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September 14, 2006


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Great Article , thanks for posting. It would be best for the state of israel, to take the haredi off welfare and spend the money on re educating these "lost" people. They shouldn't be dodging IDF service or having more children than they can care for. Let the secular be more religious, and let the religious be less. Why everything has to be extreme in israel?

Aliza Bracha

Why can't everyone get along? Seriously, when did Jews become so hostile to each other. Isn't it based in some weird insecurities on both sides of the argument. Be happy, be secure, and if the Jews come back to the Haredi life, great....if they don't, what can you do? But being angry and hostile only gives those that have a problem with the ultra Orthodox more fuel for their fire....more credibility to their arguments against it. I think both sides need to act with grace and respect. I'm not sure how anyone can argue this is a bad way to be...especially against fellow Jews.


Tragically, they will never be anything but a permanent liability to either America or Israel's society or economy, and a true chillul Hashem.


jake: phony is not spelled with a 'f' of course its not your fault you dont know how to spell after all you did go to yeshiva...

with all the effort that goes into "kiruv rechokim" whats the big fuss about a little reciprocal "richuk kerovim?"



Most haredim are happy with their lifestyle, unfortunately its the few who leave the movement who get the attention. If only haredim could make their own blogs highlighting everything that is wrong with the secular world... they would run out of bandwidth.

Shmarya claims to have personal expertise with shechita and chasidus, but the blog appears to attacking both institutions without any mercy.


Footsteps receives more "limited financial resources" not because there isn't a need, but because there are forces within the Federation quite resistant to funding "anti-Orthodox" organizations, no matter how great the need.


Do you think Shmarya is the only one to say this??
Rav Meir Kahane had a social program where every youth would be taught a trade,(a secular education) furthermore economic parasites would not be tolerated and one would be forced to work for bread. Of course, this all got lost in the general hystria at the time.


I think you have gone overboard.A long time ago , in the early stages of your blog you had an ax to grind, mainly with the Lubab.On certain points I agreed with you.Since then you are getting worse and worse:Your personal antipathy against the Rubashkin family has you blaming them for almost every evil under the sun,then you started up with almost every Orthodox group, now you are championing a group that actually works to get people to be non religous!!!Wow! (don't give any rubbish that Hilel does not actively work to get people to leave orthodoxy:Ask Shai Horowitz who is from a Orthodox backround, father a rosh yeshiva who joined the group and then left to come back.This is a vile group of almost missionaries)
Please:For the sake of honesty, do not claim to be Orthodox anymore


Just another one of your bullshit allegations.
Haredim hold many quite intelligible post both in the holy land and in the diaspora. The Nobel prize winner from Israel just recently was haredi. Look at all of the affluent haredim living everywhere. I can make the very same allegation regarding the israeli secular community, in fact, 99% of the homeless that we have in israel are secular, not religious at all. Probably just as the rest of secular society they are even apathetic to religion
Keep up your ignorant accusations... goes to show your level of intelligence. By the way, Hillel was religious... unlike these fonies, though I commend education of any sort, so kuddos to the organiztion, as long as they aren't persuading people to leave haredism.
Note that many haredi yeshivas do teach general studies. Also, when they select not, there's quite good reason for it. No need to discuss it all here.



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