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February 11, 2007


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Translation for xxx: from the Amida 11th benediction,(Sefardi) As for the heretics, let there be no hope and may evil be instantly destroyed "and all Your enemies be destroyed" etc. Heb: "all Your enemies," transliterats: kol oivecha, k'lobovich, Your enemies,like lobovitch.


kol ovecha yovedo, k'lobo'vch.


Here are some FIRST HAND information from people who were WITH the Rebbe at the time, in Berlin, Germany




www.chabad.org/ 529493

Rabbi Soloveitchik:
"On another occasion, I offered the Rebbe a drink. The Rebbe refused. When I started pressuring him I understood that he was fasting that day. It was Monday and the Rebbe was fasting.

"Imagine that," Rabbi Soloveitchik said to me, "a Berlin University student immersed in secular studies maintains this custom of mikvah and fasting!


i'm sorry, but you guys are tottely mixing up chabad and extream messiahnisim, they are not the same(altough they think they are).
chabad does not believe that the rebbe is god, they believe he can halp us connect to g-d, since he is the leader of our generation, just like moshe in his time and the besht in his time, i hope this is clear enough for all of you, and may g-d help that you should all have clear heads and that moshiach should come already and help us all.
a heppy and kosher pasach to you all.


Ariel Sokolovsky and all these other meshichists are insane, although Ariel has definatly outdone some of the other "yechiniks" out there. The Rebbe was a Tzaddik and the Nasi Hador but he is not G-d. Once you start equating the two then its not Judaism anymore, and no matter how hard you try to prove that it is you are wrong. As a Lubavitcher I hope that some of my other fellow Lubavitchers will have a speedy refuah sheleimah for their heads.

Jim the Catholic

>Jim: You don't want us to become Catholic. We'd insist that the communion wafers are Pas Yisroel. And that's just for starters...

I reply: I'd doubt I'd mind that at all & in fact that could be arranged.;-)


Yochanan Lavie

Jim: You don't want us to become Catholic. We'd insist that the communion wafers are Pas Yisroel. And that's just for starters...

Jim the Catholic

I can't help myself....forgive me....but I gotta say it. Jews who believe the Messiah would be God Incarnate? Progress!!!!!:-)

OK I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone but what do you expect from a guy whose call sign is "the Catholic"?

R. Ariel Sokolovsky RebbeGod.blogspot.com

For the readers of "Rebbe as G-d" new haAretz.com article:

Dear HaAretz.com readers and "talk back" commenters!

Talmud Bava Bathra 75b English Translation:

And Rava said in the name of Rabbi Yochanan :
In the future the Tzadkim(Righteous) will be called by the name of the Holy One Blessed Be He as it is said "All that are called by My Name and for My Honor have I created them, I have formed them and I have even made them"(Isaiah 43:7) and Rabbi Shmuel Bar Nachmani said in the name of Rabbi Yochanan 3 have the Name of the Holy One Blessed Be He called upon them and these are them, Tzadikim, Moshiach and Yerushalaiim Tzadikim as already stated; Moshiach ajavascript:void(0)
Publishs it is written "And this is My Name that they will call him HaShem Tzidkeinu"(Jeremiah 23:6) and Yerushalaiim as it is written "surrounding 18 000 and the name of the city since the day, HaShem is its name"(Ezekiel 48:35?)… (Talmud Baba Batra 75b)

Rabbeinu Gershom's commentary on this says :
"Hashem mamash yikrahu" they will literally call Him (Moshiach) Hashem (G-d).

So who exactly is the hereitic here?
Me ? Rabbeinu Gershom? Rabbi Yochanan? Yeremia haNovi (Prophet Jeremia) , or perhaps the Lubavitcher Rebbe who quotes this in reference to himself in a footnote to a Sicha (talk) part of Dvar Malchus ( Word of the King) Parshas Mishpotim 5752 (this week's parsha (Torah portion) 15 years ago in 1992)
Why can't all these so called Chabad Rabbis who commented here calling me names and playing shrinks just admit they don't believe their own Rebbe and put on knited yarmalkas and call themselves Modern Orthodox or something or stop these silly denials.
With respect and blessing to all of you.
Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky
Bais Moshiach Chabad Lubavitch Center
of Greater Boston and Portland Oregon

Lubavitcher Rebbe as "G-d"
This misquote from Isaac Watts, along with a link to a Chabad Web site, appears on a billboard. Not a real billboard, but a Photoshopped one that appears on the Web site of a Chabad activist in the U.S.

Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky is a Moldova-born Chabad rabbi in Portland, Oregon, and a more amiable soul would be hard to find.

Yet Sokolovsky maintains a blog he entitled "Rebbegod" and refers to Schneerson as "Rebbe-Almighty" among other adulatory sobriquets.

Drawing on rabbinical sources, he attempts to show that this is not as revolutionary as it sounds. He concedes that there are few people like him who will openly call the Rebbe God. He claims, however, that many people believe it, but do not say so openly for fear of scaring people away from Chabad altogether.

"The Rebbe King Moshiach is the revelation of the essence of G-d in human image and thus is called by His holy name"

He recounts an incident in which he confronted his teacher - a senior Chabad rabbi from the former USSR - as to why he would not openly declare the Rebbe to be God. According to Sokolowsky, the senior rabbi jokingly warned him: "there can be many gods but only one Moshiach."
rest of the article plus talk backs are here:

R. Ariel Sokolovsky RebbeGod.blogspot.com

Who are you "HershelTzig"?


Ariel Sokolovsky is one of the few honest Lubavitchers.I know him going back to the early Jewish internet days when there were few Jewish sites.One of the sites was a crappy Lubab rag about their Rebbe being the messiah, blah ,blah.It was run by some English crackpot out of London.Whatever the case, Sokolovsky and I developed a relationship with him instant messaging me with his 'rabbi ariel' screen name.
Obviously I don't agree with Sokolovsky, neither do I agree with Lubavitch, but basically Sokolovsky is saying out loud the crap he was fed in Lubab.I forgot to mention that obviously Lubavitch is not very Jewish anymore and as time continues will go the way of the early Christians, who started out as Jews.
This can probably be stopped if we see the Lubab for what they are:Not cute Amish looking like Jews but rather as early adherents to a Christian like cult.No financial support and no reliance on their kashruth supervision until they cut away the messianic Jews in their midst and state in no uncertain terms that their rabbi has departed this world and will not be reincarnated as the Messiah

chief doofis

Chabad is not following Christian theology. It is following the same path that led to Christianity. Step by step, they are repeating the history of early Christianity. If they were copying Christianity, the movement would have emerged full blown, instead of piecemeal. Nonetheless, Chabad, as a factor in Orthodox Judaism, is dead


I am God
Thou art God
All that groks is God.
-- Robert A Heinlein, 1961

But seriously, Heinlein's Martians held to a kind of pantheism, whereas Chabad's theory is more properly panentheism (all is in and part of Gd), also called monism (all is One).

See here for my understanding/explanation of this concept.

R' Dr. Berger seems to claim that some in Chabad misunderstand this point and use it to call the Rebbe "God", but perhaps the point is itself a problem according to more mainstream philosophic and kabbalistic viewpoints?

Teddy Jessa

The beliefs that some of CHAB is promoting
about the rebbe is akin to another Jewish
boy whose followers claimed rose from the
dead after being crucified.
I'm waiting for somebody in the CHABAD,
whom I once respected for their out reach
efforts, to institute the Eucharist as part
of their religious services. In stead of
having Shairs,Mincha,and Maariv Davening
these services will become Masses.
Don't tell me some of the chaps who espouse
the Rebbe being a diety, that he was G-d
incarinated ascended to earth in the form
of a man, and died for our sins.
At the rate these chaps are descending,
Chadad will the next closet religion to
Hey, Jesus and the Rebbe love ya,why not
hedge your bets.

Yochanan Lavie

"THe Rebbe is God! The Rebbe is God! and so are you! and so are YOU! and everything else!"

Poetically, that's a beautiful metaphor, but I have a problem with taking it literally.

That's called pantheism, in the theology business- the idea that God is immenient in the universe. Spinoza advocated a materialistic form of this, and he was put in cherem (God in nature only- no transcendence).

As for my confused friend- which thoughtful Jew isn't confused nowadays. I don't have all the answers, but here are tentative answers that help me.

I believe the conflation of the Rebbe z"l with God and moshiach is the direct result of Christian influence. I think it is hellenistic, not Jewish. Man-gods exist in the form of Herakles, the deified Augustus, etc. Early Jewish Christians were influenced by it. Today, Chabad has been disappointed that the Rebbe z"l, died. Rather than go the Breslov route, they've gone the neo-Christian route. (I know Rabbi Ariel S. will disagree with me).

Why don't Orthodox fight for Israel? Most do, including some who daven with black hats on shabbat. The ones who don't have a sense of entitlement- akin to Reagan's legendary "welfare queens." They think their learning will magically protect Israel, and that Israel is too imperfect to fight for anyway. I say that's a self-serving cop out. But that's one man's opinion.

Why are Orthos sometimes hypocrites? The same reason other people are. No matter what they espouse, people are imperfect. They are sometimes self-serving a-holes who are in denial. Sometimes, people feel trapped in a community and don't really believe- so they cheat on its rules. This phenomenon is found in other religions, too. Human nature is what it is, as much as we'd like to believe Jews are exempt.

As for me, I am an imperfect hypocrite, too. But I try not to hate. Rabbi Ariel S.'s theology is abhorrent to me, but he seems like a nice man and I wish him well. As I wish you well, too.

confused...very confused....totally confused.... lost..bewildered

with respect, i ask these questions:

the gentile world believes that jesus has
all the attributes claimed for the rebbe.

i am confused, they have claimed this for centuries, in the future when history records
these times, since we have recorded & documented these claims how will this phenomenom be viewed.

i ask this question, knowing it is contoversial, if wishing for,praying for,
studying for, performing good deeds for, would cause something to happen,do you really believe it will happen??

it is said that the state of israel exists because of the holocost, if so, why will the religious, not fight,use study to avoid work,
condem the hand that feeds them. it all just makes no sense,is it a wonder that the world hates us, when it seems we hate ourselves.

it seems that not only with jews, that orthodoxy become enforcers, yet it seems they do not practice what they preach. hypocrisy abounds. this does not apply to all
but it abounds.the few ruin it for the those
who really are observant.

Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky

Dear Max!
1)I explained what you are saying to the journalist yet he chose only to quote the part about Rebbe being called G-d and why. He obviously couldn't quote an hour long Chassidus shiur into an article.

2) Since the golden calf was obviously also G-d incarnate according to the simplistic way you are trying to explain it why was it wrong to build or worship it? (hint there is a sicha that deals with the difference between thee golden calf versus commanded golden cheruvim)
3)Do you seriously think that Rebbe (or Besht before him etc.) explained that G-d is all and all is G-d that G-d's being fills every grain of sand and the whole universe "literally" so that people would worship G-d thru worshiping grains of sand or idols for that matter which after all are filled with G-d's essence and being no less than rest of the universe?


Look it's all quite simple - if you understand what the Rebbe himself was trying to say, yes he is God incarnate, (actually he was talking about his father-in-law) but anyways the Rebbe's worldview and his messianic theology also teaches that EVERYTHING is in fact the Essence of God incarnate. But since the Rebbe himself was completely aware of the nature of the Divine reality in which we live, he is in some way a clearer and more resplendant expression of this fact.

THe Rebbe is God! The Rebbe is God! and so are you! and so are YOU! and everything else!

Yochanan Lavie

How would have Chabad reacted if YU deified Joseph Soloveitchik, or if the Litvaks deified Moshe Feinstein, when they died?


As nutty as I think Chabad has become, that article seems to be needlessly playing fast and loose with the points of view it claims to present. I'm sleepy so I hope this comment makes sense.

I meant to ask:
Rabbi, just to clear things up, do you believe the rebbe is G-d?

Rabbi, just to clear things up, do you believe the rebbe G-d? What is the difference between them in your view? Also, do you agree with the statements about the rebbe that shmarya higlighted from the article? Which ones do you disagree with?


To the Right Reverend Sokolovsky, whose views on Moshiach and G-d are completely in sync with most Christian denominations:
When will your madness end? How long will you continue to embarass yourself and all of us who are Jewish? Please drop your crazy beliefs in the Rebbe as G-d and return to the Jewish fold.

Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky

Shalom everyone!
Saul Sadka the journalist who interviewed me for this article just emailed me the link to this this morning with "The bastards mangled my words" in the subject line.
I presume the bastards who mangled his words refers to editors of HaAretz.
1)I was not born in Ukraine but in Kishinev the capital of Moldova see:
) (just shows the attention paid by whoever wrote or edited this article) .
2)The Torah sources I discussed with Saul Sadka in the interview say basically that Moshiach reveals the essence of G-d in the world and that's why He is called by G-d's name. Look them up on my blog:

3) The statement by the "senior" Chabad Rabbi that there can be many gods but only one Moshiach was said in context as a joke not the way it's quoted here.
If any journalist or blogger wants to interview me again without misrepresenting my words you are welcome to contact me thru my site or email rabbi.ariel at bostonchabad.com
or call at the number listed on my site.
With respect and blessing
Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky
Bais Moshiach Chabad Lubavitch Center
of Greater Boston and Portland Oregon

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