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March 11, 2007


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Well sure.

Unfortunately, I don't have any idea what you are talkng about.

There is a Creator and he wasn't done talking with Jesus (Isa).

Maybe you just need to read that a bit more closely.

Salaam wa alaikum

Great  Neck Yid

Larry Schiffman is not a rabbinic scholar. He never attended a yeshiva or even Jewish high school etc. he studied at Brandeis and is obviously a fine critical Judaic studies scholar.His mentors are the Judaic studies faculty at brandeis , not any serious rabbinic scholars either at YU or other yeshivas.
He has spent part his life "pretending' to be a former Charedi turned academic like professors Ellamn, Leiman and Septimus.
He grew a long beard ,wears a large black yarmulka and dark suits on a regular basis in the hope of impressing this image.
Thus he may speak with authority as an academic scholar of Judaism in the time of the Second Temple, but he is not a religious authority ie a Talmudic , halachic or hashkafic scholar of Orthodox Judaism.Thus anything he says is hardly represenative of the Orthodox jewish belief system.


rejewvenator: do you think Bereshis is a literal account of Creation? What heterodox beliefs?


Jews of all beliefs can draw inspiration from viewing the Dead Scroll Parchments--not only in Jerusalem--there are exhibitions of these early Biblical redactions that are presented in the United States. These are touchable, tangible expressions of the direct connection of Jews, even in the midst of sectarian conflict, to their history, their tradition, their land. Anyone who helped in the reappropriation of Jewish history from the early romanticism surrounding the supposed pre-Christian Essenes did good work.

Bozoer Rebbe

The first is that throughout his work he tries to cover for Rabbinic Judaism, rather than present the facts as we know them. He does this skillfully, to be sure, but he still does it, and that type of behavior – apologetics – has no place in scholarly research.

Schiffman's academic approach is that you can't understand the DSS or the early church without an understanding of rabbinic Judaism. This was an almost revolutionary idea since most DSS researchers hitherto had been from Christian backgrounds who either didn't know or didn't care about 1st century Judaism.

You may see this as apologetics, but it was really about restoring some balance and perspective to the field of study.

It's been a while since I read his works, but I believe that Schiffman's thesis is that the Qumrun community was made up of a breakaway group of Sadducees who couldn't countenance the fact that the Sadducees in the Temple acceded to Pharisaic halacha.


Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are doing the best they can to destroy themselves.

Schiffman first and foremost is a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar. Anyone reading his work would know already exactly what he really believes expecially from Text to Tradition.
The fact that such a bruhaha is made now is more a reflection of the ignorance of the people like the pig rosenberg who obviously never picked up the mans works and seek to exploit whatever he says for their own agenda.
Or maybe Schiffman, is also a friend of his too.???

Lawrence M. Reisman

Larry Schiffman and I went to the same Conservative Hebrew High School in Great Neck. The difference is that his family was observant Conservative and my family was pretty nonobservant. I underwent a lifestyle change in college; Larry Schiffman did little more that to switch affiliations.


My greater problem with Schiffman, at least as he comes across in the article, is that he presents heterodox beliefs as Orthodox, and he presents himself as an Orthodox Jew while holding to heterodox beliefs.

As for the article, I thought Schiffman had a great bit on Jewish learning - read more here: http://rejewvenate.wordpress.com/2007/03/09/bellying-up-to-the-bar/


Orthodox don't think Jesus lived? Or that he was crucified by the Puerto Ricans?

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