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February 08, 2007


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1. I reported accurately. Carbonera told OSHA the guy is his "friend" and went in as a "favor" to Carbonera.

2. Does OSHA approve of what the C Rabbis are doing? OSHA has npo mandate to approve of disappove. That said, the C-RAbbis asked Rubashkin to get an OSHA consult. Rubashkin refused.

3. You write: "A couple of weeks ago, your claim was that there was no OSHA inspector that went to AGRI! This week your claim is that there was but did not make a report. Your flip-flopping tells me one thing: you don't know! You hear quacks at night and start shooting randomly in the air."

You don't read very well. No OFFICAL OSHA inspection was made. The man who wnet in did so WITHOUT PERMISSION of state and federal OSHA. He BROKE both federal and state regulations and will be disciplined if OSHA can find out who he is.

Worse yet, from what Carbonera told OSHA, the guy did not do a full OSHA inspection.

Process this.


The truth is that you have not read the report written by the OSHA inspector. You don't know who it is. Is he still working at OSHA? Did he recently retired? Is he truly Carbonera's friend? You don't know, but make bombastic statements.

A couple of weeks ago, your claim was that there was no OSHA inspector that went to AGRI! This week your claim is that there was but did not make a report. Your flip-flopping tells me one thing: you don't know! You hear quacks at night and start shooting randomly in the air.

One question. Does your friend "Chuck" approve having a bunch of health-safety-inspector "aficionados" running around companies contradicting Federal OSHA statements: "We have no concerns with Empire" I believe they stated in other words. Does Federal OSHA condones these Conservatives Rabbis walking around telling companies that they willl certify them for Safety and Health?

Let's not lose track of the real question: What qualifiess these Conservative Rabbis to do OSHA's work? What credentials do they have? Did they know about OSHA's inspections on Empire? Apparently, they did not know: otherwise, they would have not made such a bold statement! Ask your buddy "Chuck" if it is O.K. to say that there are no concerns with Empire.

Is it illegal to misrepresent findings of a federal inspection?


No, actually, the report was bad. According to OSHA, the guy told AgriProcessors to call in State Plan OSHA for a consult. He did not do a normal inspection himself. Rabbi Zeilingold and Kosher Today misrepresented both the nature of the visit and the results.

Whether the OSHA guy should have or shouldn't have, the report was good!!!!!


What a shame that the Orthodox Kashrut guys don't fess up to the failure of their obligation to show compassion for animals. Obviously, their frenzied discomfort with investigations into AgrProcessors is derived from their fear in losing their exculsive, powerful position of stamping animal flesh with a symbol that is increasingly losing its original meaning. Fortunately, increasing also, are millions of Jews who are concerned with the animal's lives long before slaughter, and consider it an obligation of Jews to see that animals produced for food, Kosher or not, are treated humanely.Cruel Factory Farms provide the bulk of livestock/poultry for kosher slaughterhouses - hardly without blemish. Where is the compassion here?


A non-existent second congregation set up as a straw non-profit. Non-payment of taxes. Two houses claimed as residences. Second and larger home owned by a non-existent non-profit. Zeilingold's kosher business owned completely by the synagogue but the synagogue had (has?) no oversight of same. Where does the money go? And more.


"Rabbi Asher Zeilingold's veracity can further be determined by reading the data posted here."

Just what exactly are we supposed to be looking at there? I just see a lot of documents without any context. What story are they supposed to tell?

I wish I didn't have to

The Forward article neglected to mention on eother important item. Kosher Today is written by Menchem Lubinsky (who they do quote), but he is/was a paid PR consultant for Agri in this specific matter. How can he be writting 'news accounts' in an unbiased fashion?

In fact, the Forward mentions that ML didn't even contact Morris Alan for comment before running a story about him. Great journalistic ethics....


He is visually impaired and legally blind, but he can read with magnification.


Is R. Zeilingold blind, in that he has to rely totally on others for reading stuff?

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