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July 22, 2007


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"everyone is blaming rabbi furman.what about the women that seduced him." (sic)

Excuse me, but being seduced didn't used to be a good excuse - especially for a Rabbi.

Of course he was a charming and helpful person; how else would he get these women into bed?

Reading these comments makes me realize how this behavior can go on for a long time without being discovered.

aryeh shore

1. Maariv published the story today (July 23, 2008). The omitted any identifying details (which is admirable) with a gigantic picture of a Cheredi Jew who was not related at all to the story (which is inflammatory).
2. I would advise all Rabbis to follow the laws of Yichud even when conselling. You have to be a risk taker in the 21 century for a clergyman to be alone with a woman in a closed room.


everyone is blaming rabbi furman.what about the women that seduced him.he didnt rape them,they were as willing as he was.these married religious women should take responsibility and should be exposed just like rabbi furman.they got what they asked for[fucking whores].


Always there for you and your family.. you sure we wasnt f****** your mom?


Personally, Rabbi Forman is my Hero! When i was in need he was always there for me and my family. i think what he did was terrible but it was not done as a Rabbi but as a man. we are all blaming him but what about all the WILLING women who never objected? it takes 2 to tango... We are a small community- we all have our weaknesses. please find it in your hearts to look beyond this and realise what an amazing man he is!


It scares me that Jews can be so judgemental and are quick to forget the amazing work of Rabbi Ferman. He did some terrible things but he is after all a human and all humans are not perfect. We are taught not to judge others yet the moment the Rabbi did something wrong everyone is up in arms. would we want our personal life ravaged through the media???


wow, you guys work for the KKK or are you just judenrat? nothing quite like jew hating jews

cowfy not a chabadska

s'ha zion omade ha sechel b'tachet.big news.ha


Ever hear of clergy abuse? People who have power over others using that power to get sex?


And, BTW, would you want your wife to go for rabbinic counseling or to help out in the office of a synagogue that had a serial adulterer as a rabbi?

Of course you would not.

ibn Abu

What exactly were the rabbis supposed to publicize? That "everybody knows" this guy was committing adultery? Were there any witnesses? If the accusations were true, who exactly is being "endangered"?
Nobody alleges that Furman is a rapist, or a child molestor, or a violent sexual harasser. If the accusations are to be believed, he had sex with married women who were inclined to have sex with him. If so, he is a terrible sinner, but he is not a "danger" to anyone but his own soul and those of the people who sin with him.
You are way, way off base here.


Pilegesh.org PilegeshPersonals.com

As a tikun for this and to diminish such acts in the future Furman and Ohr Same'ach should study responsa of the Yaavetz which explains that men are permitted to have pilagshim and that their permisibility serves in part as a way to reduce adultery prostitution etc as Rabbi Yaakov Emden explains see here :

The South African Rabbinate should review Chofwtz Chaim and other responsa on laws of lashon ha'rah and teach it to the public that it is permitted and can indeed be a mitzvah to publicize the behavior of repeat offenders adulterers in particular.

Nigritude Ultramarine

What about Bill Clinton?

What about him?


What about Bill Clinton?


can we post some pics :)

Nigritude Ultramarine

I would have stuck his pxxxx in a light bulb socket and then turn on the 'juice'

How about nailing his 'unit' to the floor and setting the house on fire?

/If OS is 'rehabbing' him in Israel, I hope they are proud of themselves.

//OS needs to make sure their 'kiruv professionals' are well-versed in the 10 Commandments. Then they would be aware of things like coveting someone's wife, and, uh, what else, oh yeah! Adultery!

Name withheld

Three cheers for a goyish newspaper that publishes these evil deeds.
I would have stuck his pxxxx in a light bulb socket and then turn on the 'juice'

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