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November 05, 2004


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I was not raised in the frum community and work very hard to study Torah and learn the living truth.I first heard of Chabad about 15 years ago I watched how they related to Jews like myself and always had a
a feeling that too many chabad people seemed to have some self center reason for supporting Chabad as opposed to a spirtual reason. Then this unholy talk about the Moshiach. Chadad as far as I know has never explain what happened to their Moshiach.How can the frum community stand by and let this go without notice and what about the leaders in Israel what does Chadad do about that tragedy.Hashem told Mosses at the parting of the red sea now is the time to lead your people not to pray.The story unfolds and we know the happy ending.

Ariell Sokolovsky

By the grace of G-d
Shalom uBrocha!
I discovered that HaKria vehaKdusha the newspaper published by the Previous Rebbe during WW2 is available online it has both Yidish and English parts I have read a few issues which have articles that call upon the US Goverment to save the Jews from the Nazis increase immigration quotes etc. besides calling far prayer and teshuvah so disaprovingly mentioned on this site.The Previous Rebbe criticizes the fact that many Jewish leaaders are totaly involved in political action and their public statements lack trust in G-d's salvation lack a call for Jews to do teshuvah.Lack the announcement that these sufferings are birthpangs of Moshiach which seems to be apropriate under the circumstances. Go read for yourself:
As to the top comment by Ladron the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a sicha doesn't say that it simply says that to say this now in our orphaned generation pushes away Jews therefore one should in general
positive things instead. I am saying the above not only based on this Sicha but on the statements of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a on various other ocassions aand in letters to individuals explaining Holocaust. He gives different explanations based on the level of a person He is dealing with trying to motivate each person to be closer to G-d.In general it's easily posibly to find "contraditions" in statements of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a which are motivational in nature as well as in the motivational statements found in the Talmud or other Torah sources and unfortunatly people like Shmarya and
Ladron use them for mockery probably trying to diminish
their own lack of Torah scholarship and observance
by attacking others.
instead of trying to understand the meaning and the context.

That Sicha Ladron mentions is available here in English translation
read it carefully also note that the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a says that to say certain things one must be a prophet. And the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a clearly says in Sicha Parshat Shoftim 5751 that Previous Rebbe was a prophet.
I doubt this comment will have an affect on people like Shmarya and Ladron who seem to have some anger or hatred towards the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a and truth often seem to be irrelevant for them even if stares them in the face.
(I'm forced to conclude this
based on their previous posts and replies to posts of others)
However I hope this will have efect on others.And encourage them to research the issues further and not to make conclussions solely based on the defamation
campaign against Chabad Lubavitch
and the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlit"a
initiated by the author of this blog
With respect and blessing:
Ariel Sokolovsky
Long Live our Master our Teacher and our Rebbe King Moshiach Forever and Ever!


It is sad that the Chabad response to actual factual charges is invectives and high pitched screed (as the loving Moshiachist above, YM) or an appeal to "ahavas yisroel (halevai)" or a charge of "it's a personal problem" (as benny below). While I am not on board with the charges, nor am I anti-Chabad, I find it upsetting that this is the best that they can offer in debate. Yes, Chabad will go on proudly with its eyes covered, its fingers in its ears, its nose up in the air, and its tongue stuck out at anyone who dares to state a point of disagreement with them. It is not different than other sects in that regard really, it is just more vocal.

One quick note to YM, just because someone has interests outside of your own, or that they G-d forbid disagree with the eternal truths you emit, does not mean that they are not Jewish. I think there was a sicha about that once.


Look at it this way: If Chabad's behavior during WWII had been publicized earlier, perhaps more would have been done sooner to help Ethiopian Jews. But you can't ask for shalom at the expense of truth, built on the dead bodies of innocents who died needlessly.


Dear Shmarya,

Thank you for your response to my comment.

If publicizing your website information truly leads to added shalom in our communities and the protection of lives in the future, then I guess my remarks were misplaced, and I apologize if I may have unfairly offended you in a public forum. But please, if it does not, and if in fact the opposite of shalom may be the result ch"v, I urge you, as a fellow Jew, and as a fellow human being, to reconsider.



What's "baseless" about publicizing this? If your family had died in Warsaw or Gondar, wouldn't you want this information publicized? Further, is there no value to learning from history and *preventing* this from happening again?



You freely quote from Mr. Rigg, with the result, intended or not, of damaging the names of the Rebbe and Lubavitcher Chasidim world-wide, thus promoting "sinos chinam". So why not engage instead, in the mitzvah of ahavas Yisoel. Why not quote (and act upon) another statement attributed to Mr. Rigg from the very same book review that this website hyperlinked to:

"the question should be asked: What can we now do, if we put away our petty prejudices and religious differences to unite and together and help our fellow man?” Rigg says. “Each of us has an incredible opportunity to make a difference in our world, especially when we see signs of genocide. It takes a willingness to speak up, to put our resources in a cause larger than ourself.”

Whatever personal issues you may have had / still have with the Lubavitcher Rebbe or his chasidim, why not redirect your energy and talents towards "ohev shalom, v'rodef shalom". The world is literally shaking, and millions of innocents are now suffering. How can you be helping with such a website of promotion of baseless dislike towards thousands of other Jews??

Yisrael Moshe

5 or 6 jews, huh?

The Friedeker Rebbe and the Rebbes before him saved way more than 250,000. The Friederker Rebbe himself went on a mission to Petersberg to annul a decree against several cities of Jews by an anti-semitic follower of the Czar.

Again your evil causes you to omit this and many other great things about the Friedeker Rebbe.

You are all liers and probably not even Jewish.

And as for Shmotkin's response in the so-called "Riot of 300 people" (which it wasn't and is not even a drop of the number of people in the area if it was) not saying that dead Tzadikim can't be the Messiah: if you knew even a drop of Torah (rather than the doctrines of PETA, you garbage), you would know that the disqualification for Moshiach is being KILLED, not dying. That's why Yashka couldn't be Moshiach and neither could Shabbatai Tzvi. Even that wicked Arab that killed Ari Halberstam was trying to kill the Rebbe and didn't succeed as were other instances. Regardless of whether Shmotkin or anyone else believes the Rebbe is Moshiach, Shmotkin obviously wasn't interested in misstating halacha (unlike you and your evil co-horts).
And going to the grave of a Tzaddik to ask for their neshama to go before Hashem on behalf of the petitioner and/or the Jewish people has been done for centuries and is found also in the Talmud which you probably deny as well since you appear to be a Kofer B'Ikar.

You and the others on here are either a shameful example of Jews who would gladly step over the dead body of another Jew to help a goy, or you are actually goyim (then the Halacha of Aisav hates Yaakov would explain everything).

You align yourself with NAZI scum like Peta (see its leader's german names like Ingrid Newkirk or the 2nd in command - Freundlich. Also see its references to the Holocaust that trivialize the deaths of so many Jews).

The Rebbe, on the other hand, was one of the few Jewish leaders not to find some excuse or reason behind the Holocaust.

However, you, lehavdil, apparently care more about animals than a Jew just like the PETA Nazis (may their and your (pl.) names be erased). You also seem to be too busy helping doubtful Jews to concentrate on the certain ones.

Your whole website is filled with baseless hate. I find your so-called charges about Chabad actually concentrating on Jews, when it is the only one that is, actually praising Chabad.

Your lies and omissions are pathetic!

Just as SHEKER has no true foundation so do you lack one. Chabad and its teachings will go on and you and your PETA (read NAZI) and other lies will fall in Gehinom.

I myself was helped by Chabad and Hadar HaTorah, thank G-d. If it wasn't for the Rebbe, I and so many people I know wouldn't be frum. Even the Misnagdim now are trying to "reach out" to other Jews thanks to the Rebbe making it "kosher" when they claimed it was "forbidden/ossur".

Let all my mitzvahs and the mitzvahs of over a million Jews around the world (that wouldn't have been without the Rebbe) stand and be counted before the throne of Hashem's Glory and demand an accounting from you and the Reshaim that are speaking badly about the Rebbe, his shluchim and his teachings.

I think your cheshbon is full and its time for some accounting.


The examples to follow would be that of the Va'ad Hatzala and Hilllel Kook (Peter Bergson). Bergson and his assisstant Rabbi Baruch Rabinowitz (a direct descendant of the Ba'al Shem Tov!) saved 250,000 Jews. Chabad saved how many? Five? Six? All of them relatives of the Rebbe (or the Rayatz himself).

Rabbi Alpert writes: "Surely you can not criticize him for believe in Prayer and Teshuva."

Yes, we can – and should – if the "prayer and teshuva" was done at the expense of rescue. Further, the Rayatz concluded that political efforts would not work (he was WRONG, please see above) and he concentrated his efforts on BRINGING THE MESSIAH. When those efforts failed, the Rayatz blamed secular Jews.

As I wrote above: "So let's see: The Friediker Rebbe urged Jews to stay in Europe; was a rabid anti-Zionist; ridiculed emmigration to America; told his followers there would not be a war; was saved by extraordinary efforts that included cooperation with Nazis; made limited, feeble efforts to rescue other Jews; decided that spiritual issues were more important than rescue; focused on messianism; and blamed non-observant Jews for the Holocaust.

How sad."

I would only add that a man should be judged by his actions. In the case of the Rayatz, those actions include (but are not limited to) the ones just listed.

Zalman Alpert

I did not read the book.
Scholarship ,especially academic is not always reflective of reality.
The Lubavitcher rebbe was a very sick man in 1940. American Orthodoxy was not in the state it is now. What exactly should he have done ?
Mr. Brigg is dealing with cold scholarship. As a spiritual man the rebbe beleived that Prayer and Teshuva would save the Jews ,alas it was not meant to be.
Surely you can not criticize him for believe in Prayer and Teshuva. Activism is a relatively new concept in jewsih life especially amongst the frum world.
Each person tried to do what he could. Everything I read points to the fact that the Rayaatz was severly depressed over events in Europe and in deep mourning.
We are in a sad state of events if Bryan Rigg will be the final arbritrator of the Lubavitcher rebbe's work.
Lets read the book carefully ,s ee what his sources are could he read Hakriah veHakedusha, could he read the Tog Morgen Zhurnal?Lets closely examine the study and then see if Brigg knows what he speaks of ?


This is really fascinating . The Jewish Week article tells us that :
"The author recognizes that many contemporary Lubavitchers are troubled by the rebbe’s views, (Rebbe Rayyatz is meant here. Ladron) and emphasize a different view of events endorsed by the late Rabbi Menahem Mendel Schneersohn, the seventh Lubavitcher rebbe, who would comment, “To say that Jews were punished for their sins with the Holocaust is a desecration of God’s name.” "
If so, & considering that Rebbes Mamesh & Rayyatz shared the same soul, one is left to wonder on the nature of the Rebbe Mamesh soliloquies on his almost daily visits to the Rebbe Rayyatz's grave for many years .

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