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February 28, 2007


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About Lazar,

This is from a back issue of the London Free Press regarding the current head of Lazar Yitzhok:

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Lazar (416-6367730 or Lazarfoods@bellnet.ca) is under the strict supervision of Kashruth Council of Canada (www.cor.ca). The Lazar Gourmet Goods (Lazar Yitzchok Glatt Kosher Meats) plant is federally approved with a federal inspector on site; the company is HACCP (hazard analysis critical control points) approved and has a "masgiach" (spiritual supervisor) under the Kashruth Council of Canada on site."

Yup very simplistic description, as to where or if their treife are shipped/sold...don't know?? Again, what is their shechittah, again don't know. It would seem however that they are under routine federal inspection.(any of those "failed messiah" concerns about the ordinary issues of cleanliness, animal cruelty, etc. etc.)

Michael Sippey

Hey, Scott -- I'm leaving a test comment. Please ignore / delete.

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