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January 25, 2005


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OK Stalin was a horible monster.
But he did have a son who went into battle and died as a POW in a German POW camp. No soft positions for his sons.
Anyway, I was in ROTC in Military History and a guest professor came in because he was on the general staff during WWII. There was two ways for Germany to force a stalemate, defeat England or defeat Russia by going to the Urals. Hitler came REAL close to the second. Did you see "Enemy at the Gates" this is what had to be done to defeat the Hun. The officer that taught the history course interviewed German veterans who served on the Eastern front and their comment was " We ran out of bullets, the Russians just kept coming!"Yes Stalin was a monster but he saved the world from even a bigger monster.
I can't blame Chabad for their actions because 'Putin remembers his friends'


Shmarya; are you frum? cuz i see from all your posts on this site that you are not part of mainstream yiddishkeit, every single topic that comes up you always have this lefty view like you would find at refor/conservative blogs... you are alwys against anything frum....


Man you've got issues, i guess this blog is cheaper than therepy, but you should really speak to a profesional about your misguided feelings towards Chabad. You can't possibly think the "bad" (that you think is bad) that they do outweighs the good they do.
Your intoolerance is hard and sad to see, it's stereotypical, painting all lubavitch with the same brush, i personally am often disgusted by the "messianic" lubavitchers, but i myself was mekarav by a chabad rabbi, and i don't base my whole beleif system on the rebbe being moshiach, not every person is the same, not every group is the same, and you should have the love in your heart to let people be. By writing the things you write on this board, your Loshan Hora and badmouthing does not outwiegh what you probably think its the greater good in "outing" lubavitch.

- Chaim

Reb Yudel


Are you saying that this web site is "lefty" because it opposes Stalin?

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