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March 30, 2006


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Korben Dallas

Perhaps Jesus will have reign over the gentiles and the Rebbe for the Children of Israel.

Posted by: Paul Freedman | April 01, 2006 at 11:59 AM

Perhaps monkeys might fly out of my butt.


My grandfather's store on the North Side sold S'farim and t'fillin, tallis's and all sorts of Judaica, including Jewish magazines and newspapers. When asked why he did not carry the Forward, he replied 'I only carry Jewish newspapers in this store."


Matisyahu left Chabad. Messianist? I think not


Thank you very much!

A perplexed reader

I appreciate the work you put in to fight the Worldvision project. That info was really shocking... Then again, not so shocking given the pattern of mainstream Jewish leadership (those with the political and financial clout) and their lack in defending Jews over the past century. This seems an unfortunate recurring theme. But I want to say your work there was courageous and a blessing to the Jewish people.


So if Jews are "just now" allowed in the salvation fold all is ok? What about everyone else? Remember 90% of the world is not evangelical.

Paul Freedman

There are divisions in pre-Millenium Christianity: one major branch of Christian Zionism explicitly teaches that Jews will not have to convert or be um, purified, at end times, and that their Covenant is Eternal. Perhaps Jesus will have reign over the gentiles and the Rebbe for the Children of Israel.


You might also not that Klinghoffer works for the "Discovery Institute." This is a Fundamentalist Christian organization with the goal of promoting creation science. It was started by Tim Lahaye of "Left Behind" rapture fame. This is the most aggregious example of the end justifying the means I can think of since the rapture plan for Jews, and everyone else aside from Christians is a a rather nasty one. It is no surprise he promotes Lapid. I just view them as being garden variety "religious right!" personally. I don't have a problem with Matisyahu's quest for fame, though I am into his music.

brian kresge

I've never been a big fan of Rabbi Lapin, but then again, my party affiliation starts with a capital "D," and I spend most of the year engaged in a personal war on Christmas...

My concern is and has always been that guys like Lapin (and his connection to Abramoff) fit the nefarious Protocols prototype a little more than the rest of the Jewish community should be comfortable with. Here's a tidbit from the Seattle Times with a timeless quote from Medved, too, concerning Abramoff-through-Lapin.

Are we really making good on the nation of priests dealio, however, when the appeal is largely based on the kaballah fad? If anything, Mattisyahu with his mediocre tzitzit-dangling sideshow isn't going to bring the whole world towards Noachide observance...it's reducing Judaism to a second-rate exercise in pandering to pop vanity, Mattisyahu's possibly austere motivations notwithstanding.

Kudos on the reference by Klinghoffer, however misinformed he may be. It's no doubt a sign that what you're doing has value.

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