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March 11, 2008


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mitch morrison

the utj is not the biggest organization out there by any means, but it's probably the purest i know when it comes to humility and halachic commitment. On many issues they are often stricter than some of the so-called Left Wing O groups,but they are not into the crazy chumrot or selling halacha's leniencies to be more palatable to the RW element in much of today's O world.

Just as the Torah was not given on the biggest mountain, the UTJ is not a giant organization and i don't expect it to be tomorrow's RCA. at the same time, its approach is rational, sensible, sensitive and, perhaps most importantly, not politically driven.

as a disclaimer, I am Orthodox, grew up through the Young Israel and Bnai Akiva, studied in yeshiva and keep all of my O affiliations. I'm also an active UTJ member. I joined it about a decade ago after discussing my potential enlistment with some Orthodox rabbis who privately said they were grateful for a UTJ, but that they could not formally affiliate with it because it would be a career-buster. Perhaps since i don't mind busting myself:), i joined the organization and have never regretted it.


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