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July 11, 2008


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Here's the Forward's profile of the guy who called me a "long-time opponent" of 5W Public Relations when my only criticism of the firm dated back all of three weeks,

Hmm, that tactic sounds familiar, painting one's enemy as a "long-time opponent" so that their opposition to the issue of the moment can be dismissed, since it allegedly arises from a long-time (irrational) hatred.

[imagine Church Lady voice:] What other group uses that tactic consistently? Could it be ... I don't know ... LUBAVITCH?!?!

Is RubashkinCo. giving Torossian hints on how to dismiss opposing arguments?

Yochanan Lavie

The New York Times has also discussed the Rubbishcan at length. Are they a subsidiary of al-Jazeera. (Granted, I don't always like their slant on Israel, but they are not al-Jazeera). What about the Forward?

JWB: I admit Berman has acted like a jerk over all this. As a Lanner witness, I too was discounted by other rabbis. Rabbi Yudin, an otherwise kind man, is more compassionate towards molestor Lanner than his victims, for example. Sometimes an otherwise decent person can be lead astray due to their awe of somebody. To me, that's a form of avodah zarah. That is one reason I prefer my Magic 8 Ball to rabbis, gurus, and leaders.


So this website = al-Jazeera? This website = propaganda?


Your friend Ronn Torossian and 5W are far closer to al-Jazeera and "propaganda" sites than I am.

Who impersonated Rabbi Allen? Who impersonated John Diamond and Yochanan Lavie? Who sockpuppeted their way across the Internet?

Why, your friend Ronn Torossian and 5WPR, that's who.

i also respond to slander on al-jazeera and many other propaganda sites.
Just because this place is unknown, and irrelevant, doesnt make it immune nor give it a cart blanche for attempting to follow the al-jazeera handbook for discrediting, and using hersay as newsworthy facts

i also respond to slander on al-jazeera and many other propaganda sites.
Just because this place is unknown, and irrelevant, doesnt make it immune nor give it a cart blanche for attempting to follow the al-jazeera handbook for discrediting, and using hersay as newsworthy facts

i also respond to slander on al-jazeera and many other propaganda sites.
Just because this place is unknown, and irrelevant, doesnt make it immune nor give it a cart blanche for attempting to follow the al-jazeera handbook for discrediting, and using hersay as newsworthy facts


rabbidw, you are the idiot.

Rabbi Saul Berman is NOT one of the unfailing gentlemen of the Jewish World. He is a monster. Before you comment on something you clearly have no idea about do some basic research and reading. Berman's CONTINUING behavior towards the brave survivors of Gafni that BERMAN continuously defamed, deadened their names, claimed investigations that never occured AND STILL has done no teshuva towards them and has taken NO steps to appologize or undue the damage or pain he caused them.

If you care about the truth (and based on your ignorant and arrogant comments here, I suspect you don't), you could contact Rabbi Blau and his wife and ask them about the Gafni affair and Berman's actions.
Response to Rabbi Berman from one of the Gafni Survivors
Protocols Blogspot

As one of the victims of Mordechai Winiarz/Gafni, I am writing to express my outrage at the supporters of Gafni who, without ever having spoken with me or the other victims referred to in Gary Rosenblatt's article (Sept. 24) claim that all the allegations were explored and found to be completely unsubstantiated.

First, none of the three of us were ever contacted by any agency or by Gafni and/or any of his followers for the purpose of conducting any sort of investigation of what occurred many years ago. It's outrageous that they claim that they delved into every allegation and spoke with numerous people and rabbis and completely exonerated Gafni. Who do they think they are?

The fact that Gafni is a charismatic and effective speaker and writer is irrelevant when serious charges of rape/ sexual abuse of minors and sexual abuse/harrassment of a young adult are the issues. His own quotes in Rosenblatt's article are his own worst enemy. And, whether or not "teshuvah" has been sought by Gafni is for G-d to determine--not Rabbis Berman, Telushkin, and Carmi(?)

When I sought help from various rabbis in the Orthodox community after my and another young girl's experiences, I was shocked at the vigorous attempts of rabbinic "leaders" to quash our attempts to pursue a true investigation. A well-known rabbi in Lawrence said, "Sometimes the bigger person is the one who can just let things go."

The woman sexually assaulted by Winiarz when she was 13 attempted to contact Berman many times. He refused to take her calls and has never spoken with her.

Kudos to Gary Rosenblatt for his courage and willlingness to explore this ugly issue which exposes the hypocrisy of so-called "rabbis" and defenders of Winiarz/Gafni.

Yochanan Lavie

Dan: If this blog is so poorly read, why are you wasting time posting on it? Just asking.


Would you then agree that a header of " Breaking, staffer at 5W, posts opinions in someone else name,.management to take action. Would be more appropriate? and perhaps that title wasnt chosen as it would not have nearly the desired effect of smear tactics, and following the hidden agenda. The title and this entry, are the very fight we take on against MSM, which sensationalize news events in israel and draw a moral equivalence between defense and terror.
(small print) blah blh blah . yada yada yada.


To Jewishwhistleblower. I don't like insulting people, but you are an idiot. Can't someone be wrong without being evil? As I said, I do not know Gafni but I do know rabbi Saul Berman, who is one of the unfailing gentlemen of the Jewish World. If someone writes a biography of Rabbi Berman 350 pages, I don't know if his involvement with Gafni would even be mentioned , it is such a tiny part of his life. If he was wrong, that happens in this world. Get over it. When all you do in life is second guess, hindsight is always 20/20. Try accomplishing something on your own for a change. Criticising is easy.

Carol Ann Varley

No one objects to pssionate viewpoints, but to post opinions in someone else's name is cowardice. Agents of 5WPR misrepresented themselves and implicated innocent people in their machinations.

The host of this site was served a dish of notoriety on a platter compliments of 5WPR.


Breaking! you're a dim wit.

Thuggish Brutal tactics..(ie passionate) g-d willing we should have jewish leaders with the passion to pay more then lip service to causes as important to the jewish people as those that Ronn has taken upon himself. When was the last time, you took an ACTIVE(ist) role in anything? When was the last time the jewish people knew you were fighting for them?

Further, to use a broad stroke and assume that readers are going to dismiss someone described as right wing, is simply elitists and ignorant. we should be replicating Ronns not trying to wish ill will.

As far as your conspiracy theories, perhaps your dim witted,ill researched, trash of an blog entry..is proof enough that while we all have the freedom of speech, thank g-d we also have the freedom not to listen.


>This abrupt and unexpected change in the position of Uri L'Tzedek smells of something possibly very sinister taking place.

Or, maybe Uri L'Tzedek does not want to be scrutinized like 5WPR is now:

Uri L'Tzedek, an Exposé

Who leads Uri L'Tzedek?


what's torossian's story? half-armenian half-jewish? jewish-armenian? i'm curious.

Recovering Former Jew

It's time the practice of Kosher ritual slaughter is outlawed. Since when does kashrut trump tsar balei chaim?

Think for yourself. It's about time people realized that all of tanach is nothing but a big bubbe maise.

la la land

here in the cool aid drinking world reality is not the way it seems


John K. Diamond

Well, this comes with the territory.

As Harry Truman once said, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

We have to stay in this kitchen, until ALL of the cooking is done. (Long prison terms for the guilty)


I visted FaileMessiah and all I got was this lousy lawsuit


Shmarya - based on the sheer volume of trolls crawling out of the woodwork to day, one can only conclude that you REALLY hit a nerve.

Yasher koach



John K. Diamond

[Did Torossian cajole Avi Weiss to end the boycott? Or did Torossian threaten and bully his childhood rabbi, causing the boycott to be dropped?]

This abrupt and unexpected change in the position of Uri L'Tzedek smells of something possibly very sinister taking place.

I know Rabbi Yanklowitz personally. He served as Rabbi last year for the High Holidays at my synagogue and going back on his word is not consistent with what I perceived to be, his true nature.

I've seen enough "Godfather Movies" to understand how people can be very effectively silenced permanently.

If "Mafia Tactics" were used to stop Uri L'Tzedek's boycott, and this comes out in the extended Federal investigations, then prison sentences may be extended.

A reader

"Israel's hard right is exactly that – ideologues who value ideology over pretty
much everything else"

substitute 'hard right' with "far left" "left" "centrist" "rightwing" "arab communist part" or any other political leaning for the term 'hard right' and you can make that same case for all of them. Your brand of "politics" smaryah aren't any better. I don't know who Torossian is or anything about him, nor do I care, but you are a hypocrite for constantly pointing out political affiliations as if you can equate rightwing beliefs to criminality or a 'hard right' person automatically = 'a thug' or a child rapist.

"which is why they do so poorly at the polls."

Shmarya, to you "hard right" would be Kadima and Likud and probably anything that isn't labor or meeretz, and Kadima and Likud seem to do just fine at the polls. They will be the leading vote getters in the next election.

Paul Freedman

Interesting. What Makes Sammy Run for the knitted kipah set.

A hustle here.

A hustle there.

New York City is the place where they said

Hey babe take a walk on the Kach side.


"These folks are rapidly digging their own hole. They will need to stop soon, because if they dig all the way to China, it is already Shabbat at this hour (3 P.M. EDT"

What makes you think these people would care about shabbat?


Rabbi Saul Berman is a rasha gamor.

He deadened the names of the brave survivors of Gafni and has never done teshuvah for same. He gave gafni's survivors no benefit of doubt and declared their guilt and exconerated his friend Gafni.

I condemn him 100%.

Excerpts from Berman reprehensible public letter (one of several):

To Whom It May Concern,

I have had occasion during the spring, summer and fall of 2004 to conduct an extensive personal inquiry in response to accusations which have been made against Rabbi Mordechai Gafni and publicized on the Internet. A more balanced version of these same issues than that on the Internet was raised in an editor’s column by Gary Rosenblatt published in the Jewish Week newspaper, in which Rosenblatt asserted that he was unable to draw either a negative or positive conclusion about these issues, calling his extensive research into the issue an "investigation without a conclusion".

I have invested literally hundreds of hours in talking to parties directly and indirectly related, reading public statements posted on the Internet, and following the unfolding of this issue. I have come to a number of clear and unequivocal conclusions.

First, as I have written in a public letter together with Rabbi Joseph Telushkin and Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, we have found the decades-old accusations against Rabbi Gafni to be unconvincing now, as they were dismissed in responsible contemporaneous investigations. We believe that these accusations have been intentionally distorted, kept alive and circulated by a small group of people who have waged a vendetta-like campaign against Rabbi Gafni, creating a false and unfair impression of his character.

Berman is a liar and a thug and he has nothing remotely resemblig teshuvah.

>I would not know Gafni if I saw him

Why do you defend something you know nothing about rabbidw? You only poor salt in the wounds inflicted on Gafni's survivors by rasha Berman. Whatever public superficial side of Berman you have seen, we have actually seen Berman substance and it is evil.


Some of these posts are the moral equivalent of continued ranting over George Washington being a slaveholder. Yes he was, but is that all that we can say about him? I would not know Gafni if I saw him, I am not speaking for him, but I do know Rabbi Saul Berman, and if he made a mistake about Gafni, it comes from a lifetime of accomplishment. One of the outstanding traits of Rabbi Berman is that he is always "DAN L'KAF Z'CHUS", he always gives people the benefit of the doubt. If he was wrong in defending gafni, then he nade a mistake. But a mistake, especially when it came from exercising a good trait, is not a crime that calls for wiping out a career of accomplishment. Aharon assisted in the building of the Golden calf, but God did not strip him of his role as High Priest. Go after Gafni all you want, but until you can match Rabbi Berman's accomplishments, don't be so fast to condemn the man.


Torossian may be "inherently evil," who knows?

He's certainly a thug, a guy who does really bad things to people, who lies at the drop of a hat,

Israel's hard right is exactly that – ideologues who value ideology over pretty much everything else, which is why they do so poorly at the polls.

A reader

"Back in 2004, the Forward profiled Ronn Torossian, who turns out to be Jewish, from a Modern Orthodox family, and a long-time activist for Israel's hard right. "

Does calling it "hard" make it inherently evil too?

A reader

"Back in 2004, the Forward profiled Ronn Torossian, who turns out to be Jewish, from a Modern Orthodox family, and a long-time activist for Israel's hard right. "


Stephen Mendelsohn


5W now deserves its own tab below the masthead of this blog.


I sent this letter privately and then publicly, without response.


Open Letter regarding Rabbi Saul Berman
From: Jewish Whistleblower
July 4, 2006

Dear Rabbi Weiss,

I am deeply disappointed and shocked at your decision to offer a position as Director of Rabbinic Enrichment to Rabbi Saul Berman at this time. Further, you refer to him in you public letter as "a person of great brilliance, integrity and sensitivity".

Unfortunately, many of us have found over the past few years that simply is not the case. Rabbi Berman has not only defended and protected now confessed sexual predator and child molester Rabbi Mordecai Gafni but he has continually made false public claims of investigations that he personally conducted and claims that determinations of Rabbi Gafni's innocence had been made (see copy of one of those public letters below). Rabbi Berman continued to make such claims while at the same time refusing to talk to several of the brave survivors of Rabbi Gafni who came forward and attempted to discuss the matter with him. Some inverstigation.

Rabbi Berman not only publicly defended Gafni, but he has attacked many individuals trying to protect others from being abused by Gafni in a very public campaign aimed at destroying their reputations and names. Ultimately, Rabbi Berman was responsible for the creation of the environment in which Gafni remained unchecked and where he abused further vulnerable victims.

Rabbi Berman throughout his conduct in the Gafni case, has demonstrated a total lack of character and integrity. His refusal to address the totality of his conduct publicly or do anything even resembling teshuvah towards the brave former survivors of Rabbi Gafni or their supporters forces me to question your judgment in hiring Rabbi Berman.

Rabbi Weiss, if Rabbi Berman is entitled to public honor from his colleagues without any accountability or teshuvah for his public conduct over the past years for protecting a sexual predator with public lies, then I believe you and your colleagues have failed to appreciate any of the lessons we had hoped you learned from the Lanner affair and our community's inability to deal with sexual predators will as such continue.

I would have expected more from you.

The Mishnah, Avot 4:4, reminds us that sequestering a hillul Hashem will always be unsuccessful: "Whoever desecrates the name of Heaven in private will ultimately be punished in public, whether the desecration was committed unintentionally or intentionally."



Rabbi Avi Weiss was on the board of advisors of Rabbi Marc Gafni's Bayit Chadash. He put his name behind a known sexual abuser of women and children. In light of the revelations regarding Gafni, what has Weiss done? He protected Gafni's biggest defender Rabbi Saul Berman with a prominant new job.

Rabbi Avi Weiss is great at demonstrations that are like circuses in nature but when it comes to protecting Jewish women and children from abusive colleague Rabbis, what does he do? Zero. It just isn't glamorous or important enough.

That is why we will not see a strong Uri L'Tzedek or action as to sex offender registry in the Jewish community emerging from Weiss or his YCT. He will not fight our enemies that are inside the community.


Stephen Mendelsohn


These folks are rapidly digging their own hole. They will need to stop soon, because if they dig all the way to China, it is already Shabbat at this hour (3 P.M. EDT).

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