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May 15, 2008


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Steven P. Van Helten

The politicians did not have to be bribed to look the other way. If any local politician made any comments against what was happening in Postville they were labeled either an antisemite or a racist. Instead of the merits of their agguments being debated they instead had defend themselves and their reputations.

one of many

They represent the Golden Calf@
here is something worth seeing

Richard Schwartz

Is it lust for the flesh of animals and their mammary secretions that have silenced our consciences when the production and consumption of animal products violate basic Jewish teachings re health, compassion, sustainability, sharing and much more? Is this what has silnced our protests, when animal-based diets are causing an epidemic of diseases in the Jewish community and others, and when animal-based agriculyture contributes to global climate changs and many environmental problems that threaten all of humanity.

Let us hope we wake up in time to help shift our imperiled plsnet to a sustainable path.

one of many

So you are stating that the Govt accepts brib money to shut up turn a blind eye?
WOW strange bed fellows!!
Now this makes sence!
We need a higher power and that higher power is God almighty!
all i can say is pray pray pray and wait!!

These bed fellows, And Rubashkin who commits adultery with her who represents the Jewish people in the kosher sence that they claim to represent, is in big trouble with if they dont repent and repent fast!

They will be judeged according to there works that they have obviously done as you are showing us today and for the past few days i see.

Is there any righeous Rabbi that will come forward be brave enough, to speak up against there sins ??

and i dont mean the OU leaders, anyone??

Please Petition all Rabbis all the Jewsih people all who Love Hashem and are faithful anyone who have authority to cast this family and there non kosher distructive slaughterhouse who call themselves Jews

They are a poor representation of Judiasm and a disgrace! take away there Kosher Licence, stip them of there inherent title of being called a Jew and Being a Jew
They dont deserve the title!!!

They dont deserve to represent almighty GOD!!!

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