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April 29, 2005

'Orthodox' Rabbi Morris Esformes Accused Of Elder Abuse, Neglect – Nursing Home Baron's Facilities Have History Of Neglect

Rabbi Morris Esformes, the Chicago-based nursing home baron and prominent member of Chicago's Orthodox community, is again accused of abuse and neglect. Don't expect any condemnation from the Orthodox community – money speaks louder than halakha.

More on the scandal – including problems at other nursing homes with Jewish ownership – can be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking here.


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Shmarya, take it easy,please.Morris Esformes is not a rabbi .He is a modern orthodox jew who has given vast ammounts of charity, maybe in light of his giving, institutions who have received his largesse, have accorded him the 'rabbi' honorific.He does not sell himself as a RABBI.
Lets not join the ranks of gossip websites, that love to pounce on every 'rabbi'.
There is a site run by a fellow who converted from jewish orthodoxy to Islam and he has long pages of jews that have been accused of various felonies stealing etc.He accords every one of these accused felons the honorific 'rabbi'.Please don't join ranks with this demented lunatic.

>He does not sell himself as a RABBI.

Oh, yes he does.

He's a rabbi. He used to be a principal at Ida Crown Hebrew Academy (Orthodox).

"Beside the fact that they're anti-mental health and anti-black, they're probably anti-Jew because I'm an ordained rabbi," Esformes said Thursday.


A comment on the various types of rabbis.
Please add if you know of other details.
There are four types of rabbis

All 4 from lowest level to highest:

1) Rav u'manhig
Really just permission to use the title Rabbi. Just a community leader/teacher. No permission to give wide psak and likely no right to give smicha to others.

One caveat, such an individual may have been given a very narrow right by their teacher to give psak in a very narrow area to a very limited degree. Beyond that, they must forward questions to a recognized posek.

The following 3 groups can give smicha at their level and below:

Yoreh Yoreh can give psak except in more specialized areas like Dinei Nidah and can't be a judge.

3) Yadin Yadin can be a judge and rule in dinei Nidah.

4) There is a level of smicha that deals with making rulings in regard to Temple work. Obviously, not as practical an area (for now) and as far as I know is not widely given. Usually, people giving/receiving such smicha today are people who have strong emunah in regard to the immediate coming of the Moshiach.
This is called Yechachin Yechachin

As one who has been closely associated to Rabbi Esformes, I can assure you that he is most definitely a "rabbi" and he does not hesitate to point it out any chance he gets.

I'll reserve comment beyond that.

I have worked in one of Mr. Esformes' nursing homes for 4 years and have only seen the utmost concern for the residents and the staff which care for them. He is extremely generous when necessary... He does have a reputation for being outspoken and having a business demeanor. I have a lot of respect for him and his nursing homes. * A disconnected thought. A wise man once said, you can't honestly give of yourself without gaining something in the process.

I have worked with Mr. Esformes for over ten years. He is generous to a fault and has helped out my employees in times of trouble. I believe that he is very spiritual and has very strong beliefs In G D. While I am not Jewish, I have witnessed his conviction to judaism and the orthodox ways. If you don't know this man personally, then it is a shame that you judge him.

I worked at one of his facilities in Florida. I've never seen anyone in business be so unprofessional & crude. He also has a habit of taking away benefits from his employees and making people miserable.

I worked in one of this man's facilities in Florida. This man is nasty, vulgar, and uses extremely foul language towards his employees on a regular basis. This is no man of God; jewish or otherwise.

I agree with the last two posts. Having worked at one of his facilities, I am appauled at the way he treats his employees. He has a filthy mouth and I have no respect for the man and his unprofessional ways.

I worked for this man for 5 years and have never worked for a more disgusting, vulgar or mean spirited person in my life. If he helped some people, good for you...all I saw was employee abuse. He only cared about keeping the beds full at all costs and getting paid for every program even if it meant lying. He had no concern for the residents and kept costs down no matter what was cut. I never heard anyone talk to people the way he does and if he is a Rabbi he does not act like any I have ever met. I left because I could no longer work in such an abusive environment and moved to a position where I am treated like a human. As for others judging him, if he is so religious these posts should not bother him - it is not our judgement he should worry about.

To Happy now, God bless you. Except for my strength that I gather from my own faith, I am so sorrowful from what happened to my mother in one of the Rabbi's facilities. I have no money nor power and no recourse to fight the injustice inflicted upon my mother who died less than 2 weeks after a gross injury from the negligence of a certified nursing assistant working at the Rabbi's facility. Do you know that the insurance coverage for a 120 human lives at the facility where my mother was gravely injured is obscenely minuscule? This is allowed in the state where I live. The amount that my family was offered to compensate my mother's injury, her horrible suffering and ultimate death was far less than the price of the average person's car. We declined that insult and further injury to my mother. Now all forces are in favor of the nursing home owner. No lawyer will represent my mother's estate since we rejected that initial insulting settlement. I am blocked from access to my mother's records. I had made a written complaint against the CNA who hurt my mother previous to this final terrible injury. I was told by the facility that there is no such complaint in my Mother's files. What happened to that complaint? It seems criminal to me, but then, what do I know. By the way, that person who hurt my mother has a shiny new job at another nursing home. God help those in her "care." I am praying for a whistle-blower to come forward.

I met him, and his family, because I used to work for his aunt in Boca. I have my first Cedar with him and his family. I hang out with him and his family for a week. I've never seen or witness him been rude or vulgar. He is a very nice and generous person.

Wadeline, that is because you feed his ego.

I worked for one of his facilities. He is a Poor excuse to be called a JEW. He has no heart or soul for the elderly or for his employees. He treated us like we were nothing. One employee almost got fired for going over the budget by 60cents. Let me spell it out less than a dollar!!!!!! This person had been there for over 5 years. We have not gotten raises in 5 years and finally we got a raise, a whole 15 cents. Beware of this person, he is bad and his facilities are poorly ran. They are short staffed!

It is reassuring to see that from 2004 to date, people are still watching and interested in the fact that this Owner is a disgrace and has been getting away with his schemes and scams for decades. His mouth sends a message of intimidation and he still gets rich on the back of the residents he allows to be abused. This type of Ownership needs to be replaced with legitimate caregivers.Public records are all the whistle-blower this man needs.

What will it take to get this man and his son put behind bars where they belong? They engage in patient brokering, pharma kickback schemes, abuse, neglect, wrongful death. Yet these sorry excuses for human beings continue to live large off the backs of our frail elderly and their healthcare entitlements.

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