultural jew.. that said it kills me to witness how so many Jews think of Judaism as a Genetic thing where only the proper set of rituals makes a non-jew into a jew. To me, if you think your a jew and you act like a jew is supposed to (morally), then frankly, you are a jew to me. I have seen so many good souls who have gone out of their way to do it right (conversion) be brushed off, dismissed, neglected and even abused because someone else thinks they get to decide what the litmus test is. AND I am not talking about "reasonable tests" such as true intent of conversion. I am talking about requirements on what school you educate your child in, or requirements on what clothing you wear for the rest of your life. Sadly.. if you fail one of these tests.... You're out ! Thrown away forever.

I thought Ashkenazi Jews were the result of a freak nuclear accident.

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