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February 29, 2008

Congressional Letter to USDA Regarding Rubashkin, AgriProcessors




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The only remedy is to have them shut down for good.

I 2nd what Steve says and we should remember that our so called "Rabbinic Leadership" is equally complicit in all of this.

Apart from Peta and the unwavering and quite unbelievable tenacity of the Union little has been done or is being done by anyone with any real impact. I exclude FailedMessiah in this slur as it remains the only Jewish blog or investigative news source unflinchingly taking on the issues with a zeal and accuracy that is unqualled.
The other Jews seem content with trading hammentaschen vegan recipes and asking "Why don't they do something about it?"
Wake up, Jews, you are they.
As for me I go to bed with rubash-in and I wake up with the mamser. I won't stop til he's taken down.

I agree we all should sign a petition form to shut these people down! All who care sign away!! We can work together on one this! And try to make the difference!!

Including all the rabbis that will support this Idea of shutting them down. and they are out there, take a look at those wonderful vegitarian/vegan rabbis on the video, A sacred duty, im sure they would have no probelm signing away, and it will draw out more to do the same with the confidence that, they are not alone and they dont need to fear any Meat eating animal killing rabbi out there!
Lets do It MAN!!!
Where do I sign???

Dark Satire

We must keep Postville open -why, think of all the rabbis who will not be receiving their weekly/monthly checks. Think how sad these rabbis will be will the mailman quits delivering checks with a Postville postmark. To earn their check they don't even have to show up or do anything. Those that do show up can keep their eyes closed. Got a mad hacker as a schochet-no problem! A cow that still is mooing even when half it guts are on the floor-still no problem!We ask the workers if they are happy and they are!(they are happy that the 'La Migra' [INS] hasn't caught up with them yet)These workers are so happy that their pay can be docked and there are still NO complaints.
Ah the joy and happiness that Postville brings

Insane post, Isa. One of the best yet on a rubash-in thread. It seems those workers bow and scrape and smile when a crow comes round too. How those workers love the rabbis! El blanco Bwana giving them such fine jobs.

Each "mashgiach" in Postville is required to wear blinders, ear plugs and a muzzle. They've brought back the "Tommy" craze of the 70's.

Each "mashgiach" in Postville is required to wear blinders, ear plugs and a muzzle. They've brought back the "Tommy" craze of the 70's.

They can hire Mondro or some other pedaphile to play Uncle Ernie.

Ysher Koach to all these congressman our representatives.

Perhpas the other group who claims to represent American Orthodoxy , the RCA will do something.

Ok so I am drugs to think they will get involved when $$$$ are involved.

Whoops they don't represent us, but rather Rabbi Elyashiv and friends.
Shabbat Shalom all !

Well petition would be good, as would boycotting their food. If i lived in the US i wouldn't be buying their products. I would be like the Lubavitchers who don't touch any other hechsher apart from their own one.

For more on the Rubashkin scandals, go to:




postville is the most mhedurdig place of shcita in the us with over thirty five chasdisher shoctim frum torah yungerliet who does there work bshlimus this letter is old a couple years this is only few complains out of more than thousands which can be possible in a pant which did not happened in agri the only problem is yehuda shein which used to be a plumber in lakewood and decided to become a zero in kashrus as he blacked mailed agri like he did with other company but agri decided nusach russia don't black mail us idiot and this idiot does not have what to do and write all this email with different names mamser ben mamser you will face the gates of hell very quickly by trying to take a way parnosh from over hundred jews go back to your plumber job


The letter is 3 months old, not years old.

The USDA citations run from 2005 through the first third of 2007.

FOIA requests take about 6 to 9 months to come through. Then, when they do come, tousands of pages of documents have to be read and distilled into a report.

In other words, you have no idea what you're talking about.

shmara shein you should take care of meal mart treife kreisem rince and chill chelev in liver insects in eden stuff so many scandals less then a year shomy shmeim we talkin about treife and you are bussy aboud usda narishkeiten yidel go back to your old job and leave saftey issue for hashem


With whom do you communicate with shain he the world's biggest mnival ! He is the only masgich following the Ou policy to shake hands with women in the Ou facility? He may pray the "Tfilas Zaki" evrey time when he walks out of facility Hashem Yismor!!!

Nachman and Simon,
The blogs and blog owners you rant against concern themselves with research and facts and present their findings in a form that may be read and undertood. Neither of your seem to understand this. You are not in your shtetl now, you are on the world wide web. Few people have the motivation to read what you post in a language that seems to resemble English but is not.

yidel again my shtetel is postville where i work in shipping department office for agri for over ten years, i remember when yidel shein was here he was amazed the way kashrus is, it all started when he wanted ten % commission which agri refused to give, since then he is out on a campaign against agri in all blogs webside radio talk show etc., again you used to be a plumber in lakewood go back to your old job and let this over hundred yidisher mishpuchos have parnasa there is no health problem here at all

Dear Mr. Rosenberg,

I expect that Yudel Shain may have a chance to read your posted comment concerning his interaction with Agri, and then consider filing a defamation suit against you, if your comments about him are untrue.

Yudel is a public figure. That means he has to prove that those smears are both KNOWINGLY false and malicious.

In practice, that is nearly impossible to do.

john the only thing not true possible is the ten % it might be he asked for twenty % !... he is what he his, a big chashir money mind, by the shows in jacob javoitz center a few months ago he almost blackmailed every single company this man must go back to his old job and leave klal yisroel bemnicha if agri whould be a non jewish company this idiot would be sitting in jail a long time ago

"Yudel is a public figure. That means he has to prove that those smears are both KNOWINGLY false and malicious."

Yes, but I posted my comment to try to disuade folks from posting potentially defamatory comments about others.

Mr. Rosenberg would be far more productive, since he claims to work for Agri., in working from the inside, to make the Rubashkin Animal Enterprises an example of what true Kashrus is supposed to be, as was practiced for 3300 years, prior to the introduction of "Factory Farming" just 100 years ago.

Yidal is a fake felony and fraud person ! hate to tell you I recently had a private deal with one of the top official's (CEO) in a egg company, the company claims to be bisul yisroel, I asked him how does it work? he explained that he turns on the switch every morning but when it happens a breakdown during the day and the boiler go down he is not here to turn back on this information is a milsa davida......... He id busy with all loshon hora on every one not bending to his behind...

Simon/Nachman, tell the other losers that work for the UBERKIKE to post here too. WE LOVE IT!

the big losers here is yidel shein together with meal mart for more information on the latest meal mart scandals call 212.461.2778

This shain was kicked out from all organization he used to work for the Ok Star-K Rabbi Rubin Kaf-K and many more aswell he no longer in business with them "mit dos in mit yentz" its crystals clear that all banned him. and again the shain switch is just a switch of lightning fire in kllal yisroel and destroying parnasa from yidish kinder and maybe its lightning his hell where ......... Because more than that its not worth make your own reserch

And none of this has anything to do with the hundreds of Humane Slaughter, sanitary, health and safety violations documented by the USDA at Agriprocessers and Local Pride.

Stop shooting at messengers, gentlemen, and clean up your act.

agri has a quality control which takes care off all non compliance in fact there where never closed down by usda and there com. alle processing was closed down for serious food saftey problems so if you are worried regarding usda don't eat fast don't eat including of your own kitchen and remember if your toilet brakes call yehuda shein...

Tell the shanda you work for to post here himself. You fools can do your opening shtick, introduce him, and then let him speak for himself.

yidenhalf you write like your name i hope your wife understands you better -

Oh she understands me very well, Nachman; so do you.

yidelhalf you tell yeshua holender motel bergman aron nirbarter shmeil shlomo spitz menachem shmeil teteilbaim (who ran to the hamodia to post his atricle regarding uruguay) and the... former plumber of new jersey to post here with there TRUE names first, - by the way what happened to your check it bounced?...

yidelhalf with all your eker and meker and mid dos un yenes she understands you a chidush... can you tell for your gang yeshua holender motel bergman aron nirbarter shmeil shlomo spitz shmeil teteilbaim to post with there TRUE names - and what happened to the former plumber of new jersey check did his big check bounced?

Like I said, Nachman, tell your boss to to post here. I don't know from shlemiels in the 'shipping' department.

yidelhalf (the other half is fidel castro) my boss doesn't have time for shtisim he is working hard to provide klal yisroel with mehadrin meat and for cheap the rest of the time he says the whole tehhlim and goes to shiur while his competition alle sits around the nice table like opec and decides when to hike the price in a event meal mart needs to lower there price in lakewood in order to go competition with rubaskin they hike in wiiliamsburg in other words the chsadisher guys has to make up for there litvisher brothers

I have a letter in front of me from harav woser stating that shain endorsement to anyone should be unacceptable to the public, the letter is regarding the big micshol from this yoel shocet who shocked eretz yisroel showing for the rabbonim that someone who claims himself for a shatans experts and knows nothing.....

Yo schmuck, this is a Yudel Shain blog? Trying to digress are we?

Yidelhalf shmuk how much does it cost to take your hasgucah in a major factory overseas?

"m'tuchas ien ohed" by u'lieny means you shain.... that's why you love a plumber job.....

and you still want to tell me your are not affiliated with yidel shein.... go lek der nirbarter t.. don't be afraid you used to be a plumber.

about the common shain is a public figure.. any one lookes on his fit and figure finds it public since overwate with.....lb he is nothing more than.....!

Well, you sure don't need a GED to work for the UBERKIKE.

I heard very "cosherver vort" from my rosh yeshiva I feel its very suitable for plumber shain. Here it goes my rosh yeshiva ask why does a "foretz" have a smell too it would had be enough just the noise from explosion? The rosh yeshiva answerd because a favor a "cheresh" should also enjoy.....

vashty didn't need a GED

yidalandhalf what was your hettir of posting a common in shabbas 6:23 pm?


Who says Yidandahalf lives in this timezone? It happens that Yidaandahalf does not, and it was NOT Shabbos when Yidandahalf posted.

Tell Sholem Mordechai that he needs to hire smarter, more literate beef packers.

CHABAD MEN! We forget you think the earth is flat. Next time I will remember and only use your time zone. Bossman Golem Rubash-in only hires mini-me golem/robots. I should have remembered that too and that you didn't have all the advantages the rest of us have. ( Otherwise why would you work for Shol-m the Golem, right ? )

I don't Represent agri i was never there I only have trust in those rabonim who are the world's torah leaders and have S'micha from all gedola hador from the previous generation on shcita in fact I know that there is no decision undertaken with out asking harav wosner or harav brandsdofer or harav Weiss gavad Jerusalem beside a there is a tsuva from several pages written on every move and shalot happening in the plant. I am confidence (i don't care what this plumber from lakewood has to say in fact he was there obly 3 days for almost 15 years ago) This what I relay no one in the world will challenge me, the nirbater has 0 talent he has no staff any shalla happening he takes his own action without advising anyone he does not no how to write tsuva when something happening and forced to to share his opinion to public he then hire izerkowowitz and jackkowitz to write for him do you know that he is shecting in costa rico about 300 cattle a day only 2 shocthim they are shoctim bodkim masghim mnakrim molchim evrey think (ask the rov from chabad in costa rico are call the shocot engel and frishman) and tgey take 80% glatt???????? this plumber from Lakewood POSTED his common on shabbas.......... This the nurbeter allied

this code GED is clear indicates you live in lakewood and you are a mcallal shabbas beside tge facr that I wrote when ever you walk into a plant you mach a brucha bora minay me"zonot" that's what you are all about

Are you assholes going to start firing ketushas from Postville into Lakewood now?

I have done that already 18 years ago.


The findings against your employer Rubashkin come from the USDA, not from Yudel Shain.

Yudel Shain did not report this story until long after I did.

shalom has over 1,200 employees just in postvile plant and another 100 in local pride and another 500 in south america and hundres more across USA many office ble ien haro so you think all of them are golem!!!! and if that's the case why did you want to work for him??? remember you also have parnusa from him because nany toliets you fixed broked from his delicious franfurktrs!!'' how about that

Let me again try to get you to understand:

YdandaHalf is NOT Yudel Shain.

I know this 100%.

Shamray nachman already answerd you USDA would close your home kitchen too just to set the fact straight I ask my friend who works there to snap a picture fron his cell phone the cleans of the plant evrey morning give me a email address where I could email to you!!

I've been in the plant.

As for the "answer," it may convince you but it certainly does not and will not convince most people, especially most people who are not Chabad.

Lastly, the violations at Agri were serious.

I worked in slaughter houses and in a meat processing plant and I know what those violations are.

Again this code GED is him referring my past history any way the only person who hate agri is him

1. It is NOT him.

2. Plenty of people now hate Agri and Rubashkin. Plenty.

I mosr probably got to know USDA rulls more than you almost evrey plant gone that through 100 times a yeae in larger scale wgy jump in agri I will quote the word that theOCHR YISROEL Belski who leks hollonder t.... (also a USDA violence ) thinking of getting rish yeshiva he said by the alle ciliv parsha last year and its still on tape it a KITCHEN Problem thus is what r thw USDA blew uo

It's hard to tel what you mean to say with all those misspellings and no sentence structure or correct punctuation.

But I'll take a stab at it.

I spoke personally with Rabbi Belsky about the first wave of PETA allegations in 2004 against Agriprocessors. Belsky was very clear – Sholom Mordechai was wrong.

1) the first time when bekski was visiting iowa was 2007 he then wrote a nice letter on all kasrus there and applied to the public to stop with all imfargunshi stick!!

1) the first time when bekski was visiting iowa was 2007 he then wrote a nice letter on all kasrus there and applied to the public to stop with all imfargunshi stick!!

False. He was there before.

even so what's the different he experience high satisfaction you know that aswell

shmara was in agri just like i work in agri shipping department ha ha! who is the real golem?

1) I clarified belski was there less than 8 hours.... so its "Kman Delisa"

The Golem's shabbos goys know more what's going on than you losers. Give it up and get real jobs, you will have to sooner or later.


Belsky was there before. You said he wa not. You were wrong.

You claimed YidandaHalf is Yudel Shain. That is false.

You claimed Yidandahalf broke Shabbos to post here. That is false.

You claimed I was never in Agriprocessor Postville. That is false. (As Sholom Mordechai. Tell him I said hello.)

You both repeatedly post false statements.

There is no reason for anyone reading this to trust either of you.

again if you where there then i work in shipping department as i mentioned i work here like you where there - nachman

ill repeat short
1) The first time when bekski was in iowa was after 30 years of Agri establishment , he was there winter 2006 for 8 hours he was highly impressed from the kasrus standard of the plant
2) yudal half is shain
3) yudal posted his common in shabbas 6:23 pm this is lakewood timezone
4) from when you where kicked off iowa until now the whole plant made progress they improved the kasrus standard to the highest points you may ask all cosver rabonim who visted the plant in the passed years

) The first time when bekski was in iowa was after 30 years of Agri establishment

That would be tough. Agri was founded in 1987. You're off by 10 years.

2) yudal half is shain

Again, I know this is false..

3) yudal posted his common in shabbas 6:23 pm this is lakewood timezone

IDIOT. The time shown on the posts are for the timezone of the blog. It was an hour later in Lakewood.

from when you where kicked off iowa

I was never kicked out.


again if you where there then i work in shipping department as i mentioned i work here like you where there - nachman

Like I said, ask Sholom Mordechai.

The big boss Golem is afraid of a blog, afraid of the Internet. Just like I thought. He won't come out. No problem, patience I have in spades.

your fight against agri is like jusr like fighting to IBM-or Microsoft would do you think you think they are local butcher evrey once of meat is sokpl B"H nothing gets dump "zoltz platzen" they are used to headaches jusr like evrey big operation has (imfarginers) regarding USDA in almost evrey plant if the USDA whuld have the own employees working daily it would be clised to days

yidandahaf castro i see your problem is that he his a boss listen to me when you would not sit a whole day on the internet including ten minutes for shabbos you would be able to be successful to be a boss of a big company now you are the big boss of your toliet flush it.

Simon Mini Golem is on the scene. Unlike you abominations, I like this fight. It's worthy and its support grows daily. You just never know where it's gonna hit you next. Do you, do you now? Nope, no clue. That's why you're all schwitzing. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year. We got time. I'm younger and smarter than boss Golem and I don't smoke like a chimmney. Boss Golem keeps his loyal crows by his side, but sheesh! He just never knows. Keeps him awake at night. Gotta feel sorry for the UBERKIKE sometimes. Well, maybe not.

if you smarter where is YOUR company how is it called UPERKAKA?

yes nachman sholom is the golem and operate a company with over thousand employees and this clever yidandahaf has nothing more to do than sitting on the internet - simon shamra is a shmok living in min. he is known there as a yidel shein of lake he never worked in agri he just was trying to melk them

Another highly literate comment from Agri supporters.

Just to clarify:

I never said I worked for Agriprocessors.

You could go back and read my comments to see that.

Was I ever in Agriprocessors in Postville? Sure.

I also have known Sholom Mordechai for 20 years.

I know one of his sister's and a brother-in-law, as well.

And I've met Aaron several times.

As for trying to "melk" them, if you mean blackmail or extortion, you're simply wrong.

I have never asked or taken money from Agri or Rubashkin, and I have never threatened them with blackmail or extorted them.

I have no interest ion Sholom Mordechai's money. All I want him to do is clean up his slaughter.

who do you think you are? you want!!!!!

Do you know that its a big chance that on the nest ¢25 (quarter) from Iowa state from one side of the quarter will bear the the liberty picture and fron the other side the symbolic symbol of Agriprocerss which is the states most respectively infrastructure???!!!!!!!!!

So it took you second to think "maybe" !!?? This is what I want from you!!!!!......

postville here i come. if only to teach some english classes to golem's retards. his website is pretty sucky too. just why is he so low class? all that gelt and he still looks like he just got off the boat.

that's a cheap shot - you with your sewer clothing and big fat tommy don't look any think better i will lend you my mirror - platzavek.com

i know yudel very good he was my client eight!

sorry about my english but "We forget you think the earth is flat. Next time I will remember and only use your time zone."and which contry I live and my prime language ........

Shamray wrote "postville here i come. if only to teach some english" my answer is
Who says (Yidandahalf) simon kalman lives in this timezone? " we both live in peru"
you used to eat chulent by sholom mordchai like me by yudelhalf!!!!!!!

see one of the common above about shain behavior in factories with all these shaking hand and other cropps.... so I believe this man might even be client 6&7

yeah, ya never know. tell the golem to stop looking over his shoulder so much, it leads to back and neck injury.

Now as i gave my resignation as new york govener i will spend my rest of my life to join shmara and yidandahaf on this blog
no question now will be back monday afternoon


That's another reason why Shaloem mordchai didn't wanna him in postvile! In the 3 Days he was there (many years ago) he spend most of his time in the PUP! He keep quoting statements from............in the PUP!

I will do like the govener of new york i will soon give in my resignation to holender - i just need to speak it over with the maxi golem $hein.

I will do like the govener of new york i will soon give in my resignation to holender - i just need to speak it over with the maxi golem $hein.

Gentlemen! I have update'd my hot line with Attractive interview exclusive for you call guy's call my hot line 212 990 6143# 1 enjoy!!!

Rabbi Goldenberg

hey aron which holender tanya?

Shamray fix your site something serious going on here!

Ich gevolt reden abisley yiddish ober... yidandahaf can you explain your last post its like a broken cd

moshe titcher bodek kreisem for nirbarter ruv and shmeil shlomo spitz

My last post was on the 12th. What's to explain? You can post in Yiddish or English, I can understand both but what's the point? So what about the Nirbarter, families devouring families for gelt and evil. In Olam HaBa you will find all what you look for. Maybe it will be like a grotesque Jewish version of Tiger Balm Gardens with a Weinberg pen for special cases. You have a chance to change but I doubt you will.

i guess titcher understands you now MUCH Better

fetchi spitz

i guess titcher understands you now MUCH Better

fetchi spitz

yidel dahalf you chayi you are willing to destroy over hundred and fifty families four your twenty percent and you are talking what?

yidel dahalf you chayi you are willing to destroy over hundred and fifty families four your twenty percent and you are talking what?

i think rubas butcher on 15av is only butcher that sells with discount on erev shabbos and his crawn restraund gives food for the needy for no pay so there are the brooklyn kitchen

hi mr. brooklyn - i am sorry i mean mr. soap - no no i mean mr. kitchen i guess you use alle meat for your chicken soup it has a lot chelev it should be very taste... and if you need broccoli by eden the edelstein bugs are something delicious.... edelstein is the masgiach and the broker what's wrong ekelstein from uruguay is the broker and masgiach too.. sometimes he his the bodek chuts too.. he had a good rebbe a Brisker talmid from ?

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