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July 28, 2006


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George Bush



Rabbi Dr. Chaim Simons


August 2007

© Copyright. 2007. Chaim Simons


Eretz Yisrael was Divinely given to the Jewish people (2) and every Jew has an equal right to live there. However as we shall see, the secular Zionists thought otherwise.

At the eighteenth Zionist Congress held in Prague in August 1933, Ben-Gurion said

“Eretz Yisrael today needs not ordinary immigrants, but pioneers. The difference between them is simple – an immigrant comes to take from the land, whereas a pioneer comes to give to the land. Therefore we demand priority for Aliyah to pioneers.”(3) (emphasis in original)

The question here is how would Ben-Gurion define an “ordinary immigrant” and how a “pioneer”? From his speech, it is obvious that a person working the land on a kibbutz is a pioneer. However, it would almost certainly appear that an old person coming to spend his last years in the Holy Land or even a Yeshiva student would be classed as a mere “ordinary immigrant”!(4)

A few months later in mid-October 1933 a meeting took place between, amongst others, the High Commissioner for Palestine, David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Shertok (Sharett). The Minutes of the meeting were written up by Shertok.

During the course of this meeting Ben-Gurion spoke about the three million Jews then living in Poland and stated that

“Palestine offered no solution for all Polish Jews. Immigration into Palestine was necessarily limited; therefore it had to and could be a selected immigration. Zionism was not a philanthropic enterprise, they really wanted here the best type of Jew to develop the Jewish National Home, but they had to be given sufficient scope to bring over people of whom the country was in need.”(5)

The question which remains is who would decide who was “the best type of Jew”? As will soon be seen, such a Jew was someone who was a secular Zionist!

It was a few years later at the 20th Zionist Congress held in Zurich in August 1937, that Weizmann spelled out more specifically what was meant by “selective Aliyah.”

“I told the members of the Royal [Peel] Commission that six million Jews want to go on Aliyah.

One of the members asked me

‘Do you think you could bring all of them to Eretz Yisrael?’

On this I answered … that two million young people… we want to save.

The old people will pass. They will bear their fate or they will not. They have already become like dust, economic and moral dust in this cruel world.”(6)


Ruth Wirth

I have since done further research and have learnt that Sir Henry's mother, Mathilde is buried in a Jewish cemetery in Vienna. That makes Sir Henry Jewish.

Ruth Wirth

Sir Henry is the cousin of my late grandmother, Stephanie Goldschmidt (nee Strakosch. Having all the Strakosch family history at my fingertips, I can also attest to their Jewishnes, certainly on the male side.

Ruth Wirth

Professor Arthur Mark, Ed.D FRSA

By Jewish law, I understand that whether one is Jewish or not
depends on the mother's birth heritage. There is no information
that I have seen that clearly states that Sir Henry's was Jewish.
Be that as it may, i am an exact DNA match with Sir Henry's male
relatives and since my heritage is Jewish, so is his. You can convert
to Christianity, but if your heritage is Jewish.....
Professor (emeritus) Arthur Mark

Professor Arthur Mark, Ed.D FRSA

If there is still controversy about Sir Henry's bloodline, I can attest
through DNA that Sir Henry's father was Jewish.His mother's mtdna
line is not known.

paul hart

Believe anything that Martin Gilbert says about Churchill at your peril! Gilbert is a court historian and a blatant and egregious hagiographer.Anyone who looks in depth at archival or anecdotal evidence regarding the conduct of Winston Churchill ends up arriving at the conclusion that he was the direct opposite of the myth that has been carefully constructed around him.He was a cowardly hypocrite of the first order.

Yisrael Kay

I am confused. Who is the correspondent, Gilbert or somebody else?


I do not have a source handy but it is well-known and often referenced in older histories how Bernard Baruch was very close to WC and involved personally in his finances. WC mentioned this himself several times and it was not a great secret or anything. Of course Baruch was a highly connected financier and Zionist leader, one of the most powerful men in the USA at the time. So WC was well connected with Jewish leaders of high standing, I don't think there can be any question about that. What it means one way or another about anything is another question!

This is the followup.

(1) William Manchester, in The Last Lion, Vol II, implies, but does not explicitly state, that Sir Henry Strakosch was Jewish.

(2) Sir Martin Gilbert's book, Auschwitz and the Allies, influenced my view of Churchill. Read it and judge for yourself.

(3) Look at the index of Chuchill's five volume book of WWII and see for yourself how much deals with Jews or what we now know as the Holocaust.

I am the commentor to whom Sir Martin Gilbert so graciously took the time to respond. I, of course, am duly flattered.

I will respond in s few days to his comments. I believe that my comments, including the one about Churchill's financier being Jewish, were adequately sourced, even if it turns out I am incorrect about the religion of his financier. I wrote, however, from memory, which can always be tricky; so I will go back to my sources and see how well my memory worked.

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