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March 27, 2008

Did The Price of Kosher Meat Rise In The Past Months?

If it did, along with inflation, higher energy and feed costs, if you eat Rubashkin meat the reason prices rose could be because of this $1.4 million dollar judgement against Aaron Rubashkin and his companies, including Agriprocessors:

Please click to enlarge.

What you just read is a $1.4 million dollar judgement against Aaron Rubashkin and his various meat companies, including Agriprocessors, Inc. based in Postville, Iowa, and against Nevel, Rubashkin's real estate company. Rubashkin, I'm told, owns 10-20% of the housing stock in Postville.

What did Rubashkin do?

Apparently he 'sold' meat to the hasidic controlled Allou Healthcare – about $2 million dollars worth.

Problem is, Allou distributed healthcare and beauty items and was not in the food business.

In other words, Allou paid Rubashkin for product it did not sell.

This may be a kickback scheme of some type, similar to the money laundering scheme the Spinka Rebbe was arrested for.

Allou Healthcare Securities and Exchange Commission:

Today, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York alleging that Victor Jacobowitz, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Allou Healthcare, Inc. ("Allou"), and four other former executives engaged in financial reporting fraud. The Commission's complaint alleges that beginning in the 1990s and continuing through March 2003, the defendants engaged in a scheme to defraud Allou's lenders and public investors. The defendants falsified Allou's accounting records, earnings reports, and periodic filings with the Commission by, among other things, materially overstating revenue and inventory. The complaint alleges that the defendants manipulated Allou's net income and earnings per share to meet Wall Street's expectations. The complaint also alleges that the defendants conducted this scheme, in part, for their own personal enrichment.…

Allou SEC Complaint.pdf

Allou execs guilty:

Top executives of Allou Healthcare Inc. and related companies have pleaded guilty to crimes arising from a massive corporate fraud scheme at Allou.

The indictment obtained by the U.S. Attorney's office for the Eastern District of New York detailed a staggering, decade-long bank fraud and securities fraud scheme involving hundreds of millions of dollars of phony sales and grossly inflated inventory, and a mail fraud and insurance fraud scheme arising from a fire at Allou's Brooklyn warehouse involving a false insurance claim and the bribery of an undercover fre marshal to change the cause of the fire from "arson" to "accidental."

The related schemes resulted in losses to creditors, investors, and other victims in the amount of an estimated $160 million and ultimately drove Allou into bankruptcy.

Under the terms of their respective plea agreements, Herman Jacobowitz,45, Allou's chief executive officer, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud, securities fraud, and mail fraud, and to a substantive count of filing a false annual report with the Securities and Exchange Commission , and faces up to 15 years' imprisonment and a maximum fine of up to twice the amount of the loss from the fraud.

Jacob Jacobowitz, 44, Allou's executive vice president, pleaded guilty to filing a false annual report with the SEC, and faces up to 10 years' imprisonment and a maximum fine of $1,000,000. Aaron Jacobowitz, manager of various companies controlled by the Jacobowitz family, pleaded guilty to money laundering and faces up to 10 years' imprisonment and a maximum fine of up to twice the amount of the loss from the fraud, or twice the amount of the laundered funds, whichever is greater.

In addition, Herman and Aaron Jacobowitz agreed to forfeit to the government up to $130 million, and Jacob Jacobowitz agreed to forfeit up to $10 million. The guilty plea proceedings were held before U.S. District Judge John Gleeson at the U. S. Courthouse in Brooklyn.

The government's investigation revealed that Allou's top officers and controlling shareholders participated in a long-running corporate fraud scheme that looted Allou and plunged it into bankruptcy in April 2003, destroying the holdings of thousands of investors. Prior to its bankruptcy, Allou, which distributed health and beauty aids and pharmaceuticals, was a public company traded on the American Stock Exchange and was one of the largest companies on Long Island with approximately 300 employees and over $500 million in reported annual revenues.…

And then, you have this:

In the last three years, Agriprocessors has paid the Environmental Protection Agency and/or OSHA more than $750,000 in fines.

[Hat Tip: The Jewish State.]


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Why am I not surprised? Rubashkin is synonymous with fraud and corruption(in fact the hebrew gemmatria for Rubashkin=corrupt). These crooks all deserve to be locked up, Rubashkin and the "Allous".


Off topic again, but count how many yarmulkes are in this picture at the Brooklyn "John School". You would think these idiots would have the decency to take it off during their "punishment" for soliciting prostitutes. What a chillul hashem!

Is Rubashkins meat kosher? ;-)

I don't require glatt.Would that make a difference?


Did you ever play Russian Roulette?

This is off-topic.

But the events of the last few weeks are only a very small look at what is coming...

1) The abuse of Isaac Hersh
2) Another rabbinical predator in Australia who may be exposed shortly
3) Child molester Mondrowitz in handcuffs, behind bars and facing extradition
4) Child molester Rabbanit Buriah Keren exposed
5) Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro convicted of chid abuse
6) Rabbi Kolko criminal trial in days
7) Child molester Malka Leifer exposed

The floodgates have not yet opened but we are approaching that day. Sexual predators, abusers, their supporters and enablers are on notice that their days of anonymity are at an end.

Yes, more will be exposed. Very shortly. There are numerous investigations underway. Stay tuned.

A hint of what's coming (this is just one city):

see: http://www.jewishtimes.com/index.php/jewishtimes/opinion/jt/publishers_note/painful_truths1/

Andrew A. Buerger, Publisher Baltimore Jewish Times, March 21, 2008
"This case is now closed. But there’s more to come. Other victims will come forward in other cases; we now know that authorities are investigating other local rabbis. So this is just the sad start and not the end."
"We also received a stream of letters from an employee at Agudath Israel, a right-of-center Orthodox group, that nitpicks the semantics of our stories, but ignores the responsibility of religious organizations to make sure that children’s lives are not ruined. Some people, it seems, are quicker to protect perpetrators than victims."
"We are working on several stories regarding alleged perpetrators, but we will not print them without a thorough investigation."
"We won’t be intimidated by allegedly pious leaders. And we won’t stop printing the truth."

Of course you are off topic JWB.

That's the way you run your life.

Which gutter did you just slime out of?

To Anonymous who is a creature of free will. I will speak for all of the above posters and those who ally themselves with the truth. We work for the victims no matter what the cost. You and your fellow creatures of free will make no dent in us. We will never shut up and we will not stop. No matter how long the day is, at the end of it we know we did the right thing. We made the right choice. Unlike you we are not afraid of the light.

Avi Shafran would seem to be that Agudah employee. Ephraim Shapiro was the mesader kiddushin for Shafran's father. Avi Shafran also attended NIRC at the time when many molesters were enrolled and plying their trade in the dorm.

Unrelated (in a sense), but does anyone know whatever happened to the money laundering case that was reported about 6 months to a year ago, where 3 lubos in Israel were arrested on charges of laundering money to the tune of about 60 million dollars - that case seems to have disappeared off the radar screens altogether - no doubt some lubo strong arm tactics as usual? If I remember correctly, some russian-Israeli oligarchs were also involved. I guess between them and chabad the case didn't stand much chance of going to trial.

In Israel, these types of cases take a year or more to move forward. It could take another few months before anything will happen.

I disagree. I don't comment in the steroids threads because I think the issue is meaningless.
Andrew William


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