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September 28, 2004

Leave It All To God The Rebbe?

As you read this piece by Hillel Halkin, recall that the theology written about here is the theology of Chabad, with perhaps one important exception -- Chabad leaves it all to the Rebbe:

Yo'eli didn't try to argue with that. He couldn't because he had no arguments. He still had his grin, though. He said, "Your problem is that you have no faith. If you did, you'd leave it to God."

Now I was really aghast.

I still am. Had Yo'eli said to me, "We'll put all the Palestinians in trucks and drive them across the Jordan," or "We'll sterilize the entire Palestinian adult population," I would have been less shocked. I would have considered such proposals insane, but their insanity would at least have had the simulacrum of rationality, the madman's recognition of the need to think logically. Leaving it to God doesn't have even that. It's irrationality presented as a political program. . . .

Read it all here.


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Dear Shamrya:
When I click on the link Chabad Theology it brings right back. Please fix

remember, there is an issur of midbar sheker tirchak, and another one of motzei shem ra

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