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July 18, 2008


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Yochanan Lavie

How does Juda live with himself? I guess 5Wanker money helps.

I can't believe it's true

"Honesty is crucial. Goodness is necessary. Business relies on it. Deal honestly and in time, those you were upfront with may become your closest business allies. When people spend their money to make money, they want to do it with people whom past positive experiences shone bright. The adage of being nice to those you meet on the way up because they’ll be the ones you may see on the way down is right, but not enough. They’ll also be the ones who help you continue rising."

by Juda Engelmayer

Archie Bunker

In other words, Lubinsky is only willing to talk to gullible people who will let him launch into a propaganda speech about Rubashkin. Don't bother calling if you have any hard hitting questions.

If anyone has emails from Lubinsky / Lubicom / KosherToday or Diversified, please forward them to Shmarya and the JTA so they can compare the IP to some more of the sockpuppetry.


This Juda post is not as bad as the Rabbi Morris Allan (sic) posts. At least here, these were the actual words of Uri L'Tzedek, not a fraudulent post like the others.

John K. Diamond

Or maybe they were silenced "Mafia Style".

Archie Bunker

Is Uri leZedek too spineless to issue a condemnation? Maybe they don't want to upset their guru Avi Weiss and his good friend Ronn Atrocious-ian.

Yochanan Lavie

These guys are the Kosher Keystone Kops (acronym unintended). With enemies like these, who needs friends?

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