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May 05, 2005


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Hezakiah Levinson

Putting the entire free range/ grass fed issue aside,the entire situation seems an extreme violation in Judaic thought that the Iowa company had illegals and underage people working there in violation of US law.Seems to me that halcha and proper employer ethics took a back seat to greed.


Hey OX Cart
Isa is not Shmarya, although we did work together on exposing a lying rabbi back in 1989.
I consider myself Sephardi. I also went to a summer yeshiva in Israel in 1985.
If there were a Sephardic version of Chabad I would go for it hook, line and sinker and I would also defend their 'warts'
If you knew Arabic you would understand what 'Isa' means it is just a joke.


Why does Shmarya leave comments under the name isa?


Dear Conserva Girl
Thank you for the explanation
These pious schochets once sheched an animal that had reversal of internal organs.
It happens in people too with the heart on the other side.
I talked to an Eguptian doctor (that escaped from Nassers secret police) The doc saw that in people but such people need operations or else they die which I conveyed that information to these pious schochets and they concluded such animals should be considered 'dying'.


Last time we discussed this vendor someone mentioned he was only dealing in wholesale sizes - like 1/2 a steer. I'm going to check in with him and see what we can do about NYC/CT delivery. All it would take is one kosher butcher within commuting distance that would "front" the purchases and separate the meat into consumer cuts.


You can purchase it online:



any nyc locations carrying his meat?



There are several possible reasons for the difference in kosher vs. non-kosher in feedlot cattle. Feedlots tend to be crowded pens which foster the spread of disease, hence the use of antibiotics in the feed. The cattle spend, on average, 60 to 140 days (although super-fattened cattle are kept for about 300 days) and they gain, on average 2.5 to 4 lbs. per day. There is no grazing and the conditions can easily become less than hygenic, even in well- run operations. Pathogens in the air can readily spread to the lungs and cause lesions to form. (Information from a source in the USDA).


I talked to pious schochets years ago and the one thing that will tref an animal is if it swallows nails or other foreign objects with the idea that such an animal will not live a natural length life and thus is 'dying'
Why would feedlot animals be less likely to be kosher?
I thought especially in the midwest animals were grass lot raised with a feedlot being a realively short period of time.
A.D. Rosenblatt could be making questionable claims.
Oh by the way, these pious schochets said that a proper slaughterhouse should be around 60% kosher. There were places (back then) that were 99% kosher.

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