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December 28, 2004

The Kosher Consumers Union Questions Rubashkin's Kosher Status

Rabbi Yudel Shain of the Lakewood, NJ-based Kosher Consumers Union has made serious allegations about the state of kosher supervision at AgriProcessors.

Among the explosive charges:

 [If you need help understanding the technical terms used or Rabbi Shain's English, please e-mail me.]

1. I photagraphed at AGRI an animal that was still very much alive (after shechita) & they shot it in the brain right away & it was used as a kosher animal. It is an accepted practice by Rabbinical certifiers NOT to use such an animal.

2. Rubashkin’s so called “Bais Yosef” meat is all a “sham”. The RUBASHKIN Certifier is of the stated opinion that all of their meat is “Bais Yosef” & that nobody really knows what is or is not Bais Yosef meat. (FYI contrary to Dayan Kohn BaisYosef means “no lung adhessions whatsoever”.) RUBASHKIN commonly send to caterers so called Bais Yosef meat for Sephardim and there will be 1 or 2 pieces marked accordingly “Bais Yosef’ & the rest isn’t Bais Yosef”. … Their so called Bais Yosef meat is a consumer sham! including the beef & veal certified by Rabbi Hatchuel.

3. The system at RUBASHKIN is that non-Jews do the physical “nikur” [removal of forbidden fats] which is then checked by the “Mashgiach” [rabbinic supervisor]. The Certifier was shown that the “Mashgiach nikur” physically can’t handle the load and some meat goes by without being checked. He responded “there isn’t enough full time work for 2 people, only for 1 1/2 people & we can’t hire half a person so we’ll leave it with one Mashgiach till there is enough work for two full time people”.

4. The quality of RUBASHKIN’s cattle is the cheapest available in the market (per USDA inspector, “low grade”) yet they have the highest ratio of “Kosher, Glatt, Bet Yosef” (including their veal) than most others. [Low-grade cattle normally have significantly higher levels of non-kosher and non-glatt than high-grade cattle.]

5. RUBASHKIN commonly switches labels, as it was found on numerous occasions that on top of a nonGlatt label was stuck on a Glatt label, ‘cause they were short for an order. The Non-Jewish RUBASHKIN truck drivers have in their possession a box of different kosher labels to put on to boxes of meat as per a store’s request (I have 1 of those boxes of labels that I saw fall off a truck).

6. The lung in an animal is an organ that constantly expands & contracts in the cavity of the animal. The lung is a relatively free hanging organ attached to the animal mostly by the tissue & muscle of the trachea, and slightly to other areas by some membranes. Once one cuts the supporting tissue & muscles around the kunah [lung] it is basically detached easily from the animal with a good pull or via a meat hook.

Immediatly after shechita while the animal is still in the schechita position, a non-jewish worker (the Shochet leaves the room) utilizes an 8 inch (approx) knife to enlarge the opening around the trachea & also cutting into the “diaphragm area. He then use a meat hook to grab & pull the trachea a few inches & cutting off the trachea near the lung.

The concerns are that by making the cut along the diaphragm area & around the trachea one may (in)advertently also puncture the lung. The knife is inserted quite deeply into the neck area thereby risking cutting the sirchos of the upper lung lobes. (Simlah Chadosha.)

Another serious concern is that by hooking & pulling on the trachea it will rip and dislodge the sirchos / adhesions that go from the lung to the Ribs and / or also some sirchos on the lung itself and then having the $$ opportunity to call it Glatt or at least kosher.

After the above procedures, it is practically impossible to check the lungs properly for Glatt or sirchos.

7. The “Weinberg pen” allows a shechita munachas, which is the preferred method of shechita throughout history. The design of this pen’s head restrainer is not proper. The metal bar should come way below the neck’s shechita area. The Shochet is obviously afraid of nicking his knife on the metal bar, so he must do a controlled shechita with 7-8 back & forth knife strokes (a possibility of shehiya exists). An experienced Shochet utilizes 1-2 Back & forth knife strokes. Because of this “controlled cut” the Shochet obviously is not severing all of the arteries, requiring an unacceptable “2nd cut”.

Severing all neck arteries causes an almost immediate total collapse of the animal.

8. Some 6-7 months ago a Shochet from a prominent “Torah community” was invited to see the beautiful “Rubashkin system” of shechita. He was impressed by the “show”. Now when the Shochet saw the PETA pictures he was aghast! While he was there they weren’t ripping tracheas, animals weren’t walking, thrashing around after the shechita etc. “I was taken for a ride! How can I believe “anything” I saw?” The Israeli Rabanut’s representatives claim they never saw many of the unacceptable items depicted on the PETA pictures.

Rabbi Shain's complete article can be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking here.



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I am refering to the sham Beit Yossef She'hita , may have been funny , if it were not sad , or worse yet , criminal !
It is very sad how the believing Sefardi Kosher Consumer
is raped & led to believe by a chassidishe outfit that he should rest assured that he is getting his Beit Yosef & pay a premium for it , when in fact he is being sold Treif .
At the same time , the very same group of devils are actively pushing in places like Morocco for the elimination of millenium old practices of nikkur :

The article reports :
"the Rabbonim discussed the Matzav of the Jewish community in Morocco, Shechita and Bedika, and the sensational news that the Moroccan Jewish community no linger uses meat from the lower/back part of the cows due to the complex issues of Nikkur. "
This to me is tantamount to celebrating the loss of knowledge of the tchelet in tsitsiyot . Here , another lechayim . They no longer do it , they buy now from Rubashkin !
I only see a deliberate effort at erasing all manifestation of Judaic observance except those that bear their seal . Shame and worse !

This is the link that was missing from my earlier comment sent @ 8:03
http: // shmais.com/chabad_Detail.cfm?ID=486

Please be advised that Rabbi Shain is unaccepted by most kashrus authorities & others.He is a prime example of how a little knowledge hurts & his knowledge is little. While i wouldn't unilaterally disregard anything he rants about, I would verify it from some knowledgeable person.
Just recently 'Rabbi' Shain was villified by the roshei yeshiva in Lakewood for claiming quotes from current poskim which they verified as lies.

So the Al Sharpton of the Kashrus world has decided to enter the fray! In his silly diatribe against all the Rabbonim Hamachshirim and their supposed greed he doesn't mention the O-U at all as being one of the Hashgachos on Rubashkin. The reason is simple. The O-U employs Shain or Shame as a Mashgiach for some of their plants with the understanding that if he ever attacks them in his newsletter he is history. In fact all the regular subjects of his attacks are the Kashrus organizations who refuse to cave in to his blackmail.Talk about corruption!

"nisht shain"
Address the issue itself - not the person . I know your people have a kulla on lashon haraa as long as they are the perpetrators !
1 - is the Beit Yosef @ Rubashkin legit or a fraudulous sham ?
2 - does Rubashkin swindle equally fellow Hassidim on matters of Hassidish Shehita ?
If so , what is the value of hassidish shehita & why are they feted by Kolel Habad ?

PS: "nisht shain" -what language is that ? -
sounds totally alien to me - high german ?

'nisht shain'–

I don't have time now to re-read all of the article but, on a quick glance I see that the second paragraph of his article mentions the OU in a negative light.

Perhaps you should download the PDF and read the WHOLE thing before you make your charges.

Who is Rabbi Yudel Shain? What is his position of authority, etc?

I'd like to see something official out of Lakewood, not this thing from a Rabbi I've never heard of. What has Rav Kotler Shlit"a said?

Uh, everyone;

This Kosher Consumer's Union is verifiable mischegass. Just look at the list of "acceptable" foodstuffs.


This is not Pesach or Shmitta or other somesuch. This is for regular daily consumption. You will notice that, with very few exceptions, the list consists of exclusively "heimische" brands with "heimische" hashgochos. Y'know, the ones that cost 2-3x what a similar supermarket brand bearing "just" an O-U would cost.

Also note that the "alerts" list on the site is about 5 years out of date. And it is punctuated by sundry, unsupported ad-hominem remarks about various providers (see the Dagim warning at #20 for example).


The proverbial pound of salt is needed here.

So far nobody not lawyers or Rabbis gave us a satisfactory explanation about throat ripping. Rabbi Shain claims it was done "davka" to increase the percentage of so called glatt and kosher cows. Somebody should at least give us an explanation because I repeat nobody said so far why they were cutting out the trachea.

"the list consists of exclusively "heimische" brands with "heimische" hashgochos. Y'know, the ones that cost 2-3x what a similar supermarket brand bearing "just" an O-U would cost. "
I love your description . I know well those brands that no gentile will buy even by default !

Those Kosher Inflation fighters that can wreck any household that uses them !

Those that come out of production lines looking and tasting stale .

Those of so poor quality , that it is doubtful if birkat hanehenin is required lest we fail in bracha lebatalah !

Those mehadrin min hamehadrin Kosher food products with 27 hechshers but loaded with transfat without warnings . No hashash of good health to result from these products chos ve sholom !

Those with repugnant packaging devised prior to the invention of offset printing .

Anybody still surprised that frum yidden fill the waiting rooms of Dr's ?

This is in answer to Tzemach Atlas. I speak as an ex schochet. The suggestion that ripping out the trachea shakes loose lung adhesions and increases the percentage of kosher is nonsense. that would be like saying that running can shake loose your kidneys. The lungs are enclosed by the ribs while the trachea is firmly anchored to the muscles above that area.

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