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September 15, 2007


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Hi is a good man and deserves pardon immediately


whoever spews negative hate information for the majortiy of his time can expect to feel that within him/herself and view that of others and through interpersonal relationships, I suggest that the author and readers of ths blog take a look into themselves and see if all of their negative emotions are not being displaced from some other event in their lives, say being beaten up when they were a child or the like, and deal with their issues rather than start a hate propaganda online blog


who the hell do you think you are lrt me tell you will burn for all the lashon hara you people post here



Dr Fred

Might we say that Rubashkin was home schooled?


To blame Chanina Sperlin for something that Rubashkin did before he got into the JCC is really evil.

By the way Moshe Rubashkin does not have smicha at all he hardly learned in yeshiva.


Exactly how would that be? He controlls the Justice Dept?


This is all part of Hanina Spelin's attempt to get back into power. He is the joke of NYC politics, but has a mad driven need to be in photos with the Mayor.


To JewishCynic:
Not to worry!!
What sort of people worked at the EPA?
Idealoges that are out to protect 'Mother Earth'. Hillary could NEVER go against these people -best chance for this scum is to get a pardon from Bush.


They just have to delay the conviction until the next president is elected. Then they can buy a pardon - especially if it's Hillary (remember Marc Rich and the New Square bunch? )


""""I know that everyone in 770 gets smicha but that does't bestow the title of "Rabbi" before their name-that goes for Kolko as well""""
Aha it the other way around!
A teacher can assume the title of 'rabbi' since the word rabbi means teacher with or without smicha. There was one instance of someone who went around with the title of 'rabbi' yet he did not have smicha- he became the rabbi at a small congregation and when asked for a copy of his smicha was found out- this happened in Minneapolis. There are MANY more examples of this! THEN there is this policy of certain yeshivot:
" Our yeshiva does not grant smicha only the various Rosh ha yeshiva do- they are allowed to used the stationary of the yeshiva- no records are kept by the yeshiva- only the Rosh ha yeshva MAY keep records


I know that everyone in 770 gets smicha but that does't bestow the title of "Rabbi" before their name-that goes for Kolko as well


Not in this world.

Anyway, I doubt Specter did anything. But we'll see …


If the senator did anything like using his influence with the Feds to help these criminals does it make him an unindicted co-conspirator?

Dr Fred

As Samuel Johnson said, "Where there is shame there may yet be virtue".Don't expect Teshuva, just justice.


Many of my customers have to deal with the EPA- They ALL live in fear of that agency- If there is such a thing as 'Black Helicopters' The EPA is it.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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