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December 27, 2005


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Salty Droid

שלום חברים

I write an anti-scam blog :: Dr. Kilstein "rebtsvi" has come to my attention ... as has this shocking line of comments.

I've written a post about it :: http://bit.ly/qpl4T {profanity warning}.

I would love to converse with JewishWhistleBlower. If you are still out there JWB ... please hit me up!


Decision came down in Marmelstein v Kehillat New Hempstead: Rav Aron Jofen Community reversing the lower court and dismissing the case against Rabbi Tendler.


Did the yeshivah Ohr Reuven have a major drug bust a few years ago?

No Longer Silent

Rabbi Mordecai Tendler, you vile human remain. Why do you hide? Your road to ge henim has started. You have destroyed your grandfather’s image to an entire nation.
You vilda chai-eh. your be-haim-mah ways have just begun to backfire against you. When you are in ge henim ask hitler why he killed yiddisha kinda?
how many children did you steal from yiddisha families and sell to o’hel? did the two of you make enough to line your pockets? do you think rebitzen tendler you will not join your spouce? you conspired with your husband to take children that came to you to learn how to be a bal teshuvah and instead you had the families torn apart and destroyed by your loshon harah to social services, you monster and rebitzen, how did it feel to take babies away from their crying mothers. your time rebitzen in ge henim will be as your spouse. you both mabe could ask hitler if stealing young babies away from their parent’s is as bad as killing babies and their parents? Ich bench everyday that the two of you who have the heart of Pharoh have it melted by ha shem so you can feel the aweful pain you inflicted on all those poor families that lost their children to you.All those poor nashumas . All they wanted was to become a bal teshuva. You both are worse than a kapo. Kapo’s were forced to do what they did or they would die too. you did it for money. My tears cannot stop crying when I see the faces of the people you destroyed. How could you?


To Rebtsvi,
I was following blogs you wrote. Has it occured to you the moment your writing went into the toilet you lost your credibility? I don't know how Jewishwhistleblower knows who you are ? It doesn't matter. Your words are like the wind. It scatters and begins to disappear. It starts to fade from memory. All that remains is what you have turned into. A far-bis-a-neh poo-nem. I suspect you are hiding a shady past too. Maybe you had experiences as a child and want to protect those that did it ? Ver-Veis?


Is it sick to defend someone like Mordecai Tendler and his cohort, his wife Michelle is not of without malicious sin? She in my opinion is a greater Hillel Ha shem than Mordecai Tendler. A woman came forth one day at a kiddush and grabbed Mordecai Tendler's wine cup away from his wife Michelle and drank it screaming she is pregnant with his child. Michelle Tendler sins greater. She steals from mothers. Mrs Tendler, you know what I am saying . Repent, ha shem will punish you and your lineage. Remember the Kaballah with 7 generations of punishment. One generation of shame plus the grand-children makes two generations while you live. May you live to see all 7 generations live in shame. I pray for you to have health and live to a few hundred. May you suffer what you did to mothers.


At least the Rabbi hired Jewish attorney's to represent him. Everybody keep in mind that "ANYBODY CAN SUE ANYBODY FOR ANYTHING IN AMERICA". It does not mean the person being sued is guilty. It just means they were sued.

A Friend

Mazel Tov to the Tendlers on their engagement of Sara to Elchanan Shoff!!!


Oh my .. could this be true?


Why isnt Vicki Polin in jail for admitting she killed a child?

Jewish Survivors

I thought everyone would be interested in this. http://jewishsurvivors.blogspot.com/2006/01/this-is-scary-thought-could-these-3.html

whistle is a BLOWER

Whistle blower,
Your own blog is dead Since July 2005.Why are you clogging This blog with your shit?Can you not stay on topic, nobody gives a fuck about an unknown Rebtsvi, that's not the issue here.
You need help.Post the crud on your blog


Who Is Jewish WhistleBlower?

Please assist at



Don't forget the link...


Thanks for the promo!


Who's ROTFLMAO now?

Kilstein Telemarketer WITH PHD.

Here he claims on his own telemarketing website that he in fact has a PhD in education. A clear lie. But I guess outright lies are all part of his stock in trade. We see his friend and protege also makes false claims about his credential as “former New York executive director of Jews for Judaism”.

I guess it’s hard keeping all the lies straight Mr. Rabbi Tsvi (Harlan) David Kilstein.


"I've been on many teleseminars over the last few years and nothing compares to this. Harlan, you overwhelmed us with information we can start using NOW! I learned many secrets that the courses and books just don't tell you. Thanks Harlan. Great job!"

Vicky Heron


"Thanks for sharing the roadmap to your personal journey to success! It's motivating to learn exactly what worked to help you achieve so much so fast."

Eileen Coale


"Harlan, Your seminar was so packed with great information that sleep eluded me for half the night. I didn't realize how much was available to make my copywriting career a success. Thank you for sharing your powerful secrets."

Lenore Archambo


"Hi Harlan, The call was great. The first section on controlling your mindset was exceptional. The Getting Good Quickly Section really gave me a solid plan of what I need to do to improve my copy. The First Steps continued to layout a road map for me to follow. And the stuff on how to swipe was really practical. Thanks for all that great info. Thanks for all your efforts, Harlan. You're the standout copywriter for helping newbies get started."

Luke Foster


"What an Awesome seminar! I was so motivated I couldn't sleep! I have my 30 plan finished and am ready to start making real money! Thank you so much, Harlan! This one was so great, I hate to miss out on the next one. Thank you"

Kim Hardin


"Wow. That was my initial response when the call was over. There was so much information it was like trying to drink from a fire hose. The amount of information was well worth the price and then some. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking into copywriting. My only complaint is that I wish there was more time. Thanks Harlan."

Shane Werlinger


"Hi, Harlan – Thanks for a great teleconference! It was crammed with down-to-earth, immediately usable information on writing good copy and finding clients. All presented in your usual concise, direct style – a No B.S. approach that we anxious newbies really appreciate! Two particularly good features were (1) the interaction with listeners (despite the time crunch), and (2) starting off with the Winning Mindset section, since “getting your mind right” sets the table for success. Looking forward to next week’s call."

Stan Smith


"Hi Harlan - Your teleseminar was great. Actually it is a blueprint isn't it?! I was getting lost and overwhelmed, and I forgot why I originally wanted to write until last night. Yes, it cleared my head and made me focus on the real issues. I was becoming a perpetual student. I'm on my way to being a copywriter. Thanks- I'll be in touch to refine things. You're a real teacher."

Maurice Ottey


"A true glimpse of how to be a mega-dollar copywriter" Harlan's teleseminar was basted in his deepest secrets of how he breathes fire into web copy, and sells it at record-breaking prices...an art only a select few have mastered. I felt like I was sitting right at his desk, browsing at his giant library of works by the true gurus of the business, overseeing every stroke of how he creates jaw-dropping web copy that turns words into gold bars, and how you and I can easily do it too!"


"Harlan, Your teleseminar was the incentive I needed to get moving with my copywriting. I just wish the seminar had been longer. I look forward to hearing from you in the future because now I have even more questions."
Thanks again,
Holly Goldman


"This is by far the most informative two hours I've spent learning the business side of copywriting. I suspect months have just been shaved from my learning curve! Your practical, no nonsense approach to jump starting my business has answered my burning questions and my confidence level is soaring. I haven't been this excited about copywriting since reading "Can You Write A Letter Like This One?"
Thank you, Harlan!
Pam Marshall


"Harlan, thank you for the down-to-earth instruction and the practical advice provided on the 'Jump Start Your Six Figure Copy Career.'"

Charles Belitz


"Boy Did You Dump The Motherload On That Call! Talk about shortening my learning curve by years... I'm now my way to earning $120K a year working 5 hours a day. You uncovered all of the insider tips tricks and tactics about getting good...fast. How to handle clients and how to generate large wealth streams from one client using a simple add on method. I wish I could have gotten this information 6 months ago...because I would already have made over $60,000! I'll give you an update in the future about how quickly and easily I reached my goal of $120K a year...on a very part time basis using the information I learned from you."
Zachary Romero


"Great call packed with a wealth of information. Clearly sets out the steps a copywriter needs to take to become a success."

Steve Prescott


"Thank you, Harlan, for delivering — overdelivering, in fact, with the offer of the bonus call, and the follow up you're offering. This call was definitely the perfect next step at the right time. What I especially like is that everything is geared to taking action, and it's in a step by step fashion. You start at the beginning, with the mindset, and go from there. I had the feeling nothing was left out. This is exactly what I need at this time. I do believe this is the blueprint to success I need, and I am encouraged by your and Tina's testimony that it need not take long to start making serious money. I have to tell you: My husband was rather resistant to my spending money this week on this and the online swipe file. So I asked him to listen in on the first part of the call. I had the speaker phone on. He was impressed. In fact, a few times he said, "Didn't I just tell you that?" (about not being a perpetual student). In fact, he said, "I think this Harlan has his onions together. In fact, he's the best guy I ever listened to. I could tell that from the first page."

So, here's two thumbs up!

Thanks again!
Diane Eble


"This teleconference covered all the essential elements of how to kick start my copywriting business. I learned a great deal about how to find clients, deal with clients, what to study and learn, and especially important, what not to waste my time on. I suspect I will refer to these notes time and time again. This was truly the meat and potatoes that I needed. Harlan really shared just how he created his own success and how we can follow in his footsteps."
Perry Droast


"Harlan, I feel like I've just had my head stuck in a rocket nozzle of copy "how to"... how to get better, how to market and how to deal with clients. Your call over-delivered by quantum leaps and I now have the belief that six-figures plus is possible. You da man!"


"Great call, Harlan. Gave all the cold hard facts without a bunch of fluff trying to get me to buy more courses, seminars, or anything else. Your call delivered what was promised — no BS; just the things I need to start making money. This was just the kind of kick in the butt I was looking for. I look forward to hearing more."
Carlon Haas


"Great seminar! I got great, practical, real world advice in these two hours."
Julie Ann Waid


"The information on this call will at least double my business. You've pointed out some marketing methods that I've so far overlooked! I can't wait to put it all into practice."
John Ritskowitz
Professional Copywriter
Newington, CT.


"Harlan absolutely eliminated EVERY EXCUSE I had for not succeeding as a 6-Figure Copywriter!"
Andy Catsimanes


"Amazing! I learned more in two hours from Dr. Kilstein about ways I can start being a successful copywriter today than I have in months of studying. It was definitely money well spent!"

Suzanne Proctor


"Two hours of platinum advice on how to hit the ground running in your copywriting career. I hung up the phone with the wheels turning and a plan forming to launch my business like a rocket. Thanks Harlan — I'll give you a call when I hit six figures next year!"
Juli Morris


"WHOA! I've been writing copy for almost 9 years — print, TV, radio, you name
it — and I'm blown away by what I've heard tonight. I picked up some gems that will certainly boost the quality of my copy and the quantity of my paychecks — thanks Harlan! If you're on the fence, do yourself a favor: get off and get on the next call. But bring an extra pen... I blew mine out writing so many notes!"
Jay White


"Let's see, a red-hot copywriter who's making a ton of money for himself and those he mentors is going to tell me exactly what I need to do to join his pack of six-figure copywriters? He'll tell me nut-and-bolts, step-by-step, how to jump start my copywriting career, he'll name names and speak the truth without mercy? This is beyond a no-brainer. Investing in Harlan Kilstein's teleseminar is like buying gold for a nickel an ounce."
Kip Burke,
Escape to SmallTown Georgia


"The tip on using seminars to capture clients is pure gold."
Andrew Cavanagh


"Finally a teleseminar worth more than I paid. This seminar cuts right through many myths that you commonly hear. Very practical advice and I had an explosion in my mind when I heard a great way to demonstrate a high level of experience even as a beginner! I felt Harlan was sincere in his desire to help people become successful."


"Harlan over-delivered. He provided clear and concise information to short cut the time it takes to get good at writing good copy. This guy is the real deal!!"


"It was more than worth staying up until 4am for - I got superb value from just the first 15 minutes, and the next 100 were bonus. Pure gold."
Ian Hobson


I am totally and completely blown away by all of the information you have shared tonight. My mouth is watering from the possibilities ahead of me. All I can say is "Thank you for holding this call, and I will definitely be on the next one."
Douglas Wall


"Harlan, Just got off the phone with you, and it's been an amazing experience - jam packed with solid tips for the novice and seasoned copywriter alike. Hell, just ONE of the tips you gave me will be worth over 80 times the price of the seminar when I speak to a client in about 5 hours' time. Well worth getting up at 2am for. "
Jon McCulloch


"The call was very informative; thankfully there are supporting materials as there's no way to keep everything together in such a short time. I enjoyed the anecdotes - which calls are good for. Thanks!"


"The teleseminar was worth more than the price of admittance. I look forward to getting started right away."
Paul Tagger


"I actually started re-writing some copy my business uses now DURING the call! The first section on mindset will re-focus all my efforts not only on this but ALL the projects I'm working on now!"
Fred Katz


"Thanks for the invite. This Russian bear smells her lifestyle coming down the pike like bears chasing honey. Thanks for putting/ showing me "legal forgery" of how to "print," by copy-writing, all the money I want LEGALLY! Thanks again for planting a seed and watching it bloom into the most spectacular arrangement one desires."


"Thank you Harlan! Before your seminar, I was unsure on breaking into the world of copywriting. After all the information you have given tonight, I now feel that I have a clear, logical path towards success. "
Jamaal Harrison
Kansas City, MO


"Hi Harlan, What a great call! Having us download the notes beforehand is so practical it qualifies as a stroke of genius. You set up the winning mindset before I even picked up the phone to dial. Your down-to-earth, step-by-step roadmap creates a bridge between vision and reality. Thanks, can't wait for the next one..."


"This was the first teleseminar I've ever been on and I didn't know what to expect. I'm also very new to the field of copywriting and I've wondered if I can really do it. No wondering anymore. This call turned on the light and opened my eyes — yes, I can do it. Now I know how and it will take determination and work, but I can do it. I was enthralled through the whole presentation and think Harlan and Tina are a great team. Thank you so much. I'm 72 and you have shown me I can have a new career to enjoy with prosperity and satisfaction."


"With a start time of 2AM (UK), I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away for this much-anticipated seminar. Thing is, I didn't sleep I was so excited! Today, I 'listened' to the recording before my ears were awake. And it finally hit home to me – it's all in the winning mindset! No more undercharging. No more procrastinating. I can't wait to put what I've learned into action. Just one of the amazing tips will change the way I do business immediately. Six-figure income... pipe dream? Not if you follow Harlan and Tina's advice... Thank you for helping me on my way to the 'next level'!"
Tracey Dooley www.mediaminister.co.uk


"Harlan, I signed up for your teleseminar in the last-minute. And, I am so glad I did because you and Tina clearly left no stone unturned. For example: I get all my business through referrals, and from networking at high-level Copywriting, Internet and Marketing seminars. But, last night you did something extraordinary. And, that was revealing other lead generation strategies I have often overlooked -- but no longer! Just that one insight (and you revealed many) was worth ten times the price of admission. Thank you for believing that we live in a 'land o' plenty' and unselfishly sharing your proven business-building strategies."
Tony Ostian
THE Web Copy Guy


"Harlan, You and Tina gave a lot of nuts and bolts information on the call and I also took a lot more notes. My mindset is expanding even though I am a newbie. It's enlightening to hear from people like you and Tina and realizing it doesn't take years to make the big money. Til next call... need to learn more about websites. Thank you again"


If you suspect someone’s been lying to you about your copywriting career, guess what? You’re absolutely right!

“Discover Why Some Copywriters Are
Getting Filthy Rich Right Before Your Eyes (And Why “They” Will Never Share These Cash Sucking Secrets With You!)”

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Read on for your keys to the six-figure kingdom.
December 5, 2005
Urgent Message From the Desk of Dr. Harlan Kilstein

Dear Fellow Copywriter,
I’m sitting here in my office, absolutely inundated with heart-felt pleas for help. And I’m not the only one. Tina’s sifting through the messages clogging her email Inbox too.

And there’s something we’ve suspected, that we now know with absolute clarity…

You Are Desperately Scrambling To Figure Out How
To Turn Your Copywriting Skills Into Money

Whether you’re a wet-behind-the-ears beginner…or you’re already writing for clients (and sick and tired of their shenanigans)…you’re looking for answers.

You see, in the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing our experiences about getting started in copywriting, and what’s really going on behind the scenes. And we’ve been stunned at the tidal wave of response. Frankly, things have pretty much gone ballistic.

First of all, there are some angry rumblings throughout the copywriting community.

There are those among you (perhaps even reading this letter right now) who would dearly love to find a way to shut us the hell up. There’s been some pretty weird stuff going on. Odd messages, some nasty emails…we’ve even been put on a “watch list” for Pete’s sake!

Because for some mysterious reason, up to this point certain copywriting insiders have been able to keep a lid on literally tens of thousands of questioning voices.

Make no mistake, there are staggering amounts of money being made by companies selling ongoing programs for copywriting, advanced copywriting 101, Ph.D. copywriting, copywriting for dummies…you get the picture. They’re doing just fine. But how are YOU doing?

Eager new copywriter wannabes are being spit out faster than an M&M factory on hyper drive…literally spewing out left, right, and center in a never-ending torrent.

But the harsh fact is, the drumbeat thrumming from the “copywriting underground” says only a puny 1% of a popular copywriting program’s “students” ever actually make any money with their hard won copywriting skills! And of this 1%, virtually none make it to the promise of six figures.

Yet you bought into your training based on some pretty darned big promises of how easy it would be to get moving, get scooped up by your dream “A” list clients, quit your job, and live happily ever after. And this is just one example among many.

You’ve paid the money and you’ve done the work. Maybe you even consider yourself to be a “graduate” now. Just one nasty little detail…

Most People Have Yet To Make A Buck Writing Squat
For Anybody, Let Alone Six Figures

Or perhaps you’re still sitting by the phone, waiting for someone …anyone…to call you about those carefully crafted spec assignments you submitted. In case you don’t know, writing on spec means writing on “speculation”…for free…and hoping the potential client loves it enough to actually pay you for it.

The likelihood of this happening can be summed up in two little words.

Let us know if anybody calls…we’ll put it on the top of our “I Believe In Miracles” list. Because frankly, what SPEC really means is how to…

“Sucker Punch Entry-level Copywriters”

Think about it. What do you suppose happens with all those spec assignments anyway? I’ll tell you. The vast majority get dumped into the “brain trust” of those invisible “somewhere over the rainbow” clients. Maybe they even use the words painstakingly written from your life’s blood. They just don’t bother to tell YOU about it.

It’s a great racket…for THEM.

Seeing nice people like you buy into that makes us mad as hell. It should make you mad as hell too! Because judging from the phone calls and emails we’ve been getting, there’s a plague of shattered hopes and dreams spreading like a life-threatening virus.

Newly minted copywriters anxious to find a client are betting the farm on their spec assignments. Slaving away for hours (hours that could be used to actually write something that makes you money!) trying to impress some faceless client you’ll never ever hear from, and who doesn’t know you from Adam.

It’s worse than waiting for the call that never came from your first crush, or for the promised second date that never materializes. In fact, it’s devastating, confusing, and just plain cruel.

It really ticks us off to know that right about now you may be licking your wounds…

Abandoned Without Any Income

Because other than the dangled promises of spec-land, you’re left with zilch. Somehow, you’re supposed to figure out how to unearth some clients.

We’ve seen countless posts on “starving writer’s” forums, endlessly detailing master plans for mind boggling numbers of cold calls they expect to make to dredge up a tight-fisted client or two.

Gosh, that sounds fun. Untold hours of calling total strangers, practically begging them to give you a shot at writing some copy for pennies on the dollar. A few hours of that, you’ll want to poke yourself in the eye with a sharp stick.

Add to that mind-numbing calculations of feeble hourly rates, billable hours, and invoices pleading for payment. After driving all over town tracking down deadbeats, maybe you’ll have enough left for a “victory celebration” at McDonald’s.

It’s more complicated than the invasion of Normandy. If that’s what it takes, it would be easier to strap on a blue apron and work at Wal-Mart.

Forget all that, because…

It’s High Time You Rake In The
Piles Of Money You’ve Repeatedly Been
Promised By Copywriting Programs

It’s not your fault you know. You’ve simply been sold a bill of goods. It has occurred to us “they” don’t want you to launch your career at all. They want you to buy a never ending list of products before you take even one step with your career – which never happens because you have to master their next product.

And we think somebody needs to at least put a dent in this nonsense. That’s why…

We’re Stepping Out Of The Shadows To
Share Our Proven Money-Making Secrets With You

It just so happens, Tina and I have both been blessed to have had some help from wise mentors along the way. Generous people who cracked open the door to the foggy inner sanctum of copywriting and gave our careers a boost. It’s only fair we keep the karma clean and bright and help you sidestep landmines that can destroy you before you’ve even begun.

So we’ve stuck out necks out to shed some light on the truth even though there’s
a faction gunning for us because of it. Little did we know our small voices in the forest were akin to a crash course in wilderness survival.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of response from you. Here’s a small sampling of the emails we’ve received from other copywriters…

“What you and Tina are doing is an answer to a prayer.”

“Thanks for all that you said on the call. I really needed to hear every bit of it.”

“I am looking to you and Tina because you really seem to care. It’s tough. I’ve never met either one of you but I have read many, many posts from you both at the forums. Your encouragement and pushing has been both eye opening and thought provoking. Honestly, I’m fighting back tears of frustration. So, I want to thank you – for everything you have opened my eyes to in the past, and for those pieces of information I pray will fill in my financial puzzle.”

“I just listened to your audio message and it is the first thing that makes sense at last. I fell for the hype of making more money than I could spend writing specs. But I don't regret it because I never would have heard about you otherwise.
Thanks a lot for this eye opener, I can't wait for the next audio message.”

“I cannot thank the two of you enough. You have been nothing but encouraging and generous of your time and your care for everyone, and I know you probably do not have time to answer this email. You made a difference for me. You made me believe it is possible when I had all but given up.”

“DO NOT back down for you have my support from this 'new-guy' ready to stand by your side - just ask!”

“It's about time someone opened his mouth. We all know who controls the media, but nobody is prepared to take the Insiders on. Bravo and good luck, I sincerely hope it is not a bridge too far...I'm one of those that are disadvantaged and right behind you.”

“Thanks for your time and your obvious willingness to help out newbies--
and your patience.”

“I had to write to you immediately. I just can’t thank you enough. I’ve listened to your teleconference call with Harlan……simply spellbound. It did take a while - scribbling down tons of notes – replaying each part of the call, to get down every last word. My mind was whirring around so fast and finished with one question: how did I get so lucky to listen to you??”

“I cannot fully express how deeply this has touched me, and the paradigm shift it's created in my thinking.”

“Truly a great call... I'm so glad I took the time to listen in. I also appreciate you both being so open about how you guys have gotten work so quickly.”

You have spoken and we hear you. So if you feel like you’ve been left behind, trampled flat as a fritter in the stampede for six-figures, don’t despair. Help is on the way!

We’ve charted a course that proves without a doubt…
There ARE Strategic Ways You Can Absolutely Make
Money With Your Gold-Plated Copywriting Skills!

We know this works, because between us this year, we’ve surpassed $750,000 in income.

And here are additional reasons why you should listen to me…

"Harlan is without doubt my top student, and now one of the very few writers I recommend to clients."

– John Carlton, Marketing Rebel

"Harlan Kilstein is one of the top copywriters in the country. I recently cornered him at a seminar and picked his brain for close to a half hour. The ideas I got from him are going to create boatloads of additional revenue for my clients and me."
– Parris A. Lampropoulos, famed seven figure copywriter

"Harlan Kilstein is the fastest zero-to-sixty copywriter I know of - he went from a student in introductory seminar to highly paid gigs in one year. That's impressive. Add to that a PhD in education and a stint as a principal at a prestigious private school, the guy knows a thing or two about teaching as well. Earlier this year I asked for his input on a very important sales letter, and got some excellent suggestions. They must've been good, because it sold over $80,000 in the first 24 hours. So can a Jewish Rabbi teach you how to put persuasive words on paper? You bet - he's certainly got my vote of confidence. "

– Perry Marshall, “Mr Google Adwords”

But here’s the really exciting part…

Just a few short months ago, we took the next step. We decided to mentor a small
group of copywriters. Some of them were brand spanking new to marketing. Some were frustrated “copywriting program refugees”, slogging along with puny incomes after “graduating.”

From a standing start three short months ago (September 2005) the groundswell is rising…

As of today, at least ONE THIRD of our apprentices are already making real money! One of them even has $12,000 worth of work booked for December, for the first time in his fast-start copywriting career.

It doesn’t take a math whiz to realize 30% beats the pants off of a 1-2% success rate any day of the week!

Last month we personally mentored a group of our apprentices step-by-step on specific networking strategies before they attended a seminar. Fully 90% of them ended up with paid work as a result.

Folks, there’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat and make money with your copywriting. All you need is a strategic plan to follow in the footsteps of copywriters who are already doing it. The bottom line is…

This Stuff Works Like Gangbusters!

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what some more of our apprentices have to say after just three months in our mentoring program…

"Under Harlan and Tina's guidance, I've discovered the joy of literally making money while I sleep. They taught me the secrets of creating, marketing and selling my own products on the internet.

With just one site under my belt, I'm already pulling down $800-$1000 every month. Automatically. No effort at all on my part. And I just added another site. This one's "only" putting $200 bucks a month in my pocket.

Even though I've only been at this for a few short months, my clickbank checks already cover my mortgage payment. In the next few months, I'm going to be launching an army of my own websites and I have no doubt I'll soon be pulling down $5,000 a month - without a single client. "

~ Matt Marshall, Dearborn, Michigan

"Tina, Dang, you're good. I learn so much from your comments. I appreciate your honesty/tips/etc. I print 'em all, three-hole punch 'em, and place them right with [David] Garfinkle's stuff. I've read your online sales piece a gazillion times trying to capture your style. I'm learning tons in the process. I've learned more his past week than on any other project I've ever worked on. And that includes the projects that Bob Bly mentored me on."

~Beth Erickson, Kandiyohi, Minnesota

"Harlan, I now have 5 products that I sell online. I'm bringing in around $1100 per month - and that's totally passive income; money comes in while I sleep.

This is just the start - and these are (very) niche products - but products around which I am building a business.

But I've proved that this works...and I'm going to multiply that monthly figure tenfold in the next six months."

~Simon Payn, Toronto, Canada

"Do Harlan and Tina’s tactics work?

One simple lesson rocketed the profit of my endurance sport supplement from a little less than $4 for every dollar I spent on pay per click to a whopping $11.47 for every dollar I spend on Google advertising! The site is now making me thousands every month (and my profit margins are to die for.)

I expected my sales to plunge during the off-season of the sports I market to. I learned a trick to cut my advertising costs to the bone…and still I’m making thousands!

And that’s not all.

They shifted my mindset from scarcity and competition to one of abundance. These days I look for ways to send business to others (where before, I was only worried about myself.) Funny thing. Now I can’t even handle the opportunities I have coming my way, because the seeds I’ve sown have come back to me at least two fold!

They taught me how to market my copywriting business too. One technique I implemented already has me booked out through January. Decembers looking like a pretty nice month…I’ve already booked $12,000 in projects. Today is December 1st and that money is already in the bank!

So, I would have to say that Harlan and Tina know their stuff…yes their tactics really do work. And more importantly they can teach you how to do it too!

Listen, I’m not anything special, I’m probably a lot like you. I’m not the most gifted copywriter on the block. All I did was listen…and take action.

Six Figure Copywriting isn’t a dream. Do the math, in just a couple of months I’m annualizing out at nearly $200,000! And I know it’s only going to get better.

Thanks Harlan and Tina! I’m so grateful you showed me the way to the promised land."

~ Mike Morgan, Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

So here’s what we’ve decided to do. We’re prepared to go the distance with you, and share every “sneaky little secret” the mega bucks folks leverage to their full potential. Grab the bull by the horns, and send a message to the world that says “I’m a force to be reckoned with and I deserve to be successful!” Change your copywriting career forever when you…

Join Us For Three Eye-Popping,
Brain Bending Days & Nights!

If we could explain it all to you, we would right here and now. But you have to SEE exactly how these “sneaky little secrets” work to get it. So we’ve hatched a plan that will allow us to explain everything—literally everything—you need to know to start making money right away, even without clients!

Hit the ground running in January 2006 when you…

Discover how to transform your income from a tiny (or nonexistent) trickle into raging Class V rapids while fulfilling all of your deepest desires with your copywriting

Create the exact blue print to make as much money as you want without any of the frustrations of finding clients and dealing with their endless neurotic demands

Phenomenal win-win strategies that will have you on a first-name basis with UPS when they deliver checks to your door every month

Effortlessly use state of the art technology to magically attract invisible “clients” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that you never have to talk to or worry about - even if the thought of navigating cyberspace makes you break out in hives

How to almost effortlessly make money with nothing more than an ordinary telephone and your voice

Discover how you can finally make all the money you’ve dreamed of without a single client, and still have the freedom you crave to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Work when you want, where you want, and only if you want

How to become an “impossible to resist” monster magnet and relentlessly attract cash carrying prospects who can’t wait to bond with you and give you their money

Wake up to where the real value of your copywriting skills are and exactly how you can leverage them into an explosion of income time after time

10 words that will magically shift your thinking from scarcity to abundance. You’ll be shocked how easily you’ll kick your financial mindset into high gear when you believe them!

Banish negative thoughts and self-defeating attitudes that are silently strangling your money making potential without you even realizing it

Implement innovative tactics that will guarantee you’ll suck up money like a super sponge, from a raging sea of eager fans!

Shockingly easy ways to uncork multiple torrents of income that flow rivers of income into your bank account

How to excavate surprisingly profitable “diamond mines” of opportunity, and how to know for sure they’ll continually yield mountains of cash

“James Bond” strategies that will work as relentlessly as a potent truth serum to tell you exactly where the money is hidden

Why you must become a lethal marketing ninja and the surprisingly simple way to become a black-belt in selling in record time

Shockingly powerful strategies of persuasion that will spread their tendrils through every word you write and grow your personal money tree

How to identify untapped markets poised to fork over their money, and capture it so ridiculously easily you’ll swear on a stack of bibles you’ll never go back to a j-o-b

Legally steal someone else’s old ideas and turn them into brand new money for you, remarkably easily and quickly

Find your own personal oil wells ready to spout fountains of money… easily… ethically… and endlessly

Copywriting secrets that will jolt your thinking into new dimensions to expand your markets and help you sell more effectively

And that’s just a sampling of what’s in our mammoth bag of smart money-making strategies. Right about now, you should be feeling pretty darned excited, as you realize what a fabulous opportunity this is.

So plant this in your mind right now…

Here’s How You Can Make Friday the 13th
Your Lucky Day For Life!

Join us in the most unforgettable City by the Bay… San Francisco… January 13-15, 2006… for three incredible days and nights that will transform your copywriting skills into an insatiable cash cow.

Even if you “leave your heart” in San Francisco…you’ll go home with an explosive brain blast of money-making strategies that light a fire under your butt. You’ll be fully armed with an arsenal of lethal marketing weapons that will stuff your wallet with money… practically overnight.

No kidding…we literally mean overnight. As a matter of fact, you’ll have the chance to pick the brains of folks we’ve already shared some of our closely guarded strategies with. You’ll discover how they are already raking in $1,000…$2,000…$5,000 a month and more, within a few short months of tapping into the mother lode.

But it gets even better!

It’s The Weekend Commemorating Martin Luther King’s Birthday. The Perfect Time For You To Take His Immortal Words To Heart…

“Thank God Almighty
We Are Free At Last!”

Think about it. There’s no better time to jumpstart your new life. We’re dedicated to helping you celebrate 2006 as the year that finally frees you from the financial and mental shackles that bind, strangle, and cripple you.

Remember, with the money comes options for your life, and the lives of your loved ones.
Besides, imagine the shocked surprise on the face of your friends and family when you can tell them you’re making thousands of dollars each and every month from the comfort of your own home, and still have time for your kids, your community… your self.

If you believe, as we do, that all things happen for a reason, you’ll jump on this opportunity. It’s kind of like the planets have aligned for the most significant weekend of your life.

And to make sure we’ve given you every single money-making tool… we’ve gone the extra mile to assure we’ve left no stone unturned.

We’ve coaxed three of the most inspiring, ethic’s driven masters of marketing to meet with you to freely share their own “sneaky little secrets.” We’ll even personally introduce you to them. But we’ll get back to that in a minute…

In just one short weekend, you’ll get the keys to the kingdom. Then you’ll know all the insider secrets that allow professionals and beginners alike to “capture” money-making markets… without waiting for clients to beat a path to your door.

And you’ll be able to do precisely the same thing yourself, every time you sit down at your computer. You’ll finally be that “one in a thousand” fledgling copywriter who breaks into the same winner’s circle as the pros.

It Really Is This Incredibly Simple

Fact is, once you feast your eyes on the power of these amazingly profitable secrets, they will be burned into your mind for good. But more than just knowing what they are…we’ll show you exactly how they work. You might even find yourself more than a little pissed off that “they” have kept you begging at the door for scraps, while you’ve struggled to get your copywriting career off the ground.

Instead, the minute you get home, you’ll unleash your awesome power. You can accomplish everything you’ve dreamed of, by implementing these tools too. Every cash sucking secret will be “indelibly imprinted” to your mind. Every single money multiplying secret… all of it glued into your brain and on automatic replay from then on.

And your life is changed forever. Just like that.

The astonishing result? Money begins flowing into your bank account. You control exactly how much you’d like to make by following your blueprint to success. Your copywriting skills become your first-class ticket to financial freedom. The life you’ve dreamed of becomes your absolute reality. And you can do it without second-guessing, without scrambling to satisfy demanding clients, without stress.

And without costly mistakes and fumbles that keep you trudging to a job you hate every single day.

Sounds incredible doesn’t it? You bet it does. It’s why you wanted to be a copywriter in the first place.

We’re sorry to be so hush-hush here, but you wouldn’t even begin to understand what this is all about without EXPERIENCING it personally. Not only would we just screw it up for you trying to lay it all out here…we want to save this for those who REALLY want to launch their copywriting careers, and are willing to put some effort into it.

It really is that simple…

But It’s Something You Have To Immerse Yourself In!

That’s why we have to meet you in San Francisco to reveal our tremendous array of money generating secrets.

Make a lasting commitment to your copywriting success. Not with empty words or promises…but by joining us for three power packed days (and nights!) in January 2006. What better way to leap into the New Year than to start making money hand over fist?

We’ll walk you through everything, step-by-simple-step. Heck, if you’ve got a laptop computer (but not to worry if you don’t) bring it along. You can start moving forward right then and there, and we’ll be hovering at your elbow.

Oh…and about our special guests.

We’re going to share some of OUR personal secret weapons…


You’re going to spend a day with someone who is so deeply committed to your success, he agreed to join us…and who will help you clearly see how decisive action and resourcefulness will have you knee-deep in clover.

He’ll introduce you to exciting new concepts that instantly build relationship and rapport with your target audience. In fact, they’ll love you so much, they’ll be eager to “reward” you with gobs of cash.

But even better, he’ll share every single jet-propelled power tool he personally uses to make SEVEN figures, year in and year out…

Marketing Expert and Internet Superstar… Alex Mandossian!

We count our blessings that Alex is our friend and mentor. You’ll feel the same way when you meet him in San Francisco.

Not only is Alex a phenomenally successful marketing expert, he started as a copywriter just like you! But the best part of all is, Alex is the most ethical straight-shooter you could ever hope to meet. His entire game plan for making money springs out of his passionate commitment to excellence and integrity.
And spending the whole day rummaging through the “open book” of Alex’s brain is your dream come true. Because when Alex talks… and you listen… you’ll make money. We can both honestly say that the innovative strategies Alex has shared with us have single-handedly brought us each tens of thousands of dollars in revenues.

Alex will share a phenomenally powerful technique that costs very little to implement, but has extremely high value for you to make buckets of money from.

And if you decide you still want to work with clients, you’ll have a stunning marketing view that will knock their socks off… and guarantees you can charge a hefty fee for your expertise.

But in order to sharpen your copywriting skills to a white-hot edge, we’ve pulled out all the stops. Introducing…


One of the most incredibly effective copywriters in the world, and the undisputed master of teaching these skills in a way that is super easy to understand…

Phenomenal Copywriter and Brilliant Teacher…David Garfinkel!

David is personally responsible for my very first mega-fee as a copywriter. While attending a seminar a few years ago, I had the good fortune to meet David.

I threw myself on the altar of his penetrating critiques, and begged him to rake me over the coals with a public dissection of one of my early sales letters. He agreed under one absolute condition…

I had to keep my mouth shut!
Now for any of you who know me even a little bit, you’ll quickly realize what a tall order this was! But I gladly agreed. The result? Instigating every suggestion (command!) that David put forth rocketed my copywriting career. In fact, that’s how I achieved a mind-boggling $32,000 in my very first month as a copywriter.

But don’t get me wrong. David is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He simply loves to shine a light in the darkness for other new copywriters, and get you on the fast track to success with your writing.

David’s agreed to show you how you can easily create the most compelling sales letters you’ve ever written, so effortlessly it’ll make your head spin.

It’s an honor and a privilege to have David Garfinkel as our guest. You’ll be shocked how quickly you’ll take your copywriting skills to new heights, without killing yourself in the process.


This modest family man was the talk of the town in Los Angeles at the Big Seminar. His name was on the lips of all the top marketing gurus.

This guy has quietly discovered the most incredibly powerful and completely legal way to make squeeze every nickel out of Google, to the tune of $25,000 a month. He’s going to show you exactly how you can start making money within 24-hours.

Google AdSense Detective and Master Mind…Joel Comm!

His shockingly effective strategies have lit a match to a raging firestorm of profits for marketing insiders. I’ve got to admit, I was one of the first people to corner him. I couldn’t wait to interrogate him about exactly HOW he managed to come up with his incredible plan.

I’m twisting his arm, coaxing, cajoling, and convincing him to join us in San Francisco. He’s been swamped with requests, but has promised to rearrange his schedule to join us. You’ve simply got to be there for this. This alone could put you miles ahead of the game, and get you making money super quick.

Joel’s a very easy going guy, and completely approachable to talk to. He’ll make it easy for you to understand and answer all your questions, even if right now you think you’re a technically challenged newbie.

Joel routinely makes staggering five figures a MONTH just from Google AdSense with methods you can unleash in a few short hours. In fact, you can start making money within one day.

So listen up. If you don’t get one other thing from this letter, get this…

You Don’t Want To Miss This Golden Gate Opportunity!

Join us on January 13-15, 2006 for the “Make Six Figures Without A Single Client Copywriting Success Seminar” in breathtaking San Francisco. We sincerely hope you’ll register before all 100 seats are filled.

In one dynamic weekend…you’ll discover all the “sneaky little secrets” to jumpstart your copywriting career, even if you’ve never seen hide nor hair of your first client. You’ll already be light-years beyond other beginning copywriters who are “dazed and confused” about how to start making money.

And in this case… ”sneaky” equals SMART! You’ll be privy to proven strategies that are ALREADY making those in the know five… six… even SEVEN figures.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brash twenty-something-year-old… a shy soccer mom… a silver-haired retiree… fat… thin… pink., yellow, or green… YOU can transform your copywriting skills into the prosperity you’ve always dreamed of… for yourself and your loved ones.

And make no mistake…that means you can fully express your values in ways that mean the most to you. Whether that means a sleek new sports car… a tropical island getaway… or lending a helping hand to those in need. Matter of fact, you can do it all!

And then take the next step in your success mindset by making a decision to take action.

If you are ready to stop being a bystander watching the parade passes you by and start doing…

If You Are Willing To Take Action, Now Is The Time
To Make Your Dreams A Reality

Let’s address these issues right off the top.

First, the seminar fee is going to be more than you might be used to seeing. While it’s not as much as an impending Canadian copywriting event… or last November’s top secret seminar in Orlando… it’s more than your typical rah-rah spec assignment fiesta.

That’s because the techniques we are sharing are solely responsible for a large chunk of each of our incomes…over six figures for me and about $80,000 for Tina, just this year. If you’re serious about turning your copywriting skills into money, the value to you is limitless.

Second, these techniques need to be implemented in order for you to make money. In other words, we are not saying you’ll kick back on a beach with a frosty drink and suddenly be rolling in money. If you’d rather spend your time watching Desperate Housewives and scarfing down chips… this isn’t for you.

We only want you there if you are truly hungry for success, fed up with snake oil promises and hype, and are chomping at the bit to take action by putting some muscle into your dreams so you can start making money.

These strategies work, pure and simple. The handful of people we’ve shared just a fraction of this with are already making anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 a month with it. Matter of fact, if you make a smart decision and head for San Francisco, you’ll probably meet some of them, and you can grill them for details. It’s not theory…it’s not speculation… it’s the real deal. But you must be willing to put in the effort.

Third, we are only inviting a limited number of people to join us. Frankly, we’re not interested in packing a stadium with faceless participants, or whacking down the price to let everybody in. We’ve already got over 1,500 rabid fans clamoring at the door right this very minute. You have told us you want this, and we’ve listened.

Plus, superstar copywriters Michel Fortin and Lorrie Morgan-Ferraro have just called saying this is so important, they’d love to present this to their lists. That could easily double the number of people who want in.

So here’s the rub…

We Are Limiting Registrations To The First 100 People

Why? Because we want to have time to get to know you, talk to you, and answer your most pressing questions face-to-face. We know how important this is, because there were savvy mentors available for each of us when we were first getting started. We figure it’s only right to “pay it forward”.

And when we talk about giving you our time, we’re talking almost around the clock until we pass out from lack of sleep.

We also know how important this is by the overwhelming number of requests we get every single day, basically begging for us to share information, advise, and mentor another struggling new copywriter to success.

But We Have A Confession To Make

Our 100 seats have already shrunk to 66. Since my last email, the phone’s been literally ringing off the hook. And at this point, a total of 34 hot-to-trot new copywriters have hounded my secretary Sandra until she promised them a seat. That means there are only 66 places left for this seminar. Sometimes Sandra is too damn nice for her own good.

So let’s get to it…

We want you to be able to attend this seminar so we’ve constructed three super generous (some might say even foolish) payment plans. Read on for all the details.

The seminar tuition is $4,577. All major credit cards or checks are accepted. You might be able to write this off on your taxes. Now we are well aware this is a serious commitment. But consider this. With this one investment in your financial future, you could knock the ball out of the park and quickly be on the road to real money. Because we’re going to give you the play by play game plan to take action immediately.

We are sharing exactly how we’ve gotten to the big bucks in record time.

And we want to make this entirely achievable for you. So here’s the deal…

There Are 3 Easy Ways To Make Your
Copywriting Dreams Come True

1) Want to save some cash? We’ll knock $1,000 off the price when you register and pay in full by December 24th. That smacks down your investment to $3,577.

2) Make 2 Payments and save $500. Split the fee and save some money with two equal payments of $2,038.50 when paid by January 10.

3) OK, our accountants are pulling their hair out over this one. Yeah, we know.Nobody does this and it’s just plain nuts. Oh well. It’s not the first time we’ve been labeled as renegades. Probably won’t be the last.

You can attend the seminar by making payments! No interest, no hidden fees, no hassles, no kidding. Simply make your first payment of $381.41 right away. You’ll be in. Shoot, that’s less than a lot of folks’ payments for cars or big screen TV’s and the benefits will last for the rest of your life.

All you have to do is make your first payment of $381.41. Then we’ll shoulder the balance so you can make eleven more monthly payments of $381.41. That’s less than $13.00 a day.

When you think about it, you’re probably already throwing away that much every day, on latte’s and bagels… magazines… videos… fast food… all kinds of silly things that are gone in an instant.

And chances are, you’ll quickly be making that much and more every month with your copywriting skills. It’s a no-brainer incredible investment in your financial future!

And to sweeten the deal even more…

We’re Including SIX FABULOUS BONUSES For You!


We want to make sure you’re on the right track as you leverage your copywriting skills into cold hard cash. So we will personally give you three critiques of the sales letters of your choice. You can spread them out over the year, and use them when you need them.

And we won’t be handing them off to some underpaid lackey to do it. WE will be personally critiquing your sales letters. We guarantee your letters will instantly improve if you follow our recommendations. This is a $2,250 value!


You’ll have access to your very own private members-only forum. We’ll join you there to share resources, inspire, motivate, and answer your questions. It’s like having a direct line to both of us! You’ll be amazed at the content and resources we’ll share.

This is not to be confused with the kind of “feel good” cheerleading forums you might be used to where you chat about what music you’re listening to, or endure more “blind leading the blind” advice from newbies. We’ll be sharing hard hitting strategies, new ideas, even negotiation and marketing techniques we personally use to make serious money.

You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you realize this is a treasure trove for folks like you who are serious about making money. This is a $1,200 value!


You’ll receive mindmaps of everything we share at the seminar. If you’re not familiar with mindmaps, they are a roadmap of a thought process from beginning to end. You’ll discover all you have to do is follow the mapping of each strategy, and it will become your step-by-step guide to success. No second guessing or trying to rely on your scribbled notes. Just follow the “yellow brick road” one easy step at a time. This is a $300 value!


You’ll get to come to our next seminar, absolutely free!
Given the avalanche of response to our message, we’re already planning for our next event in January 2007. Just imagine what tremendous information we’ll have to share after another year of money-sucking success. You’ll be there, front and center, absolutely free. That’s a whopping value of at least $4,577! You’re doubling your money, right off the bat.


Two weeks after your attendance in San Francisco, you’ll join us for your Free Check-up Teleseminar Marathon!

We are 100% committed to your success, so we’ll meet together via a live Teleseminar to answer any questions you may be having, swap success stories, and make sure you’re blazing your money-making trail effectively.

But fair warning…if you need a swift kick in the butt to get you moving, we won’t hold back! This is a $500 value!


But what the heck…let’s go a step further with…


When you attend our seminar in San Francisco, and you’re not already in our mentoring program, you’ll be eligible for our “you’ll-be-making-money” Fast Start Contest.

One lucky seminar attendee will be invited to attend our Fall Seminar in September 2006, an insider event we’re throwing for our mentoring group super stars!

Here’s how it works…

The person who attends our San Francisco seminar, puts our strategies into action within 30-days of the seminar, and makes the most money with them, will be invited to join the September event as our guest. You’ll get to hang out in one of the most spectacular places in the world, and toast your success.

We’re not sharing the exact location yet, because we want to surprise our apprentices. But rest assured, it is a gorgeous environment that just happens to be one of the most idyllic “off the beaten track” hideaways you could ever imagine.

It’s a perfect reflection of what Gary Bencivenga said to us when we attended his seminar last May…“Why not the best?” This is another $4,577 value!

So If You Win The “Fast Start” Contest (And Somebody Will!),
Your Total Value Is A Whopping $13,404!

Here’s What You Need To Do Next

Reserve your place right now and make 2006 your best year yet! When you do, we’ll get you the hotel information shortly. And if by chance you’ve never been to San Francisco, be prepared for your first look at one of the most unforgettable cities in the world…cable cars that climb “half-way to the stars”… the Golden Gate Bridge… Chinatown… Fisherman’s Wharf. It doesn’t get any better than this.

And as always, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not happy for any reason by the end of the seminar on Sunday, just let us know and we will arrange a prompt and courteous refund.

Of course, the chances of this happening are between slim and none as you discover new worlds and possibilities for your copywriting that you never knew existed. And if you’re serious about making money, you’d have to be a little bit nuts to shoot yourself in the foot by disconnecting from the lifeline we’re giving you.

Literally from the start of the program, you will be exposed to massive amounts of new material and step-by-step strategies of how to implement them.

And not only that, we’ll focus on the biggest roadblock to your success. Your mindset! Discover why we’ve been flooded with emails saying, “Finally, I get it! You’ve lifted a huge burden from my shoulders.” You’ll leave San Francisco with a whole new outlook that can change the rest of your life.

Your weekend will be jam-packed with an arsenal of money-making artillery you will be able put into action as soon as you get back home. We’ll make sure of it, with extensive mindmaps of every ounce of content, and your follow-up Teleseminar. That way, you’ll literally have a step-by-step action plan to guide you.

Register now before the seminar is filled. There is an absolute limit of 100 people at this seminar. 34 seats are already spoken for. We’re sorry, but once we sell out, that’s it. We simply can’t let anyone else in. And remember, our chance of nabbing Alex Mandossian, David Garfinkel, and Joel Comm together for an entire day again is nearly impossible.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. This is how you can kiss off pie in the sky and get started on the road to money right now for as little as $381.41.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in January!

Best wishes for your six-figure success,

Harlan Kilstein Tina Lorenz

P.S. Don’t waste more endless days agonizing about how and where you’ll dredge up your first client or waiting for a “program” to “discover” you. Start making money now with our “sneaky little secrets”… and you just might not WANT any clients!

P.P.S. Several of our apprentices are already making $1,000 to $5,000 a month with just one of these techniques within a few short months. It’s easy math… do that every month and you’ll be on your way to six figures a year…i n your sleep! And that’s just the beginning when you replicate your success strategies time and time again. You know how easy it is to make perfect cookies when you use the right cookie cutter over and over again? That’s what you’ll do with your copywriting skills. See you in San Francisco.

Please Read

We reserve the right to limit attendance at our seminar at any time.

No income guarantees or promises of any type are being made!
Your results may vary and you can easily fail to make money especially if you do not take action on the information presented. These results were taken from reliable sources but I can't guarantee their accuracy. The information presented is for illustrative and informational purposes only. Use these techniques and strategies at your own risk.

"Harlan-Great call last night... so much info in such a short time I had trouble sleeping."
Edward C Dumchus


"I entered Harlan’s latest teleseminar skeptical. After working as a copywriter for as long as I have, after reading countless books on the subject, I wondered, “What can this guy teach that I haven’t heard before?” I was not prepared to be so completely blown away. Harlan not only presented a ton of new tools I can use to augment my income, he listed a number of books I hadn’t read before. He even talked one supplier of an incredible CD set to give his listeners an astounding discount on the set. Armed with incredible information, Harlan succeeded in injecting new life into what I thought was a healthy copywriting career.
Thanks Harlan!"
Beth Erickson


"This call was one of the best investments I have made in my copywriting career - I learned 7 tactics that I will use over the next 30 days to at LEAST double my income. Most "teleconferences" are thinly-disguised sales pitches - this one was jam-packed with nothing but pure, usable content. Anyone who can't take the ideas they heard and make an extra $3,000 - $7,000 this month just wasn't listening. By the way, I took one idea I heard last night and just this morning used it to make $2,000 with a new client. Am I excited? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT."
Ray Edwards


"Thanks, Harlan. Terrific Call! I needed the mindset adjustment as I launch a direct mail campaign for my own product. The step by step plan for getting good quickly and attracting clients will help me finally take action to start my copywriting career. I have a tendency to get stuck in the planning stage. Look for my Action Plan coming soon to your fax machine! "


"Finally! A cut-through-the-fluff, step by step, concentrated smack in the head to get on the right track to copywriting success. And from somebody who is *qualified* to give it -- because you've actually done it. Thanks, Harlan. No more trolling forums and blogs for a sense of direction. You just handed me a roadmap."


"Average teleseminar: content density of helium. Harlan teleseminar: content density of lead. The pencil could not keep pace... love those MP3s."

Patti Clark


"Wow! This call was a roadmap to 6-figures! I now have a real goal - and a step-by-step plan that I know will take me from where I am now to where I want to be. You truly covered all the bases - and I can't wait to get started!"
Cheri Nikkel
Modesto, CA


"This call should have been three or four hours to be able to absorb all the material Dr. Kilstein threw at us. It was like downloading no BS copywriting career planning straight into my brain."

Bob Fleck


"Harlan - The call was Awesome! I can't wait to start implementing what I learned in the call and look forward to learning much more with you. Thank You So Much!"

Kim Turner


"Harlan cuts through the non-essentials and distills what you need to do — cutting out untold hours, effort, and pain going up blind-alleys. Rather than being paralyzed from overwhelm, Harlan breaks it down into easy, doable steps to a new career, a new paycheck, and a new level of lifestyle."
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And yes today Ms. Polin is more normal and more professional than you'll ever be.



1) Mr. Rabbi Tsvi (Harlan) David Kilstein, I've read your rants for the last day now, you should be the last one determining who's normal.

2) As to Vicki, you exaggerate, take events out of context and make factual misrepresentations. All of which is still irrelevant to the fact your Rebbe Mordechai Tendler is a sexual predator.

3) Before you smear survivors of sexual abuse for having had MPD maybe you should do some research. Here's a 60-minutes documentary.

All I can say is shame on you Mr. Rabbi Tsvi (Harlan) David Kilstein, shame on you.

And yes today Ms. Polin is more normal and more professional than you'll ever be.

Dr. Haran Kilstein (AKA: Tsvi Kilstein) said:

"Vicki Polin told me that she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show using the name Rachel.

In that appearance and in private conversations to me she made the following claims:"

Dr. Rabbi Kilstein, If it is true that Vicki shared personal information about herself with you in a private converstation, aren't you violating confidentiality by sharing the information in a public forum? On various web pages it states you have a Phd. Can I ask in what?


OPRAH: As a child, my next guest was used also in worshipping the devil, participated in human sacrifice rituals and cannibalism.

This was Vicki. Which word don't you understand.

She went on television and said she was a cannibal.

And you think she's normal.


Kilstein, you seem to also have a reading comprehension problem.


I can’t say for a fact that they killed a baby. I can say for a fact that my daughter believed that they did.”

Maybe that was the one Vicki ate?

Thanks for bringing out this proof JWB that Vicki ate little children.


>Past that, what can we do? None of us have the facts or
>anything new to report.

I actually do, but I'm only posting what I can at this point. Kilstein has no basis for any assertion he made here regarding Tendler. If he does, I have yet to see it. His whole effort is to smear all his Rebbe's "mentally ill" enemies.

It's clear he has yet to even read the complaint filed in civil court against his Rebbe.


The Chicago Rogers Park JCC 1984 mass sexual molestation case, and why those currently attacking the Awareness Center are ignoring it



Woman: “In 1984, I learned that my little girl, who was four-years-old, was being sexually abused at a Jewish preschool in Chicago [Rogers Park JCC]. I was the whistleblower on that case. They interviewed over 80 children and found that as many as 20 had been sexually abused.

“Once I found out what had happened to my child, we took her out of school and got her into therapy. My daughter and several other children began making allegations against their teachers and widespread pervasive abuse involving child pornography and bizarre ritualistic activity.

“When I met Vicki, we met through her connection with VOICES in Action (Victims Of Incest Can Emerge Survivors). I was getting involved with the organization Believe The Children, which had been founded by some parents in California who were involved in similar cases, in daycare center, even though they were not Jewish preschools.

“I was hearing bizarre accusations from my child and Vicki was recalling similar events from her childhood. I had no reason to doubt [Vicki].”

Luke: “You have no doubts there was definitely this type of ritual abuse at the school?”

Woman: “There was definitely sexual abuse and physical abuse of the children. As far as the ritual abuse, it’s hard to say. Did they really kill babies? I don’t know. I do know that the children were convinced that they were killing babies. It may be that they were acting something out with dolls or maybe the children were drugged and led to believe things were happening. There was costuming and special effects involved. I can’t say for a fact that they killed a baby. I can say for a fact that my daughter believed that they did.”

And while you’re at it Kilstein read:

The Halachic and legal precedent for the RCA’s action against Rabbi Mordechai Tendler. How the chief rabbanut of England dealt with their Tendler.


OPRAH: As a child, my next guest was used also in worshipping the devil, participated in human sacrifice rituals and cannibalism. She says her family has been involved in rituals for generations. She is currently in extensive therapy, suffers from multiple personality disorder, meaning she's blocked out many of the terrifying and painful memories of her childhood. Meet "Rachel," who is also in disguise to protect her identity. You come from generations of ritualistic abuse?

Inroducing Vicki Polin.

Vicki the Cannibal.


Can't a guy step out for a couple of hours without a flame war developing?

Let's try this: If he is guilty, let's hope the court case reveals this and forces him to get help.

If he's innocent, let the cout case prove this and force his accusers to get help.

Past that, what can we do? None of us have the facts or anything new to report. Let's just pray this sad affair is quicly resolved for the good of all involved.


>>didn't commit a crime period.
>It wasn't that there was a justified crime.
>There was no crime. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

What law allows you to kidnap someone against their will to help them? Please quote it to me.

Of course it was a crime, you simply have a justification.

>You've invented some arson allegation.

No I've asked you a simple question.

>Your fat alter ego wants to invent
>an abuse allegation.

What are you talking about?

>That's your modus operendi isn't it?

Nope. I quoted accurately regarding your police arrest record. I did not exaggerate and I gave you every opportunity to respond.

>You don't want to believe Vicki told me
>she was in a ritual abuse cult, took part
>in child sacrifices, and was penetrated by
>ritual objects in her synagogue, you're

I read your "affidavit", it was inaccurate, it exaggerated and it was factualy wrong at times. As I noted on my blogs, numerous children from the Rogers Jewish community center have identical allegations of abuse.

>Ask her to publicly deny it.

See above.

>All she does is blame her therapist.

Have you talked to her therapist or looked at her medical records. Of course not, it would make it much harder to smear when you have full and accurate information. When you "determined" Vicki was mentally ill did you get her help? Of course not. You're a hero. You waited years and gave the information to Yori Yanover to post.

>She's never taken responsibility for it.

See above.

>Poor Vicki.
>Vicki has spent her life failing to
>distinguish between the innocent and
>the guilty.

And you've determined that how?

>Tonight I re-read the letters from Rabbi
>Berman to Vicki at the Awareness Center.

Berman supports Rabbi Dratch's Jsafe and of course Rabbi Dratch filed the initial complaint against Tendler with the RCA. He also is a supporter or Rabb Marc/Mordechai Gafni/Winiarz/Winyarz. Is Gafni a friend of yours too?

>Rabbi Berman called her at her game.

Berman claimed I was Vicki without any evidence. If you or he did some basic checking it would be clear you are wrong.

>Invent an allegation, like you are doing
>here tonight.

I haven't invented one thing.

>Post it on a blog.
>Cite the blog as a source.

As usual wrong.

>Yep. You've played this game before.

No game.


Strike three, you're out.

Game. Set. And Match.

If someone seeks out someone who claims to be an expert working with cult survivors, and also claims to be a rabbi, wouldn't it be natural to presume that what is said would be considered to be confidential?

If this is true:

"You don't want to believe Vicki told me she was in a ritual abuse cult, took part in child sacrifices, and was penetrated by ritual objects in her synagogue, you're choice."

And if it's true that you claim to be an expert working with individuals involved in cults, in what context would Vicki disclose this sort of information?

Also you stated she initially contacted you seeking help for a relative.

Wouldn't it be logical that she was seeking you out for help? Wouldn't that have been in some sort of professional counseling?


I didn't commit a crime period.

It wasn't that there was a justified crime.

There was no crime. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

You've invented some arson allegation.

Your fat alter ego wants to invent an abuse allegation.

That's your modus operendi isn't it?

You don't want to believe Vicki told me she was in a ritual abuse cult, took part in child sacrifices, and was penetrated by ritual objects in her synagogue, you're choice.

Ask her to publicly deny it.

All she does is blame her therapist.

She's never taken responsibility for it.

Poor Vicki.

Vicki has spent her life failing to distinguish between the innocent and the guilty.

Tonight I re-read the letters from Rabbi Berman to Vicki at the Awareness Center.

Rabbi Berman called her at her game.

Invent an allegation, like you are doing here tonight.

Post it on a blog.

Cite the blog as a source.

Yep. You've played this game before.

You stated that you are cult expert. You also mentioned you know Vicki. How did you meet her? Did someone refer her to you? In what context did they refer her to you?


>Let's make up some allegations.

That's your bag, not mine.

I've asked you simple questions and you make out like I've attacked you.

I had information as to your police arrest record. I asked you about it. I did not exaggerate and I was correct.

You committed a crime, but you had a justification. Fine.

You claim that Vicki is mentally ill, that is not a crime and if true (its not) then you should be trying to help her not torture her.

You continue to use mind games and trigger words in an apparent ploy to torture someone you claim is mentally ill. Why? You are a deprogrammer so you are clearly aware of the techniques you are using and what damage you can do using those techniques.

If when you knew Vicki, you determined she was mentally ill (and what medical training do you have in that area), what medical assistance did you get her? None.

You claim Vicki is sick and disturbed, but the way you post to her (in the mistaken belief I am Vicki) you just demonstrates how vile and abusive you are.

I do not believe anything you say.

Whatever help Vicki approached you for in terms of her relative in Jews for Jesus, it is clear you provided no help and to try to use it now against Vicki as a smear, just shows you for what you are: a small thug.

Smearing people you claim are mentally ill, what a hero you are.

Why don't they call as often anymore? What rabbis used to refer to you?


I don't reveal my methods at all.

I get calls from Rabbis all around the world.

I get calls from Parents all around the world.

They don't call as often as they used to but I don't do it full time.

I don't advertise.

People who need me, find me.

Earlier you said that you "left the deprogramming field because you found a faster faster and less strenous ways to get people out of cults."

I was curious what your education and training is to be providing this sort of service?

You also said:

"I am still called in for the most difficult cases anywhere in the world.

The techniques of classic deprogramming are no longer necessary with my techniques.

Instead of spending a week with an ex-cult memeber, I can assist them in making choices in just a few hours.

That's why my phone still rings. I can get them out when no one else can."

Who calls you?


Too bad we don't know about any allegations of sexual misconduct against Rabbi Harlan (Tsvi) Kilstein. If there were any I'm sure he would get a gold star on The Awareness Center's list of alleged and convicted sex offenders.

Yes, too bad there aren't more victims we can manipulate.

Let's make up some allegations. Has there ever been a lower form of life on this blog?


To quote Abbie Hoffman,

"Can I take the fifth ammendment? I never took the fifth ammendment and it always seemed kinda cool."

Once again, I don't know where you get your wacko information.

Arson? Not my style at all.

Everyone knows my thing was missionaries and cults.

Today, when there's a tough case they still call me.

I laugh at the depths to which you will sink to slander someone.

Lo Haya Ha devorim haelu.


>case was dropped by the DA's office

Now was that so hard?

So I guess you've done worse then start a website and post a few names to protect people from sexual predators.

Have some guts and answer our other simple questions:

Do you have a medical background to claim these women have “mental issues”?

Do you know these women?

Have you spoken with anyone outside the Tendler camp about this case?

And if they have mental issues (they don’t of course), shouldn’t you be getting them help, not smearing them?

Are you comfortable with your attacks against the RCA and the rabbonim there? Do you have no respect for the rabbonim there? What do you think of Rav Blau and Rav Schwartz?

Were you involved or do you have any knowledge of Tendler’s 6-figure settlement with one victim?

And while we are at it, since everyone else’s history (in your mind) seems to be in issue:

1) answered

2) During the period you were an active member in the JDL in New York, what do you know of JDL activities related to arson and in particular to arsons where firefighters and innocent by-standers were injured and even killed?


I don't know why, perhaps it's part of your schizo personality, that you have to take up space on two blogs.

It could be because Vicki is incredibly hungry for baby barbecue but there may just be another reason.


And since you're such a smarty pants, why not continue and mention the case was dropped by the DA's office and expunged because there was no evidence.

Was kind of hard to convict a rabbi who was helping an Auschwitz survivor rescue her daughter from a sex therapy cult as a volunteer.

When the DA heard my story, the case was DOA.

Yep, mighty proud of that story. Nice of you to mention it.

Jewish Survivors

So why were you arrested by the NY City Polcie department?

Jewish Survivors

Let’s get back to the real issue. The case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler, and the allegations made against him. B’H’ it finally made it to the press. B’H’ finally the case will be heard in a court of law.

I know you want to distract from the real issue, because it's difficult for you to face the facts. Your buddy, Rabbi Mordecai Tendler has been accused of professional sexual misconduct.


>I never was arrested by the FBI.

It was the NY city police in 1983, not the FBI.


Too bad we don't know about any allegations of sexual misconduct against Rabbi Harlan (Tsvi) Kilstein. If there were any I'm sure he would get a gold star on The Awareness Center's list of alleged and convicted sex offenders.

Hey, I'm sure you could make them up.

It's not like you haven't done it before.

Sorry to disappoint you. :-(

Jewish Survivors

Not Vicki
Try Again


Sorry but you already know the answer to both of these.

I never was arrested by the FBI.

Tovia and I were neighbors in Teaneck.

Secret's out.

Lord help the survivor who stumbles into the clutches of Vicki's blubber.

Jewish Survivors

Too bad we don't know about any allegations of sexual misconduct against Rabbi Harlan (Tsvi) Kilstein. If there were any I'm sure he would get a gold star on The Awareness Center's list of alleged and convicted sex offenders.

I think this dude is pretty dangerous to unsuspecting individuals.

Jewish Survivors

Harlan (Tsvi) Kilstein, can you tell us about when you were arrested by the FBI?

What were the charges?

Can you also tell us about how you met your buddy Tovia Singer?


God help the people foolish enough or desperate enough to put their children in your hands.


I left the deprogramming field because I discovered faster and less strenous ways to get people out of cults.

I am still called in for the most difficult cases anywhere in the world.

The techniques of classic deprogramming are no longer necessary with my techniques.

Instead of spending a week with an ex-cult memeber, I can assist them in making choices in just a few hours.

That's why my phone still rings. I can get them out when no one else can.


Harlan (AKA: Tsvi Kilstein), perhaps you would like to explain to us why you are no longer in education field?

I’m also curious why you left the “deprogramming” business?


You just proved my point.

Here's the Vicki/JWB double team shuffle.

Vicki, what do little children taste like?

Do you remember eating them?


>>>You're probably Vicki Polin is disguise.
>>As usual you are wrong.

Prove a negative? You really shouldn't be in education.


I wonder if this blog and some of the others could be entered into evidence in the civil suit as evidence of the harassment the survivor(s) had to endure by coming forward?

I also wanted to suggest everyone read this “Understanding the alleged Modus Operandi of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler”

I believe most people will find it insightful into the mindset of both the alleged offender and the survivors.


>You're probably Vicki Polin is disguise.

As usual you are wrong.



>Your probably Vicki Polin is disguise.

As usual you are wrong.

>Make that a large disguise.

Thank God you're no longer in education.


And I was so looking forward to having a rational dialogue with you Harlan.

That would be a first for you.

"Harlan, I'm less interested in your authorithy to pasken as your FBI kidnapping file and alleged involvement in several JDL arsons."

This is your style. You find an annonymous post and take it as Torah MiSinai.

And you wave it like a flag behind your mask of cowardice.

You are an empty pathetic creature whose only weapon is your hiding behing your mask.

Your probably Vicki Polin is disguise.

Make that a large disguise.


To rebtvi:

Please ignore my last post requesting information. It is quite apparent from the ongoing attacks you are having with jewishwhistleblower that you are a menuval.You have no credibility. You are just blindly defending Tendler. You have serious communication problems sir. Get help.


And I was so looking forward to having a rational dialogue with you Harlan.

Oh well.


If you stopped smearing, you wouldn't have a life.

Come on out coward.


If you stop smearing and start answering some of my questions, I'll answer some of yours.


You're repeating yourself. It's a sign of heavy drug use.

You are a master-baiter in the art of presupposition.

"During the period you were an active member in the JDL in New York, what do you know of JDL activities related to arson and in particular to arsons where firefighters and innocent by-standers were injured and even killed?"

Where did you get this crap from dirt bag?


To rebtsvi

You have not responded to the questions I raised above. Your only comment is directed at Tendler's female accusers by discrediting them outright. Quite frankly, I question your credibility and/or intellectual honesty. I do agree on 1 point though. Let the truth hopefully emerge in court.


>Come on out coward.

I'm not stupid Kilstein, I've seen how you smear people and I'm familiar with you background.

Have some guts and answer our simple questions:

Do you have a medical background to claim these women have “mental issues”?

Do you know these women?

Have you spoken with anyone outside the Tendler camp about this case?

And if they have mental issues (they don’t of course), shouldn’t you be getting them help, not smearing them?

Are you comfortable with your attacks against the RCA and the rabbonim there? Do you have no respect for the rabbonim there? What do you think of Rav Blau and Rav Schwartz?

Were you involved or do you have any knowledge of Tendler’s 6-figure settlement with one victim?

And while we are at it, since everyone else’s history (in your mind) seems to be in issue:

1) Do you deny that during the 80s you were arrested for kidnapping?

2) During the period you were an active member in the JDL in New York, what do you know of JDL activities related to arson and in particular to arsons where firefighters and innocent by-standers were injured and even killed?


JWB is a coward hiding behind this chador of annonymity which allows him the freedom of character assassination without responsibility.

Come on out coward.


What, it isn't enough that your strange kinky perversions are made known on one blog, you need the entire world to know about your relationship with NAMBLA?

Stop smoking crack. It's affecting your brain.


A FORMER day school principal in Boca Raton, Florida.

Thank God.


Rebtsvi is Rabbi Tsvi (Harlan) David Kilstein a day school principal in Boca Raton, Florida. Kilstein claims smicha from Rabbi Yosef Dov Halevi Soloveitchik and that he did shimish in halacha l’maase with Rav Moshe Dovid Tendler.

If that does shock you read the thread going on about this at Canonist.



Rabbi Tendler and Rabbi Carlebach spent a lot of time dealing with the troubled souls.

These people flocked to them because they opened their hearts and their doors to them.

And to be kefuya tova, they have repaid evil instead of good.

Let's watch the truth come out in court.


Why would a whole bunch of people fabricate a whole bilbul?? Why not some other Rabbi? I do not personally know Tendler by the way. All I do know is that any Rabbi that conducts himself properly and Leshem Shomayim has always been universally admired.At worst he is labelled a mediocre pulpit rabbi.We are dealing with a totally different kettle of fish here. And it stinks sky high. How are you so sure that his hands are clean? Are you a congregant? Family member? There have been some serious investigations conducted by reputable organizations. You are very quick to label a large number of people with very negative attributes. Do you personally know them? What is their agenda ? Let the truth emerge.


There aren't any victims of Rabbi Tendler.

It is all a manufactured coordinated sham but a bunch of malcontent sick people who have banded together and given themselves a cause.

Forward the light brigade...


to rebtsvi
It is not the Tendler family but 1 member being targeted. How are you so sure that there isn't some basis to this tragic series of events.Do you actually think that all these people ( no matter how "looney tunes" they possibly be if they aren't only possibly some very vulnerable individuals)conspired in collusion? If so, why? These rumors have been going on for years.Unforunately, he is not the only rabbinical authority with this track record. LET THE TRUTH COME OUT once and for all and hopefully we can prevent further such occurences. As the Talmud teaches us: Ain apitropos L'arayos (Loosely translated: you can never be too safe when it comes to interpersonal relationships). He should have known with which type of people he was interacting with and shoulD have taken the necessary protective steps if he is so innocent. The greatest tragedy here are the victims and their families as well as the other Tendler family members. Our hearts go out to them so that can deal with all the pain. On a another level is the tragedy where Tendler's uncles and other well connected Rabbinical family friends in the are trying to suppress and deny the whole thing. Sad commentary on moral and religious leadership in today's Orthodox camp. No wonder the Messiah hasn't come yet. We get the leadersip we deserve and the rest speaks for itself.


I'll tell you what one can say.

It's a sham.

If there were "reglayim ledavar" for sure there would have been a criminal indictment first.

There's no evidence. Just a bunch of looney tunes women with mental issues.

I've known the Tendlers for years and this is absolute proof that the more you try to do for someone, the more they screw you in the end.

Funny thing is, the Tendlers going on giving.

The opened their hearts, their doors, and their hearts to all of these unbalanced women.

We are waiting for the RCA's great DNA (Do Not Ask) evidence to appear.

They have slandered an innocent man.

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