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November 14, 2006


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Why don't they sue in Israeli civil court. Contact former miss Israel now frum married and working for Israel attorney general office specializing in child abuse and rape.


michal contact me at teachmetorah@yahoo.com
i have the answer and solution you seek



i wish to offer you help in any way u need a



"Rav Rosenberg has photographic evidence taken with his cell phone"
and he clearly has eamil. So let's see the photos. Shmarya, if you suddenly beame concerned with tznius, post the photos appropriately whited out. You can white out the faces also. Let's see them.


Remember just by having images of children being molested can be criminal.
Just offload the images on a CD and send it to a Heredi hating Israeli chief of police and a copy to some secular (Heredi hating of course) newspaper will do the trick.
Leave no name or address or people will read about YOU in the newspaper

Jerome Soller

Michal, may Hashem bless you as you recover from that previous abuse. I wish you good mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health as you find your way.

Shmarya, thank you for your great service to the Jewish community to protect the children. Although we sometimes disagree on some of the other issues, I believe that we both view this as equivalent to "saving a life." I believe the people that are aware of this ongoing abuse and not reporting it or acting on it are committing one of the greatest sins (with the exception of murder). If the Rav does have images or videos of the abuse, I hope that he does not defer action indefinitely. The issue at stake is comfort and justice for previous victims (so they don't feel permanently victimized twice: once by the perpetrator and the other by the orthodox establishment), as well as prevention of future crimes against children.



There is an organization called Footsteps that probably can help you:


If I can help in any way, please let me know.

Hatzlakha Raba!


This is getting pretty extreme. Is the suggestion in this post and many of the preceding ones that pederasty or at least sexual child abuse is part of certain Orthodox circles?

Michal, whatever you do don't start an online relationship with Shmarya. He was once featured on Dateline's To catch a predator.

Ma Rabbi

Reply to Michal,
You can always come back to Hashem. I suggest you contact your local Chabad house.


i have a friend with me she is from Canada, I’m a crazy Israely girl, she is helping me now to write. I got to this website from Razieel I was Shabat by his parents house he told me all about you guys. My real name is Michal, I’m not orthodox anymore I have been thrown out from Or Hachayim girl school for me was Or Hamavet, I was abused by Charedy old man but I still love Hashem, I want to come back on the track, can anyone help me write the words? God is the only thing i have in life, its so true “When you’re down to nothing, Hashem is up to something”.
I’m like that, but I’m lost, totaly lost in this world. I have a lot of money but it is dirty money. I have a big heart, but for the wrong people, thats why I’m in love with Shneoor, he is what I want him to be - but thats life? Can you tell me whats life all about? When I was yong I didn’t have enough to eat, 7 of us kids in one bedroom. But I did have happiness, now I have everything you can only dream about. But I dont have the little me, I feel empty inside. So what is life? Sometimes I’m thinking about just what will happen if I jump down from Migdal Shalom. My mother end father will be happy, they will make a party, they made a Kriaah on me long time ago. They told me to my face, that its beter if i will leave this world… when I was younger they were been praying to god I should die, but i still love them. Yes, I hate them too, but I love them, they do care about my Neshomo, I’m the bad girl here.
Noone cares really about me, yes everyone cares about my body, my money, my smile, but im not really smiling. I’m sitting now crying my eyes off, weiting for some miracle to bring me back to my old Michal, the only time im smiling is when I’m in Bet Hakneset kissing end hugging the Tora, when I have got the chance.
I’m crying now, because I know that I’m good sweet jewish girl who lost her faith her hope, her track, I dumped everything I had, no family, no real friends, but a lot of money. Am I not just a mess? Whats can the money and my body do to help my empty soul? Can eneyone fill my pain? can eneyone hug me now? my heart is broken, cut, rept, I cant live anymore, i need helppppppp nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww My heart is ripping to pieces. I need you now, please come to me.

love you Hashem,


They're all anonymous. Further, a commenter who uses his real name claims Rabbi R was used as a consultant on the Lower East Side mikva, that he met him and the man is reliable. I'd also note that Chaptzen knows this Rabbi R, and Chaptzem – which posted this a year ago – thinks he's reliable.

formally frum

Are some people who read this blog so blind that they just do not believe that the frum community has many of the same problems as the rest of society.

I know it helps to be blind, then you can always say to yourself, see the frum community is better than the rest since people in our community do not do bad things. Please

Lawrence M. Reisman

If one looks at the posts on Harry's blog (and there are quite a few), one will find that there are those who know Rabbi Rosenberg and question his reliability. I suggest following up on Harry's blog (not to mention wherever else this has been posted) and seeing what else comes out.

I once saw shmarya at the mikva, he was butt naked drinking a glass of mikva water. I have a pic of it on my camera phone.


I couldn't get Rabbi Rosenberg on the phone and his voicemail isn't set up. Harry reached him. Simple as that.

This is totally nuts. Harry is bringing proof from you and then you go and bring proof from him when all he did was post your comment. What's next Harry will post this?

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