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June 07, 2005


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The Sanhedrin has a website? On the evil, horrible Internet that no Jewish child should ever be exposed to? Where people are thrown out of school for having it in their homes?

Next thing you know, big rabanim will be keeping books that they would not allow others to have in their homes. They will need them to serve Hashem in some secret way, no doubt.


what a constellation of characters .
they are up to no good !
what r' yosef and r' elioshiv have to do with them , is beyond my comprehension !


Funny! (If you're somehow serious, ask Arutz 7. They're the only news source that gives the 'sanhedrin' any credence.


I read some where else that rabbi Marc Schneier was elected the Nasi , are you certain you have your facts correct.
By the way I also read that rabbis Avi Weiss, Edgar Gluck and Yudel Krinsky were all elected Vice president.
Please check your facts !


"and the issue of agunot - women whose husbands refuse to grant them a divorce."

what to do with the recalcitrant husband ? i know that one . malkin ossoy !

"eventually backed down from serving as Nassi of the Sanhedrin due to pressure from a leading Hassidic rabbi,"
-now elected , now retired ?
-is the leading Hassidic Rabbi from the living ?
-did he realise it's too big a farce ? he lets the others make fools of themselves first ?


- should one bentsch shekhiyonu , or weep ?
- why like a thief in hiding ? apart from a7
nobody reports on it
- so that's it ? we have a combo Chabad with the Dati Leumi hijacking and leading the faith ?
- with hoskomo of Rabbis Yosef & Elyoshiv ?


I think that before R'Steinzaltz becomes the president of this 'Sanhedrin' (sounds like a sick joke)and defacto president of the jews, since the head of the Sanhedrin is also the greatest jew, he should issue a statement about the current madness in Lubavitch, for example:A very clear statement that the late Rebbe is not alive and has passed on 11 years ago, he is also not the Messiah or a deity.
R'Steinzaltz please take care of your local Lubab business, before 'running the jewish people'
(An unbelievable thing is that someone affiliated with a messianic cult should be considered for 'head of the Sanhedrin' ,well ,yes even this joke, Lubab sanhedrin)

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