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March 13, 2005

Ultra-Orthodox Yated Ne'eman Approvingly Cites Racist, Antisemitic Klan Publication

Pravda Ne'eman reports that the Israeli-based haredi newspaper Yated Ne'eman's online edition has approving cited the Ku Klux Klan-related publication The Southerner as an authoritative source to document the evils of Rock-and-Roll-style haredi music:

"It will erode the entire moral structure of man . . . of spirituality in holy marriage . . . all the white man has built through his devotion to God." (The Southerner, March 1956, p.6)

The Southerner's antisemitic editor passed his initiation into the Klan by castrating a mildly retarded black handyman.

And now, the 'gist' of Yated Ne'eman's 'argument':

Many ignorant people say that it has always been acceptable to copy the style and even the melodies of the goyim for use in Jewish music. It is even permitted to use non- Jewish melodies in our tefillos, as has been stated in the Pri Megodim and Birchei Yosef. If so, they ask, why can we not continue this practice and use the modern style of music that the goyim listen to?

The answer is that not all music is kosher and respectable. There is music that was written for kings and nobility, and there is also music written for the lower segment of society.

In earlier times, most of the non-Jewish music was respectable and could be used for singing with holy words. Even simple peasant music was clean and fit for playing at Jewish simchas. But in modern times, with the development of recording and radio and the entertainment business that catered to the masses, a new purpose was found for music -- to arouse the yetzer hora.

It is not a coincidence that the young generation in America began to rebel and discard any ideas of morality and respectful behavior exactly at the time that rock and roll music was introduced. Therefore we must take care to avoid this type of rebellious music that promotes bad influences, and it is obviously absurd to set a rock song to words from holy sources.

A big hat tip to the folks at Pravda Ne'eman for exposing Yated Ne'eman's twisted logic and racism.


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You evil evil Plaut!

What is wrong with what the YN wrote ? I don't always defend them, but I think they have a point in this case.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day (and certainly if it's not broken) !

better color scheme! looks very clean

They're right! I guess you must be a big 50 cent fan.


Its great that you agree with them, but thats only their opinion (and yours). The fact that they cannot cite anything besides a white supremacist rag from the fifties in support of their opinion doesn't give it much credence.

that's the least of it really, the haredi world is going birmingham alabama, see my blog for a post on this


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