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August 19, 2007


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Jews quoting the New Testement? Im AMAZED!!


urm just in response the L rebbe only sent people on missionary work if their wives agreed is not true. The wives were never asked and never got a word in edgeways, especially if the guy was the one that decided everything. Then you get these Lubavitchers in the middle of nowhere ruining their kids lives and due to being in the middle of nowhere can do just about whatever they want.


They are told that they are bney avrohom yitzhok veyaakov bas soroh rivkoh rochel leah. They are told that tephilin is a religious gem. They re told bout shabos kashrut and so on.


P.S. YomTov Ehrich z'l song that he "heard" from "Reb Betzalel,The Moskover Mohel", though possible in some theory, seems like a fantasy.
Avrohom, Lubavitchers that go to "summer camps" should visit the Main Temple, sanctified by His Exellency in 2001, in Marina Roscha and tell whether Lubavitcher victims of "The Personality Cult of J.V.Stalin", or Great Purge of 1937, are mentioned there...or only Oligarchks?


Avrohom, I am disgusting individual, but you call everyone that names according to the Moderator Shmarya.
What dockets?
Archives from that time are closed to Russian Historians, or destroyed in 1991.
The dirtiest jobs of OGPU-NKVD-KGB were done by formerly religious Jews, including SOME Lubavitchers, in order for their successors, now converted from Leninism to Russian Orthodoxy, to accuse this very 56,000 avreichim for goodness sake, Avrohom, in the crimes of Communism.
FYI, "Rabbiner" is not a Russian word, it's German.
Russian is "ravvin"

"i can list five lubavitch molseters,"

i meant to write "i can list you five lubavitch molesters"*

"All ofthat is the fruis of alllyourgodolim and ktanim the Rabbi in Bney BRak the RAbbi in lakewood. Then you have them mass coering of moleting children. Look at the otherposts by scotty."

i can list five lubavitch molseters, and I'm sure there's much more... so shut the fuck up!



and you obviously are disgusting individual. You know very well howmanylubavitcher were killedandshot in the 20's and in the late thrities...their dockets are found today! They were persecuted only beause they were students of RAbiner Shneerson!



You dont get it: stop talking so crudely and goyish about my REbbes.

Your edolim brought the culture o stealing and dishonesty..there are THOUSANDS ofkollel yungerleit in ISrael who are of age of 30 and up who depend upon the kindness of handouts by others. Just now there are 56,000 kollel yungerleit who started the new zman in israel.

THis sickes andmost dangerous issue affecting the well being of frumme jews. THeypreach the culture of schnorring ofbochurim demanding their father in laws houses befor they marry From where will they get it? Theyalready did it three timetotheir other daughters and are choking to death. They teach discrimination of sfardishe children they bring themost vileand vicious hate. Just recently the YAted wrote disparagingly of Ymemnite Jews and had to apologize for the disgusting remark.

All ofthat is the fruis of alllyourgodolim and ktanim the Rabbi in Bney BRak the RAbbi in lakewood. Then you have them mass coering of moleting children. Look at the otherposts by scotty. They are done by a culture that hides and covers up for realcrimes so that chas vesholom chas vecholiloh...THey are your gods and Tzars!


Shmarya, thanks again; we are close to the answer about Chabad vicious hatred of the other Orthodox.
12 of Tammuz is a vodka-drinking, russian nivul peh-speaking holiday.
But many things "do not make sense" in the context: All lidership of the Russian Orthodox(hm)Church was wiped out by 1927.
(As much as I dislike Chabad cult, they were, may be, may be first to tell the Western Jewry about the crimes of communism.)
Many Rabbonim were shot afterwards, espessially during the Great Purge of 1937.
Well, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn books are translated into all languages.
But Y. Y. Schneerson was let go...
Yes, obviously originally he was sentenced to death, that was the only penal measure in the hell of the USSR circa 1927.
But they let him leave the country...
Then his future son-in-law joined...
"Miracle", NOT RECORDED IN TORAS MOSHE, doesn't cut it...
The real reason were unrelated events in Russian Soviet history but it is not for now.
Majority Mashihisten/Elokisten have no idea about this.
Closeness between ANASH(smak in Russian) and a followers of Benedict XVI(friend of the Jewish people) was shown by Prof. Berger and even some hareidim, unafraid of the "outside".Don't want to give their names for avrohom to insult.
Speaking of which, according to Avrohom(he "allowed" me to rant as long as I don't say anything about Rabbi Schneerson himself), who's better-poor guy in Lakewood "learning" or Lubavitcher Chief Rabbi of Belarus hailing The Last Dictator of Europe Aleksandr Lukashenko, imah shmoi?

Jim the Catholic

Well at least they kinda have the right ideas.....

>>When the Rebbe looked for kind of people who can be shluchim he looked for those who can dedicate their whole life to their mission.
The Rambam describes such a person who dedicates his whole life to serving G-d as a modern day "levite" if you look bellow in the quote from Dvorim you'll see the kind of qualities the Levites possesed one of them was being able to disregard their family for a higher cause.

The Shluchim have NOTHING to do with the Rambam. The Rambam is not writing about shluchim of the Rebbe--who arguable did not even belong to the Jewish religion. Let it go, Ariel. You don't know this Rambam. Take your medication and shut up.



My claims about the FR are true. The thirty visas I mentioned (not you, not avrohom and not Avi – me) were early in the war. Th eFR did oppose the Vaad Hatzalah, did fail to ask US leaders to save Jews and did claim that spiritual things – like his messiah campaign – would end the war with the coming of the messiah.

The FR was wrong just as he had been wrong previously regarding the Soviet Union.

And the FR did ask the US to save his books. And the FR did spend a lot of money saving those same books, while Jews died.

And here the Rebbe did exactly what Friedman says he did – he criticized a student for wanting to follow his parents' wishes (for the sake of his mother's health) and stay in Brooklyn. And the Rebbe did do in exactly the way I claim he did – using military anology and deriding the parents.

It should not be forgotten that the Rebbe whiled his time away in the cafés of Berlin and Paris while others – like the Rashag and the FR himself busied themselves with Jewish communal concerns. Pot. Kettle. Black.


Shmarya i would not talk if i were you when you learn to read Hebrew we could have a discussion i think the educated ones are getting tired of translating everything for you, you were proven wrong with the idiotic claims against the FR and on to the next Rebbe? don't you ever get tired? i guess the snake has allot of dirt to eat!


You still have great difficulty with reading comprehension, avrohom. Perhaps you should go back to school.



In addition to your earlier frauds in this as I pointed out to you (that you LIED) Friedman also LIED: He writes even if it contradicts "his WIFE ...", there is NOTHING OF THIS SORT ; in the letter he quoted there was nothing about that. Furthermore: Every proposition for shlichus by the Rebbe for a couple, ALWAYS AND ALWAYS the Rebbe preconditioned the proposition by saying: that this is only with the full consent of the wife.


the preceding post explaining how most will not be jewish because mother is not jewish was from avraham.


THE POST about the majority will be goyim because their mothers are goyos is from avrohom..



"The Rebbe – "If you love your father, mother, sister, brother, more than me, you are not worthy of being mine."




because their mothers are going to be non jews! (soemtimes christians! not "neo" but real chrisitans!).


"they are "neo" jews!"

Yes, because how can you be a legit Jew and not believe in a dead messiah? Madness!


It would be interesting to know how many of those who talk about "neo" this or "neo" that are actually jews; manyof them are not even jewish or they are "neo" jews!

Ariel Sokolovsky

When the Rebbe looked for kind of people who can be shluchim he looked for those who can dedicate their whole life to their mission.
The Rambam describes such a person who dedicates his whole life to serving G-d as a modern day "levite" if you look bellow in the quote from Dvorim you'll see the kind of qualities the Levites possesed one of them was being able to disregard their family for a higher cause.
So again this idea doesn't originate in the New Testement but in the Torah itself.

Dvorim (Deuteronomy) 33:
8. And of Levi he said: "Your Tummim and Urim belong to Your pious man, whom You tested at Massah and whom You tried at the waters of Meribah,
9. who said of his father and his mother, 'I do not see him'; neither did he recognize his brothers, nor did he know his children, for they observed Your word and kept Your covenant.
10. They shall teach Your ordinances to Jacob, and Your Torah to Israel; they shall place incense before You, and burnt offerings upon Your altar.
11. May the Lord bless his army and favorably accept the work of his hands; strike the loins of those who rise up against him and his enemies, so that they will not recover."

Yochanan Lavie

A friend of mine refers to Chabad sarcastically as Neo-Christianity, and Chabadniks as Neo-Christians. He would be interested in the paralells.



instead of doing something positive with your empty life you seem to go on a rampga on people who did good and brought good to the world.

I would point out to a rashi in the begining of dvorim how moshe rabbeyno laments those who complain at whatever he did: if he would come late they would complain, if he come eraly they would complain...likewise you and other critics whatever the REbbe you find room to cfriticize.

NOw put in your empty head the basic difference between what you posed from ysho and lehavdil the R:

yshk says that the person who does not love him more...is "not worthy of me"!; the Rebbe says that the it is not the work of a solider! (not "not worthy"). The Rebbe was saying something bvery simple: that in an army the soldier does not ask the parent sif he should go battle lebanon field etc.

IN fact, in the end of the letter in hebrew (Which Friedman ommitted as usual) the Rebbe concludes with a blessing to the mother and the son with all they need to be successful in all that they would wish to do.

Iow: they are worthy to his blessing...

you in your dark persecution of whatever the rebbe does does not have one ounce of integrity to see that not everything that starts in your....is worthy to be posted to be a legitimate point.


The blaring similarity that you left out is the Moshiach Now philosophy, that "the kingdom is near". We often heard that Moshiach was coming in OUR LIFETIMES, that we are the last generation of galus and the first of geula, that the Rambam's "b'kol yom" was a literal chiyuv. Among the legend of Christianity, it was also that "you shall not pass through all of the cities of Israel ..." before Moshiach comes.

Note: In all likelihood, the phrase is "I come not to bring peace, but division (not a sword)". The similarity between the words Charbah and Charava, one an aleph and the other a hai probably confused the translater. The peace he means here is shalom bayis, as the context implies, not warfare.


I have never heard the designation "Ramam". It was always "Ramash", when referring to the Rebbe before 1950.


So your point is that Jewish sectarian activist philosophy has not changed much over the centuries? I agree.

The similarities are endless, but finding similarities between halacha and Nazi philosophy is no more difficult. The fallacy is shown in mathematical terms, A is a subset of B and A is a subset of C, therefore B = C.


I am A Chabad Chosid, and I am not part of a colt, I try to do what Hashem wants, and the Rebbe ZT”L helped me in my service to the one above.


To disregard parent's halakhicly acceptable choices, to be commanded by an unelected un-divinely-appointed leader to either ignore your parents or leave my group, is cult behavior at its clearest.

Ariel Sokolovsky

I am sorry. I misread the scanned page above it says "Ramam" not the Rambam yet the point is the same the commandment to respect parents
has many exceptions to it.
It is not an inherently non Jewish concept there are plenty of stories in Tanach when a prophet choses a student who leaves his family and goes with him (Eliyahu and Elisha is one example). It is not a concept introduced in New Testement.


The Rambam does NOT require what you say he requires.

Ariel Sokolovsky

In the Rebbe's letter you quote above he quotes a letter of the Rambam who demands same type of loyalty from a deciple.
Why don't you ask the "real" question is the levelof loyalty demanded by the Rambam similar to that of the one demanded by Yoshke (Jesus) as described in the book of Mathew?
And if this level of loyalty was demanded by the Rambam how dare you imply that it is somehow inherently wrong to do so simply because Yoshka also demands this in Mathew?
For your information the Rebbe also wears tzitzis (fringed garment) so does Yoshka as described elsewhere also in the book of Mathew by the way.
In fact there are quotes are many quotes in the NT in Yoshka's name similar or same as various quotes in the Talmud in the name of various sages.
What does it prove , that tanoim and amoroim were Nazarenes (G-d forbid!) Only thing it proves that they drew from a same earlier source.


There is, because they are, to put it bluntly, bulls*#t, at least a promulgated by Chabad.

Ben Noah

These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: "Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans."
Matthew 10:5

There is, of course, no need to emphasize to you the importance of promoting these Seven Noachide Commandments among Gentiles.
Hal Boi HaOlam, p.395.


The more current terms would be "Rebbe-anity" or "Ramash-anity."

Stephen Mendelsohn


We should call this new religion "Schneersianity" -- or is it "Ramamanity?"


If you are an idol worshipper (or more politely a lemming)where you have given your brain to somebody else to do your thinking.
You get what you deserve

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